On The Go-Go With TomTom {Giveaway}

Tomtom Giveaway

Did you know that Vancouver was recently revealed the second most congested city in North America by TomTom Traffic Index survey? I surely believe it, traffic is pretty crazy in the city and rush hour is always brutal!

With the holiday season fast approaching – which means even more driving, TomTom is offering one of you the chance to try our their TomTom Nav app for free! The helpful GPS application for your smartphone features TomTom Traffic. TomTom Traffic offers the most accurate and comprehensive traffic information available, delivering updates every two minutes! You can easily re-route to an alternative when there is construction, an accident or anything else that may slow you down.

Stay tuned for a full review of the TomTom Nav app coming to the blog as I get to try it out as well! In the meantime be sure to enter the amazing giveaway below.

TomTom Giveaway


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win the TomTom Nav app ($60 value) for iPhone or Android and a $100 gas card! Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a free code and a gift card to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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225 responses to “On The Go-Go With TomTom {Giveaway}”

  1. I would love to win this.

  2. I would love the app on my smartphone device because it would be so helpful to know how traffic is around town.

  3. I would love to have it always available not just when I remember to bring my GPS

  4. I would love it for my husband actually. When we go places together.

  5. because i have trouble reading the map

  6. I would love to have the app so that I could feel confident driving to some of the state parks in Florida and not risking driving the wrong way; and ending up in an alligator pit! Seriously though, I don’t use anything now except maps and sometimes they are wrong.

  7. We are going on an adventure and this would make for ‘smoother’ sailing!

  8. To go garage sale stopping without worry!

  9. I’m tired of getting lost in this new city I live in

  10. I travel around 100,000km each year. This would be great for gett

  11. I travel around 100,000km each year. This would be great for getting around in areas I don’t know well.

  12. I would love to have the app on my Cell Phone because I always have it with me, the GPS on the other hand is always at home in the drawer when we get lost.

  13. It would make life easier getting around.

  14. The more devices I have in one place, the handier it would be for me 🙂

  15. we just moved to a new city, this would be sooo handy to have!!!!!!

  16. Hubby always gets lost. ’nuff said? lol!

  17. Can always use a GPS

  18. I would love to win the Tom Tom gps because I am moving to a new city.

  19. It would be great for getting around the city.

  20. My phone GPS is ok,but the Tomtom would be a nice addition for locating unfamiliar locations!

  21. id love it because our gps is so old it often tells us to drive way further than our destination. so frustrating to pass your destination

  22. I needa GPS

  23. I’d love to have this on my phone so I’d know where I was going without having to get out the maps.

  24. h my whole family teases me on my lousy sense of direction I get lost all the time. If I am in a big mall even sometimes I have to go outside and walk around the builing till I get to where I want to be , I always want to go left all the time , si this would sure help me

  25. Carry one device instead of full pocket of devices.

  26. my daughter could use this on her phone

  27. I would like to have this on a roadtrip, it would be super helpful.

  28. I get lost just WALKING down the street sometimes! This app could save me some stress! LOL

  29. ild love to have one on mine

  30. I would love it to help me get to my kids activities.

  31. I would love this because I have no sense of direction and this will help out a lot 🙂

  32. Because I currently just take screen caps of maps with my ipad. Not the most expedient way to navigate.

  33. This would save my hubby from getting lost all the time! lol

  34. I would love this because its easy and convenient!

  35. I think it would be great to have this app on the smartphone because you never know when you’ll get lost and I know I always have my phone with me.

