Spice Up Your Holidays And Stay Organized with Epson {Giveaway}


We may find ourselves in the kitchen a little more during the holidays perfecting (or devouring) our favourite festive recipes while leaving a mess in our wake.

Keep your pantry and spice rack in check with the Epson LabelWorks LW-300 or LabelWorks LW-400. You can choose from dozens of tapes, a huge range of fonts, framing features and decorative symbols to neatly label almost anything. You’ll never have to wonder if that’s salt or sugar you’re putting in your mulled wine.

These handy label makers let you get your house in order before the family frenzy begins. You can use metallic tape to label electrical cords for Christmas lights or glow-in-the dark labels for gadgets and gifts.

The LabelWorks also allows you to add an extra personal touch to holiday presents with ribbon printing. You can create customized ribbons for holiday party favours and gift wrapping. Up to 30 names or patterns can be saved in the device’s memory to make your ribbon-making exercise simple and efficient.

Whether you’re tidying up your home for the holidays or personalizing your gifts, the LabelWorks LW-300 or LW-400 is the ideal gift to help you stay sane over the holidays!

Additional information on these label printers can be found at Epson iPressroom. Available at Epson.ca  – LW-300 ($39.99) and LW-400 ($49.99).

Check out this video that shows how the LabelWorks printer can make life more organized.

Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win an Epson LabelWorks printer. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I did not received a sample of a product to host this giveaway. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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172 responses to “Spice Up Your Holidays And Stay Organized with Epson {Giveaway}”

  1. I would probably use it most for labelling my daughters belongings ad organizing her bedroom.

  2. Scrapbooking!

  3. I would use the label maker to get organized… no one in our family (mommy included) puts things back in the spot it belongs. Kids and toys are a mess… i’d use the label maker to organize all of us and label things so they had a home to stay in as opposed to misplacing items all the time 🙂

  4. Organizing my kitchen!!!

  5. I would tackle my storage room first and then my crafting supplies and then my kitchen lol this would be so much fun and I would get organized too. I think I would use it the most often for my storage items but I can think of a hundred things I could use this for

  6. use it to organize bedroom

  7. would use it to label storage bins, baby food in the freezer, and I’m sure it would come in handy for the teenagers’ homework/projects for school

  8. labels for dvd’s, cd’s, books, you name it!

  9. I would use it to label my card making supplies

  10. i would use it for all my stockpile

  11. I think it would be for my stockroom …

  12. I’d use it to label the boxes in my garage.

  13. labelling every single container in my house LOL !
    I’d start with the storage room, garage, closets, oh what fun I could have 🙂

  14. Organizing everything 😀

  15. I would label all my books to increase the chance of getting them back when someone borrows!

  16. recipes, maps on how to get to places. my hubby for work stuff

  17. oops I guess I didnt read it all. Id print of for my canning jars labeling what is in them and what year they were done

  18. I would definitely use this a lot to organize spices, baking supplies, etc in the kitchen

  19. For me a “Epson LabelWorks printer” would be great in organizing all my stuff, which is lying “will nilly” in boxes!!! 🙂

  20. I need this in my life!

  21. I would like this for organizing cupboards, and scrapbooking.

  22. I would use it to organize everything.

  23. i’d print out crochet patterns 🙂

  24. i would use it most to label boxes in storage (i.e Christmas and Halloween decorations, baby clothes by sizes etc.).

  25. I would label the items that are in ziploc bags in my freezer; with a date.

  26. Organizing bins in the basement!

  27. Labeling baskets, school furnitures, etc. 🙂

  28. Labelling all my boxes in storage!

  29. i would use to my knick knacks.

  30. This would be great for labelling medical supplies

  31. organizing stuff in the pantry

  32. I would use it to label my dvd’s, cd’s and totes.

  33. I would organize and label all the items in the kitchen and bathroom to start, then move to the school stuff and bills etc.

