International Playthings: mic-o-mic Construction Kits Review {Giveaway}

mic-o-mic tractor and jet kits

mic-o-mic is an educational designer toy that targets the individual skills and abilities of children. They offer construction kits that contain individual parts that can be connected by pins and clips to create aircrafts, motor vehicles, ships and more.

I recently had a chance to received a couple of mic-o-mic kits from International Playthings to review. We received their mic-o-mic Small Jet Plane kit and their Medium Tractor kit.

The Jet Plane Kit has 22 parts, 14 clips, 28 pins and an assembly tool, spare clips and pins are also included. This set is recommend for children 5+ years.

mic-o-mic tractor and jet kits

The Medium Tractor Kit has 52 parts, 11 clips, 21 pins and an assembly tool, spare clips and pins are also available. This set is recommended for children 6+ as it’s more advanced. Both sets are not recommend for children younger than 3 years of age because they contain small parts.

mic-o-mic tractor and jet kits

I started with the Tractor Kit and I can see why this kit is intermediate level. These kits don’t have step by step instructions but instead a series of diagrams that show you where each piece goes.

My almost three-year-old enjoyed watching and helping put the kit together. We started together and I finished while he took his afternoon nap. He was delighted when he woke up to see the finished Tractor model.

mic-o-mic tractor and jet kits

After nap time while I made dinner him and his Dad built the Jet Plane Kit together. He was again helping pass the pieces and happy to be building the Jet model.  After they finished he picked up the both the Jet and the Tractor and started playing with them.

I really like that these kits encourage children and parents to play together and the pieces are manufactured from materials that are free of harmful substances. I also like that they are educational and fun. I can see how older children would love spending time constructing and playing with the mic-o-mic models.

Be sure to visit International Playthings to check out their other mic-o-mic building kits and their selection of toys for babies and children.

Win it: One very lucky US/CAN will receive a mic-o-mic construction set of their choice (based on availability). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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146 responses to “International Playthings: mic-o-mic Construction Kits Review {Giveaway}”

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  26. Bath Bomb Factory

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    I think that would be fun for the kids.

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  103. I like the Bath Bomb Factory

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  112. The mic-o-mic sets are very cool! I love that there are sets for different ages. My boys are ages 1-10 and would love building them. I think they would also enjoy the Skyrails and lab sets.

  113. Perils of the Deep Laboratory

  114. I love the Snowglobe
    Polar bear
    2″ dia., 2.5″ H

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  115. Click, Rattle ‘n Roll Caterpillar

  116. My son would love the Super Chubbies 10″ Cement Mixer!

  117. Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Set is just the thing for my grandson, he’d be over the moon with it.

  118. Hello Kitty Cuddle Friend” collection…

  119. September 11-I really like all the toys. They are so well made and age appropriate. I picked the Adventure Treehouse.

  120. September 11-I choose the Adventure Treehouse. I now a little boy who would love playing with it.

  121. September 11-I loved your recipe for Steamed Blueberry Pudding. I am Always looking for healthy and tasty desserts and this one seems to fit the bill. Thank you for this.

  122. Hello Kitty Cuddle Friend – Tulip Bow

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  144. I love the Baby Jungle Basketball

  145. Hello Kitty Cuddle Friend – Hello Kitty Bow

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