Skip Hop Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag {Holiday Gift Idea + Giveaway}

Skip Hop Bento

Last month I was on a mission to find the ultimate diaper bag for a full-time cloth diapering mom. I did a lot of research, asked my readers on Facebook and finally decided the Skip Hop Bento was the best choice.

I received the Skip Hop Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag from one of my favourite Canadian online stores, Enfant Style. Right now they are just putting the finishing touches on their new baby store that will launch in December or January next year with much more mid-high end brands and a beautiful easy to navigate design. Be sure to check it out when it goes live!

The Skip Hop Bento I received is a super functional diaper bag that has been designed for busy, multi-tasking families.  This diaper bag has a ton of pockets and compartments to help you keep everything organized and it comes with an insulated Mealtime Kit with Clix containers that fit into their own compartment at the bottom of the bag. You also get a useful cushioned changing pad.

I absolutely love the size of the bag, cloth diapers are a lot bulkier than disposables and having enough space to carry my diapers, wet bag and all of the baby essentials is a priority.

Skip Hop Bento

I also really love that the bag is unisex and even my husband loves it. We both like being able to attach it and hang it on the stroller when out and being able to wear it messenger style or using the padded straps.

Right now the little snack containers are perfect to carry my 3-year-old’s snacks but I can see how they are also going to be super helpful once baby #2 starts eating solids and we need to bring his food on the go. I love that the containers come in an insulated cooler bag and you also get a freezer pack to keep food fresh.

Skip Hop Bento

Another thing that I really like about the bag is that everything is BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free.  I love the colour options (we received the Olive colour) and I appreciate that the outside of the bag is easy to wipe clean.

The Skip Hop Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag is a wonderful diaper bag that fits everything I need to carry when on the go with two children, including all the cloth diapers needed for a new baby.  This bag would really make a wonderful holiday gift for any moms/dads-to be in your life.


  • Price: $102 CDN
  • Hangs neatly on a stroller & can be worn over the shoulder
  • Includes our patented Shuttle Clips—leave the shoulder strap attached or remove it for a cleaner look
  • Wear it messenger style or use the padded tote straps
  • Includes 8-piece Mealtime Kit with insulated cooler bag, three plastic Clix food containers and freezer pack.
  • BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free
  • Magnetic and zippered closures throughout
  • Cushioned changing pad
  • 15 pockets include 5 mesh pockets, 2 insulated bottle pockets and Mealtime Kit compartment
  • Contrasting lining makes it easy to find everything inside
  • Diaper Bag size (inches): 17w x 14h x 6d
  • Mealtime Kit size (inches): 11w x 3h x 4d
  • Clix container dimensions (inches): 3.5w x 2h x 3.5d; holds 6 oz.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

JuJuBe Laptop Bag

Win it: One very lucky reader will win a JuJuBe Giga Be Laptop Bag in JUNGLE MAZE print (MSRP: $109.99). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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182 responses to “Skip Hop Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag {Holiday Gift Idea + Giveaway}”

  1. I would love to win!! My old diaper bag from my first son is not cutting it the second time around as it’s falling apart!!

  2. Very nice. Would be great for winter:)

  3. oops, forgot to mention that my current diaper bag is a Carter’s brand!!

  4. No name plain diaper bag from walmart

  5. Would LOVE one of these!

    • My Diaper bag right now is a Timi and Leslie.

  6. my budget for a diaper bag would be abut $50

  7. Tula baby carriers.

  8. My budget would be closer to 50$

  9. right now i’m using a timi and leslie bag

  10. I am currently using a canvas tote for my toddler’s stuff instead of a diaper bag. With baby #2 coming in the next few weeks it would be great to win a bag that will help keep our stuff organized! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. An old skip hop bag

  12. My diaper bag budget is usually around $150… I feel like it’s okay to spend a bit more for the good ones! Lol… the diaper bag usually doubles as your purse for the first couple years) I would LOVE to win… so need one! xx

  13. I use a Ju Ju Be Be Right Back and I love it!

  14. My diaper bag budget would be under $50

  15. Would love this!! I currently have a JuJuBe but it’s looking a little tired and could do with being replaced!!

  16. My budget for a diaper bag is around $50.

  17. seems kind of pricey

  18. Right now the only diaper bag I have is 2 Red Hens!

  19. Great give away!!

  20. I have a Ju Ju Be Be Prepared now and it is perfect for 2 in diapers!

  21. I have a JJCole diaper bag and love it. It holds enough for my twins and it’s cute.

  22. My budget for a diaper bag is around $50 – $60

  23. diaper bag from Walmart

  24. Awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  25. pampers

  26. I misunderstood the question I thought it said diaper brand.
    I use a normal bag and it’s not cutting it at all and would so love to win this bag great giveaway

  27. Am not using a diaper bag yet. $50 budget. Ergo!

  28. I dont even have a diaper bag…just use a I would love this!

  29. Ours is about $40-50 for a diaper bag

  30. My current diaper bag is a clearance $1 bag from famous footwear, lol. My budget for our first and official diaper bag was $50ish? Our favorite brand is probably Carters, Robeez or Pediped.