    • Not sure why answer to other giveaway her but I would love to have on phone so I have even if I forget my GPS

  34. I would use it to organize my pantry!

  35. the folders in our filing cabinet since our handwriting isn’t that great

  36. I would label all the little boxes and containers in the storage closet so it is easy to see at a glance where everything it is

  37. I would label all the containers in my kitchen cupboards.

  38. My kitchen needs some serious organization!!!!

  39. A great label maker to get organized, what a fun way

  40. I need this to organize my condo.

  41. labelling dry goods and storage boxes

  42. I would be using it to label my spices, storage boxes and anything else that stands still will get a label on it. 🙂

  43. labelling storage baskets

  44. i would use it for all the containers in the house especially in the kids rooms

  45. photos & storage boxes

  46. Labelling storage bins in the garage

  47. My spice jars!

  48. Labeling in the kitchen. Everybody puts things away in different spots lol. It’s like a hunt evry time you need something.

  49. I would use it to label storage boxes and items in the kitchen 🙂

  50. I’d use it on filing containers.

  51. For my filing cabinet

  52. To organize my life! Pantry, cabinet, craft stuff, etc.

  53. I would label my kids stuff

  54. I’ll use to organize my kitchen.

  55. I would label all the boxes in our garage to start – Christmas decorations, boxes of hand me down clothes for my baby, books, etc.

  56. I love being organized and this would help even more so

  57. for organizing.. would help alot

  58. My spices and storage bins

  59. Labeling my homemade cleaning supplies


  60. Or organization! I have everything in boxes and always have to open them to see whats inside! as well indiscript spice jars with mystery spice and mystery meals in the freezer! i want to take the guessing game out of my life!

  61. Organize the boxes in my basement!

  62. I’d use the Epson LabelWorks printer to make labels for all my files, for organising my cross-stitch and my sewing supplies, storage boxes, Christmas presents in fact anything that I could think of. Great little machines that help one get organised in a neat way.

  63. kitchen! spices and containers all the way!

  64. I would use this around my home and then I would lend I to my mom for the same and then to my sister in law . we really need to organize more and have been chatting about it lately-thanks!

  65. I would actually donate this to our local school if i won .. They need a new one badly. Thanks

  66. Labeling storage boxes would be great!

  67. I’d use it to label my many storage boxes.

  68. Organizing all the toys and craft stuff that we have.

  69. I’d use it most for labeling files.

  70. I would use it to label everything. I would label craft supplies, kids stuff.

  71. I would use the labels to organize my closet bins!

  72. I would use it most on organizing my kids’ toy bins.

  73. I’d give this to my dad who is looking for a label maker to use around the house. He would most likely label things in the garage!

  74. I would label my daughters books and toys. thanks

  75. I Would use it on my craft boxes.

  76. I’d use it to label everything in my pantry!

  77. bulk spices

  78. Organization around the house!

  79. I would use the label maker for my granddaughters toys and for christmas stuff, crafts and all my storage containers..so many uses 🙂

  80. I would use it in my kitchen, I would label my spice containers, my flour, sugar, salt,pepper containers and even label my totes that have stuff in them

  81. Labelling my spices and for scrapbooking.

  82. This would be perfect for the new company I am opening!

  83. Organizing my house…starting with the kitchen!

  84. Label storage bins and keep computer cords straight.

  85. I would give this to my sister and she would probably use it most for printing her Sunday school materials

  86. I would use it for labelling my hardware in the workshop.

  87. I would use this for labelling my craft supplies.

  88. Labelling the boxes I have store in my basement.

  89. I would label folders for organizing paperwork

  90. Organizing my house and my work files.

  91. I would organize my file folders, boxes of books and other shelved boxes in the attic.

  92. i would use it for many things lol . But first thing I would use it for would be labeling my children’s items and stop the fighting over whos is whos lol

  93. I’d give it to my hubby so he could get his office organized.

  94. I’d use the Epson LabelWorks printer to label boxes before putting them in to storage.

  95. Labelling all my storage boxes

  96. I would use it to finally organize my home!

  97. I would organize sports equipment

  98. to label my craft supply boxes

  99. I would use it for our filing system!

  100. i would use it to help me organize my many craft supplies

  101. I would label files, boxes, everything

  102. I would use it to organize my craft supplies, thank you:)

  103. I’d use it to label everything in the office!

  104. Use it to organize all the bins stored in our basement, with mainly craft supplies, until they find a new permanent home.

