Tax season

Each year, thousands of Canadians wait until the last possible moment to file their tax returns. H&R Block has compiled a list of top 10 excuses people can use to “justify” their stalling tactics. What’s your best excuse for not filing your tax return yet?

  1. Was waiting in line for One Direction tickets…for my daughter
  2. I’m busy watching Kate’s baby bump
  3. Had hockey practice, dance recital, skating competition and swim meet… and that was just Tuesday
  4. It’s on my husband’s to do list
  5. Shoe sale. Need I say more?
  6. I decided to file my nails instead of my taxes
  7. I have two kids in university. I no longer have any income to declare
  8. I don’t have a board for Taxes on Pinterest, so how is that possible?
  9. I’m bringing sexy back.
  10. I’m perfecting my tone when I yell, “Because I said so.”

Have you filed your taxes yet? April 30th will be here before we know it!

H&R Block

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