  31. Love the fact that it is washable.

  32. I would love to win this bag I have two babies and need to carry 2 bags plus a purse this would be perfect for us

  33. I use a JJB packabe as my DD diaper bag on daily basis. For running errands I love my JJB BeHip.
    I also love Robeez shoes and socks. Wish the socks would come in bigger sizes.

  34. Right now I have a Vera Bradley bag that I received as a gift.
    My budget for a new bag would be about $100 for a really good quality diaper bag.

  35. I have a JuJu be diaper bag

  36. My diaper bag budget is around $30

  37. I have used the dot diaper bag.

  38. My diaperbag budget would be around the $40 mark.

  39. I’m using a Skip Hop diaper bag, actually. It’s fantastic, but we could use a second one- one for mum, one for dad.

  40. I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag now. It has worked well for us.

  41. I was lucky enough to receive a diaper bag as a gift at my baby shower

  42. I am using a few JJB bags right now!

  43. Currently have a coach diaper bag I got to use for my daughter and it’s been through the ringer! Would love to get a new updated bag but my budget right now is pretty much zero 🙁

  44. Currently rocking a jujube bff

  45. My diaper bag budget is about $50.

  46. I just use a backpack to carry everything in.

  47. My budget for a bag is usually $30-35 otherwise I put it on my wish list for my shower and hope someone gets it for me.

  48. My girls are teenagers now, but one of my daughter’s friends is pregnant and needs a lot of things so I would like to win for her. When my kids were babies, I used a diaper bag I bought from Super Store, thank you:)

  49. I think a decent budget for a diaper bag that needs to pull a muliti tasking job and look stylish and LAST, i’d expect to pay $60 to $80

  50. My budget for a diaper bag is around $50

  51. I use two diaper bags: potterybarn kids, and a baby sherpa backpack diaper nag.

  52. I have a Columbia bag, my price range would be below 50.00. Would love to see nursing shirts.

  53. Currently have the juju be diaper bag – it’s the large tote! Love it! No budget as long as it’s well made and lots of pockets!

  54. I love ju-ju-be and that is what I use 🙂

  55. The brand of my diaper bag now is Valco Baby! Its not big enough though

  56. I am due with my first, we are planning to spend around 50, and have a unisex pattern

  57. I stay under $40.

  58. Currently I am using a JP Lizzy bag… I sometimes will use my Petunia Pickle Bottom.

  59. My current diaper bag is JJB BFF and a BRB.

  60. My granddaughter is using a Nestles’s backpack diaper bag; I’m not sure of the cost but I think $50 would be in the budget.

  61. My diaper bag budget is around $75. I would love something cute and functional!

  62. I currently use an old backpack but I may be willing to spend up to $40… I dont see it as a necessity so I wouldn’t put much of my budget in that direction

  63. We’re expecting twins in 4 days! Due to budget we were just going to use our big laptop bag as a diaper bag so if I win this it would be huge!!

  64. I just use a reusable shopping bag. My budget was about 60$ initially but I found the diaper bags I found nice weighed too much. I hope this one is lighter.

  65. The diaper bag I am using now 2Red Hens Rooster.

  66. My diaper bag budget would be under $50

  67. Under $50

  68. I don’t have a diaper bag but around $50 would be in my budget.

  69. Right now I don’t use a diaper bag. I put everything into my oversized purse, which works well except when I go to work etc without the baby – then I have a purse that is way too full of stuff I don’t need at the time!!