  105. labelling my daughters craft supplies, her stock is ever growing!

  106. I would use the label printer in my storage area to label all my boxes, in my office and in my kitchen.

  107. I just purchased a bunch of totes to organize our lives and a label maker would be GREAT.

  108. My school work for sure

  109. i’ve been using empty tomato sauce jars in my pantry – it would be great to label them!

  110. I’d use it to label boxes\bins in the garage\basement

  111. I would organize and label my storage cupboard

  112. Labelling….everything?!

  113. I would use this to label containers.

  114. I need to label all my tupperware!

  115. freezer. I hand print labels now

  116. I would use it to label all the AC adapters for all the different electronics around the house. After unplugging electronics, I always end up with mismatched adapters!

  117. I love my smaller epson label printer and use it for everything I put in storage. I would love to have a fancier one now that I have a bunch of kid stuff to store and organize.

  118. I would organize my home office, which at the moment is not very organized at all.

  119. I think I would use it most in the kitchen to label foods, freezer stuff, spices, etc.. 🙂

  120. I would use it for organizing, labelling storage items.

  121. I would use it most for organizing my craft room/ art studio.

  122. organizing this would be terrific

  123. I would use it to label photo boxes and my spice jars in the kitchen

  124. I could label all out craft bins n drawers!

  125. organizing my work files

  126. In the Garage….

  127. I’d use it most to label things when I go traveling…they get lost easily, and this way they could be returned.

  128. All the boxes of stuff currently in storage.

  129. I would label our storage boxes so I know whats in them,

  130. I would use it to label storage bins

  131. Everything would get labelled, I’d probably go around labeling every thing that needed to be organized!

  132. I would start with my pantry and go crazy in my craft closet!

  133. I would use it to label my storage containers!

  134. My spices

  135. Organizing our storage bins.

  136. all my baby stuff and my craft stuff

  137. I would use this printer for my candle making,


  138. I’d use it to label the boxes we have in our pantry and garage.

  139. i would label everything……. everything.

  140. I would use it to label the storage containers filled with my craft supplies.

  141. I would be using it for ribbon making. I just got real happy

  142. Organizing the storage rooms.

  143. I would use it at work/school where I could label my students items and I would use it at home to label all of our books!

  144. It would get used the most to label my filing cabnet (both at home and work) then I am sure I could find many other uses for it!

  145. I would use it to print labels for all my containers!

  146. Label hubby’s shop!

  147. I would first label my storage totes, then my craft supplies.

  148. I would use this to make personalized ribbons. That’s so cool!

  149. labeling old photo boxes and albums, as well as office supply storage

  150. for all my files and my sons collectables

  151. I would use the LabelWorks printer for storage boxes.

  152. I would label my storage boxes and file folders in my filing cabinet.

  153. I would use the LabelWorks to help my son out. He has down syndrome and needs to have mostly EVERYTHING labeled or set out visually for him. This would be a much neater and easier way of doing so, not to mention more consistent.

  154. To label my kids things

  155. scrapbooking

  156. I would put this to use in my office! for all my filing

  157. I would use it in the kitchen mostly.

  158. This would come in handy for my filing system.

  159. labelling all of the jars in my kitchen


  161. i would use it to label my school things

  162. Organizing bins in the garage and in the kitchen. Labelling bins makes it so easy to know exactly what is inside of it.

  163. Labels for auctions

  164. I would love to label my spices

  165. I would use it for my craft room

  166. Labeling my files.

  167. I would use it to label all my drawers/boxes plus my stuff at work that my co worker keeps stealing.

  168. I would use it in my fridge/freezer, I make homemade things like cranberry sauce in jars so it would be helpful to label things like that.

  169. I would use it to personalize my niece’s clothes.

  170. I would use this for labeling my recipes and craft supplies.

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