Parker IM Pen: Mother’s Day Gift Idea {Giveaway}

Parker Pen

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 12th and this time I am bringing you a fabulous Mother’s Day gift idea along with a fun reader giveaway.

Why not take the time to hand-write a personal note for her this Mother’s Day? A note saying “thank you” for all of her sacrifices and her dedication. Add a Parker IM pen to your personal note and make it a stylish and thoughtful gift that she will both appreciate and love.

The Parker IM pen is modern, elegant and versatile. It is made with high quality materials and it is designed for comfort and high-performance.

I love the classy and feminine look of the Parker IM and how smooth it is when you write.  I am a fan of Parker pens and I believe they make timeless presents, they also come in a beautiful box that makes them perfect for gifting.

Parker IM Pen

You can find Parker IM pens and other Parker pens at fine writing specialty stores throughout Canada as well as Basics, Wallacks, Novexco, Boutique Du Stylo, Charals, Le Parchemin and Staples with prices ranging from $32 to $80 depending on the model of choice.

Parker is celebrating their 125th anniversary this year! For more information and to browse the selection of Parker pens visit

Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will win a Parker IM pen in a classic metallic pink lacquer with a satin finish ($50 value!).  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. wow this are beautiful pens!! have never used them but I bet they are smooth and easy to use!

  2. Most importantly I like how they write and then their style.

  3. I love the fine point of Parker pens!

  4. I love how they write, I borrowed one from a nurse at my work… i was very sad when i had to return it :/

  5. I like that Parker pens are long-lasting and refillable.(My mum used the same Parker pen to write her letters the whole time I was growing up!)

  6. i love how long they last for… i love the look!!!

  7. I like how classy they look

  8. Wow beauti

    • Sorry my phone doesn’t want to cooperate. Very nice pen I was trying to say:)

  9. I like how smooth and fancy they look!

  10. i love the style of them

  11. I love how great it feels to write with one.

  12. Their style and durability!

  13. Great gift

  14. I love their slender style

  15. I like that they are quality pens from a long-standing company!

  16. They make great gifts!

  17. They write so smooth and are great pens.

  18. They look great and I bet they write smoothly.

  19. nice pen!

  20. I love their look and that they remind me of when I was a child…I was super excited to get my first Parker pen!

  21. I like how classy they look. I’ve never used one before but they sound lovely.

  22. I like how pretty it looks, not so manly like other pens.

  23. I love how stylish they are!!

  24. they are the best writing pens there are.

  25. I love the way they look. We usually just have generic ball point pens and it is really nice to have a special one for when you are doing special things, my daughter would love this for her journaling

  26. I love their unique style and class.

  27. I like the quality of their pens and how elegant they are


  28. I like that Parker pens write so smoothly and have such classic pen styles

  29. The ink flows nicely. Good quality.

  30. How beautifully they write.

  31. I love that they look elegant and personal

  32. that they are designed for comfort

  33. The quality!

  34. I like how smooths it writes.

  35. I like the fact that they are of high quality. My job involves more writing than anyone should have to and I burn through pens at a fast rate. Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. The quality! Such nice pens to hold and write with!

  37. I like the nostalgia associated with Parker Pens & the whole gift set. Timeless, for sure.

  38. They are pretty and nice to write with. I love my pens.

  39. Love the classy look!

  40. love the point and style

  41. a nice lookinjg pen!

  42. my mother would love this as she still writes letters to family members

  43. I have never had the chance to use one but they look awesome!

  44. I like Parker Pen’s high quality and stylish looks

  45. I have never tried Parker Pens but I like how stylish they look and they sound like the quality is great

  46. Quality pen with such ease of writing…

  47. Feel nice in the hand and writes lovely.

  48. I like the style, they are a beautiful pen.

  49. I love how they look, and they write beautifully

  50. I love Parker pens because they last so long–excellent quality! I’m also nostalgic for them–I’ve loved their look, feel, and weight since I was a schoolgirl.

  51. used them for years – they’re reliable, lots of style choices so I could find the one that fits in my hand well. thanks

  52. beautiful design!

  53. I love the style

  54. Very stylish!!

  55. They look like they would make great gifts!

  56. I love how these pens feel in my hand while I write

  57. This is a gorgeous pen!!! 🙂 I love it!

  58. I like how smooth they write.

  59. What I like about them is their fine construction that writes well and looks good on my desk.

  60. I love these pens because they last forever! Ink refills are easy to find and use. Thanks for this giveaway!

  61. It has a sleek design.

  62. I love the packaging and presentation!

  63. the look & not a disposable pen.

  64. refillable

  65. hope i win

  66. I love the look and style of the pens, and that they come in a gift box

  67. love me a nice pink pen

  68. I love parker pens for their quality and design the most.

  69. I like Parker because it’s easy to obtain refills

  70. The High Quality.
    Thanks for the chance.

  71. looks fancy

  72. The quality of their writing instruments.

  73. Parker pens are hight quality

  74. Although I have never tried one, I love how they look and am dieing to get my hands one. *fingers crossed*

  75. I would so love a new Parker Pen!

  76. I like how reliable they are.

  77. They look sharp and write really Well.

  78. Beautiful! would love to own one of these pens.

  79. how nice they look

  80. I like the nice styles and details.

  81. I like their quality.

  82. I love the feel of the pen!

  83. Love the quality and the style

  84. They last so long and they are so beautiful 🙂

  85. They look like they would write fluidly, smoothly – I like that. Very stylish too.

  86. They look great, and write great!

  87. I like the quality and style and that they make great gifts.

  88. Pens you are proud to show!

  89. I hear they last, that would be nice, thanks!

  90. I like that it is not a disposable pen. Brings back memories or my dd having his Parker Pen that he used for work everyday. Also the wieght of the pen.

  91. Parker make very good quality pens, they sit well in your hand and write nicely too.

  92. I love that they write so smoothly!

  93. I like that it is re-usable with ink refils and not a cheap disposable item. The designs are both colorful and stylish and appear to be a quality product.

  94. I like the quality of the Paker pens, I started using them in high school and they are so smooth for writing.

  95. I like how stylish the Parker pens are and the ones I have used feel great in my hand when I’m writing.

  96. The Parker quality, and the pink is nice too.


  98. i like that this is a pretty professional looking pen

  99. There’s nothing like writing with a good quality pen.
    I love this one – seems like it would feel really comfortable and solid in the hand.

  100. Have never tryed Parker pens but love the look of them. thanks for the chance to win one.

  101. very stylish!

  102. The great quality

  103. gorgeous pen!

  104. The ink is consistent and it’s great to hold

  105. I most like their style – they’re beautiful and look professional.

  106. they are flawless

  107. I like most the quality of Parker Pens! You can’t beat it!

  108. How smooth they write

  109. Very nice.

  110. Never use them but they are very pretty.

  111. so stylish and look comfy to write with !

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