  70. Wouldn’t want to spend more than $50 on a diaper bag.

  71. I bought the cheapest bag on the babiesrus website and now regret it.

  72. My budget is $75

  73. My budget for a diaper bag is around $50 – $60

  74. I have a skip hop diaper bag, and my budget would be $40

  75. I love JuJuBe! After my second (and last) child I splurged and bought one of their bags and have not regretted it even though I have never paid so much for a bag before. I think Enfant Style should carry GroVia in addition to BG

  76. I am currently using a Kate Spade diaper bag. It is very beautiful but not functional because it has no pockets.

  77. didn’t see a reason to pay $100+ for a diaper bag.. until I saw this one!
    reconsidering my budget of $60

  78. Timi and Leslie!

  79. My budget for a diaper bag is about $50

  80. My diaper bag is 10 dollars from a garage sale!

  81. My budget would be around $30 – $40 and I’d be checking out the stores at sales time. The cheaper the better since I then won’t mind replacing it for another baby 🙂

  82. i ahve a graco set of bags. a small one and large one

  83. My budget would be around $50.00

  84. Just using a cheap bag I got from Zellers maybe about $20 for it

  85. my budget is about $50

  86. My budget for a diaper bag is around $60

  87. Huggies

  88. My budget would be $30, but am using an old but trusty bag.

  89. My budget is around $25-30 so something like this would be a nice luxury for us! My diaper bags are usually falling apart within a year!

  90. The brand that I’m using now is TWELVElittle.

  91. So stylish and super useful! I don’t have one on the way, but friends do, and this would be a great present for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win, and an informative review.

    • Forgot to comment about the questions – I’ve just started shopping around for diaper bags, so I’m not that informed, but as my husband posesses a laptop bag that cost over $140, I’d say up to $100 or so is right about it, depending on the features. I pay for quality and value, so if I feel I’m getting that, I’m willing to pay more.

  92. MMMMMMMM Bulky.

  93. I would to love to win the diaper bag for my new grandchild that is due. Money is tight and can’t afford much.

  94. my budget for a diaper bag is 30-80

  95. Budget would be around the $50 mark

  96. my current diaper bag is a Vera Bradley backpack that i purchased at a rummage sale for $3 (i think). i like the fact that i can wear it on my back because i’m usually carrying or wearing my toddler in a carrier. if i were buying a new diaper bag, my budget would probably be around $50.

  97. i’m using the Nestle one i got for free!

  98. I use a JJCole diaper bag. I would budget about $60 for a diaper bag.

  99. The one I’m using right now is Mama’s and Papa’s

  100. my budget is around 50.00 and our current bag is a carters bag

  101. I use a Kate Spade diaper dag – they are reasonably priced when on sale at outlets 🙂

  102. I’m using a PPB diaper bag now, my limit is around $100 depending on if I think it’s well make and worth it! I’d rather spend extra on one bag than 20 bucks here and their on bags that won’t last!

  103. I use a Fisher Price bag. I wasn’t sure about it at first but now I love it!

  104. I have a Bento and I love it!!!

  105. Lululemon

  106. Budget is ~100$

  107. My budget is about $50-75

  108. My diaper bag now is some cheap brand. Don’t know which company made it! My budget was around $30 and I spent $20.

  109. I am currently using a Coach Diaper bag but the material is a little heavy!

  110. I have a baby bag I got from my baby shower, and I have been looking for a new one. I think my budget would be around $50

  111. My aunt is due in 2 weeks! This would be a great gift

  112. I believe the brand of the diaper bag is Carter’s and our budget is usually around $30.

  113. My diaper bag is so old and generic that it has no brand name on it so I have no idea. I don’t know if I could afford 100+ for a diaper bag. I would maybe be able to afford in the $50-75 range.

  114. i use a lulu lemon bag as a diaper bag

  115. My budget is $40

  116. my budget would be around $50

  117. Lost bag you also like me? It happens to me sometimes so I Googled a solution and I found something very interesting to look at yourself search for findemtracking product

  118. I had a skip hop and Oioi(which I loved), brand name was not important it would the interior of the bag that was the deciding factor. I spent $40.00 when I bought the last one. My budget would have been up to about $60.00. I like Skip Hop for all their back packs and lunch bags.

  119. Don’t have one yet, it will be a gift. We are just learning about what is available.

  120. My budget for a diaper bag would be under $ 50.

  121. I use a backpack for my diaper bag!

  122. I use JJ Cole.

  123. I have a Vera Bradley.

  124. I wouldn’t want to spend more than $50 on a bag.

  125. This would actually be a gift for my best friend. I’m not sure which brand of diaper bag she uses now, but I know that she only has one and could really a use a larger (and more stylish) one like this – especially when the current one is dirty and there is no time to get it in order. I would guess her budget would be around $70.

