Back-To-School Jewelry {Giveaway}

Dog Tag

It’s now Back to School time! If the little ones in your family are heading back to school then be sure to check out the new line of Back to School jewelry created by

Available online at you will find a selection of Kids ID Jewelry. These are Initial ID Pendants for little boys and girls in dog tag, round or heart shapes that they can wear to school. The front of the jewelry features the child’s initial and the reverse side includes customized vital information and emergency information provided by the parents, for example: emergency contact numbers, allergies, medications or general medical conditions.

I like the idea of having my son wear a dog tag with our contact information in the event of an emergency. I like that the information is easy to find for teachers, medical personnel, etc.

I had the pleasure of receiving a personalized Sterling Silver Back to School dog tag pendant with a Sterling Silver Box Chain to review. I love that it’s the perfect size for my 3-year-old to wear and that it has vital information not only for when he is at school but also when we go out to busy public places.

I love that the information I submitted is centered in the middle of the dog tag and everything is clear and easy to read. The same goes for the initial on the front.

The fashionable Sterling Silver Back to School dog tag pendant and chain arrived in a small black box that is ready to give as a gift. Perfect for grandparents wanting to give a special something to their grandkids when they go back to school. also offers beautiful Guardian Angel protect me double side medals, Guardian Angel pendants, pins, the beautiful children’s photo lockets, all meant to protect children. All would make great presents for children going back or starting school.

Buy it: The back to school pendants are valued at $122.95 each + shipping, including a 16 Inch Sterling Silver Chain and all engraving.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will receive a personalized back-to-school sterling silver pendant, a $122.95 value! (shape of their choice).  Enter to win below via Rafflecopter.

The contest runs from August 19 –August 30, 2013 11:59pm EST.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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76 responses to “ Back-To-School Jewelry {Giveaway}”

  1. I would actually like to use it for my doggie 🙂 She has no tag

  2. I would add Penicillin Allergy because my daughter is allergic to it.

  3. I would add my daughter’s name, my phone number and her teacher’s name in school.

  4. I would do the emergency contact into and no blood.

  5. I would be inclined to include our doctor’s information in addition to our own.

  6. my daughters/sons name address /telephone because someone has to now where they live if they are lost but i would still worry if it were the wrong person though so i guess i would proably put some kind of code with the schools name for them to contact and of course 911

  7. I’d have my phone number, and my husbands.

  8. Love this idea! I’d put my daughters name, her allergy and my cell phone number. Just enough info to get the job done 😉

  9. I’d love it for Tukker my Schnauzer or my daughter. Both of them would proudly wear it! Great for allergy awareness.

  10. I would put name and emergency phone numbers

  11. I would make sure my phone number, the grandparents numbers and our address were on there.

  12. Name, ph number, and any medical conditions.

  13. phone number and vegan.

  14. Name Phone # Ect.

  15. in case of emergency info

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  16. Name & phone #, everything can happen even adults need to carry that.

  17. I would add my sons name and all the important contacts in case of an emergency!

  18. I would add parents contact info just in case

  19. niece’s name with my and her phone number

  20. name andphone number

    • incase of emergency people can get a hold of me

  21. Perfect for safety purposes.

  22. I would add name, telephone number, allergies/other serious medical conditions.

  23. Name and phone number

  24. my number, who to contact, allergies etc so important!

  25. The vital information I would add to the back of the pendant would be a contact’s first name, phone number, email address & allergies because at least they would be able to get in touch with someone & still not know the childs name or address, which I think is too personal to give to strangers.

  26. I would love two of these, my oldest has epilepsy so I would add that to the back as well. 🙂

  27. I would love to be able to put my childs allergies in there.

  28. I’d have our phone #’s and the pediatricians #

  29. This would be for my granddaughter, with my phone # and address in case of emergency.

  30. I would add my full name and that I have COPD.

  31. My son has a food allergy. I would have that added

  32. My daughters food allergy list

  33. I would put my daughter’s and our phone numbers for in case of emergency.

  34. I would put my and dh’s phone #s so that our numbers are close at hand if they are ever needed.

  35. I would add an alergy alert.

  36. name and any allergies, so i know she would be identified and kept safe

  37. My name and information

  38. A list of allergies and medications rather than an address because it is important for her health

  39. My sons name and emergency contact information sio we can be contacted if something happens

  40. Emergency contact information like a cell phone. For when my little one can’t remember the number and ever gets lost.

  41. I would give it to my daughter and include her phone number and address in case she ever got lost.

  42. Name and numbers for sure!

  43. I’d add medical info: Diabetes and Penicillin allergy

  44. I would have an emergency contact number & name.

  45. My daughter’s name and my cell number because I always have my phone with me.

  46. I’d put my son’s address and phone number, for emergencies.

  47. Important medical info for my daughter.

  48. name and number for emerg

  49. Wow ! would love to get this for my 6 years old nephew 🙂 I’m sure my sister would love the idea too. It looks very nice and would make everyone feel safer knowing that he wears it.

  50. Contact info: phone number and cell phone number

  51. I would add all of my contact info

  52. I would put my medical info because I am having a severe Lupus flare and don’t have a medical ID of any kind right now except for a wallet card.

  53. daughters name, phone number address allergies

  54. what a lovely idea for pets

  55. I would use it for her name n contact info

  56. I would add emergency numbers and allergy Info.

  57. It would be for my grandson so I assume my son and dil will put contact info on it.

  58. Medications and allergies. Plus First name, address and phone #

  59. I would put my husband and my cell phone numbers!

  60. I’d prob add a cell # but not my home #. and that she has allergy to penicillin. i’d feel better sending her on field trips know that info was right there. my daughter doesn’t like to talk to strangers so I could teach her to find an employee and just flip that over when she’s lost.

  61. My Grandaughters name nd my Phone number.

  62. my daughter’s name and birthday

  63. What a fantastic idea and so pretty! I’d add her name, my mobile number and her dad’s mobile number.

  64. Emergency contact name and number.

  65. Very good idea!

  66. contact info, and diabetic

  67. I would put our contact info in case anything was to happen!

  68. Allergy info, it is very important.

  69. I would add seafood allergy.

  70. I would add name, phone number, and medicine allergies

  71. I would add my daughters name, address, and phone number because if she ever got lost in a crowd somebody could call me immediately.

  72. for my son who has a heart transplant and is diabetic type 1

  73. I would add home numbers and address

  74. i would put i love you on the back!

  75. Contact information of parents and god parents 🙂

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