  126. Diaper bag budget is $200

  127. I have some no name generic diaper bag but I also had an LL bean once.

  128. I haven’t bought a diaper bag yet, but I need to get one soon. I’d like to find one for $50 or under if possible.

  129. My current diaper bag is the free one from Nestle.
    I don’t have a budget for one.

  130. I have a safety first diaper bag and I use a small backpack for quick trips

  131. What is your budget for a diaper bag? $45

  132. I currently use a NESS diaper bag and love it!

  133. I used a backpack! my budget is $30 – $40

  134. i just use my old reebok backpack to store diapers

  135. I’m using a lululemon bag as a diaper bag right now. It looks good, but unfortunately it is heavy, even when empty!

  136. I’m currently not using a diaper bag. My son & daughter in law are expecting my first grandchild. I would love to win this for them. It would make the PERFECT gift.
    My budget for a diaper bag for them would be $75-$100. I’m not sure what I would like to see in their store? I’m new to the baby market lol It’s been many years.

  137. my diaper bag only cost me 10$

  138. Currently shopping around for my first diaper bag! 100$ seems like a reasonable range for a bag – this looks like a greet prize!

  139. 1) Don’t have one. 2) Pretty low. 🙁 3) I have no idea! (Preggy newbie.)

  140. My budget is around $60 😉

  141. Currently using an old Skip Hop bag. Love it, but it’s old.

  142. I made my diaper bag. I believe once it was finished it cost me about $20.

  143. Sadly currently using my own purse. such a disaster!

  144. I’m using an old small gym bag for my diaper bag right now!

  145. i hope to find an awesome bag for less than $30

  146. 1) What is the brand of the diaper bag you are using now?
    – free backpack from nestle.
    2) What is your budget for a diaper bag?
    – $50 under

  147. I do not have any children, but the person that this would be for currently uses Walgreen’s brand diapers as those are the only ones that do not give my nephew diaper rash. As a matter of fact, many Walgreen’s shoppers with kids prefer those brand over any other brand. <3 I love working at Walgreen's

  148. the diaper bag that I am using now is one that was free from Nestle.

  149. I like Roots stuff for babies.

  150. My budget for a diaper bag would be thirty dollars.

  151. I have never used a branded diaper bag, or any ‘real’ diaper bag. I have such a large collection of bags of all sorts that I just use whatever is convenient to pack and carry what I need.

  152. I have a Kalencom diaper bag

  153. An old shopping bag!

  154. My current diaper bag is by oioi

  155. This looks pretty awesome.

  156. I don’t have one yet (I’m a new grandma), but have been looking! My budget would be around $50.

  157. I am using a Kalencom diaper bag.

  158. I’m just using a tote bag that doesn’t carry all the baby essentials. I’m budgeting $50 for a new diaper bag. This one looks great.

  159. I have a cocalo couture….I’ve never seen anyone else with one

  160. I can’t remember the brand my diaper bag is now, but I got it at 50% off from my local baby store, it is quite lovely and large! My budget would be around $75 for a diaper bag though.

  161. If I was buying a diaper bag, my max budget would be $50.

  162. My budget for a diaper bag is about $100, it depends on the quality.

  163. My diaper bag is a little backpack. Would love a new one that has space for cloth diapers and accessories. Limited budget! lol

  164. I don’t use a diaper bag

  165. 1) My diaper bag: Walmart brand
    2) New bag budget: Between 0-50$
    3) I would love it if Enfent Style carried Mustela products!!

  166. This will be a present for my friend’s grand daughter. No idea what her current bag is, but it’s not this neat.
    Thanks for the contest.

  167. I have a jujube, and while I love it I don’t find it organizes very well.

  168. my budget is about $100

  169. I use a JJB BFF along with other JJB products in it 🙂

  170. I am using a cheapie bag I paid $20 for! doesnt even have a brand listed on it!

  171. We’re out of the actual “diaper bag” stage but we still carry a big bag full of snacks, activities, spare items, etc. with us at all times. Our budget for a bag, diaper bag, was about $20.

  172. I have a graco one, it actually broke but weve made due with it, with another baby on the way, another NEW one would be awesome! (FB name Benchmark Irrigation)

  173. I currently have a jujube packabe that I love 🙂

  174. Right now I’m using a Coach diaper bag that my husband bought me for my birthday.

  175. Budget would be around 50-75

  176. I dont know the brand of my bag. I received it as a gift but I think it is just an average bag.

  177. I’ve been using Ju Ju Be since my daughter was born and I love it – now that she’s almost two though I’m looking to downsize a little!

  178. we have a graco diaper bag now, i would love to get a nicer, new diaper bag

  179. I would say budget of $50 or under

  180. This is a very nice diaper bag but I could only allow my budget around $60.

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