  36. I have a tom tom and love it but its dying now cause it does not keep a charge anymore so winning this would be awesome

  37. Would be great to be forewarned about accidents & construction ahead of me.

  38. I would like this because honestly the nav app I have right now is no good , maybe its operator error but I think the program just stinks lol , tom tom I trust and imagine would be a good app

  39. It would be great to have . I’m bad for getting lost.

  40. It would be great as we always get lost!

  41. It would be so convenient because I travel a lot.

  42. I’d love to have it because my GPS broke, and without it, I get lost going around the corner. 🙁

  43. It would make travel easier

  44. I’m directionally challenged – anything that helps is great.

  45. Would be great for road trips!

  46. I have nothing for googling directions on my phone.

  47. I really do have a terrible sense of direction and it’s quite frightening at times. My kids rib me about it all the time but it just isn’t funny. I know where N, S ,W and east are but just can’t fathom out which way roads are heading etc. I am at a total loss when it comes to things like that. Head east, yeah right but I don’t know what direction I’m facing now so don’t have a chance and I usually guess wrong too.

  48. this would be an awesome win. very useful!

  49. I need a GPS a lot and I used to have a tomtom. that is until the night my husband didn’t bother to lock the door to the van and left the GPS on the front passenger seat. if it was on my cell it wouldn’t be left in the car over night.

  50. I’d love it because then I wouldn’t need to be a separate GPS. I have my iPhone in the car already.

  51. I am from a smaller town, so when we do travel I tend to get a bit anxious. It would be nice to have this, just so I can relax a bit LOL.

  52. I’d love this app because I haven’t found anything that I like as a map app on my phone, hopefully this is it!

  53. We could definitely use this! We are planning a coast to coast camping trip next summer with our son, so it would be handy to have GPS to help us navigate our way.

  54. My husband travels a lot for work and it involves driving.

  55. I get lost really easily lol

  56. My GPS is so old and outdated and I’m too cheap to buy the upgrade.

  57. I get lost – everywhere. It’s ridiculous, this would love this!

  58. I would love it because i get lost so damn easily… Thanks

  59. we always get lost. even looking up on mapquest….its never always right

  60. This would make it so much easier for travel!

  61. I would love to have this on my smartphone.

  62. because i am directionally challenged and need a gps!

  63. my dad would love it.

  64. my husband would love this as his gps doesn’t work too well anymore, and since he always has his phone with him, this would be really convenient.

  65. I would not get lost and be hours late

  66. because i’m always getting lost!

  67. Sometimes directionally challenged in new parts of my city.

  68. I would love to have it because we are always going somewhere new in our travels, and seem to get lost quite often.

  69. I would like to get the TomTom Nav app so I can always have a GPS with me even when traveling in rental cars or in someone elses car.

  70. I would love to win because it is so much easier and safer when traveling then taking out a map so everyone knows your a tourist.

  71. I would never get lost again

  72. because it is awesome

  73. I would love it because that means I’ll never get lost again or worry about getting lost and asking directions and getting the wrong info

  74. Love to travel – this would be great for avoiding getting lost!

  75. I would find it quite handy for our upcoming roadtrip.

  76. To save me getting lost!

  77. I would love it for my son….I love him with my whole heart but this boy does not have any sense of direction what so ever. This would help him a lot.

  78. One device for all. Too many things to carry nowadays.

  79. I would love to have it on my phone because it would mean one less device that i have to haul around with me!

  80. This would be great to have on your phone because you always have your phone, you don’t always pack your Gps

  81. I would really like to use this at times because my husband would want the actual device in his car.

  82. I would love to own this because we have traffic jams caused by road repairs everyday. Would be great to have an update every few minutes to which is the best route to take.

  83. would love to have this as it is so convenient and easy to use. Will save miles

  84. I’d love my husband to be able to have this app because he does construction so he is often needing to find out how to get to new places.

  85. We do have a GPS for our car that is very old and not working right now, so would love this.

  86. I need this because I have a terrible sense of direction!

  87. I would love the updates every two minutes. It would really help me avoid backups.

  88. Anything that gives me directions would be golden!

  89. Love to have it

  90. I would love this app as we travel a lot and are always getting lost.

  91. I would love to have the TomTom Nav app because I honestly get lost all the time! I have a such hard time with directions, and this would be so handy to have right on my phone without the need for a separate GPS device.

  92. I would always have it with me. No wires or clunky things.

  93. because i get lost all the time!

  94. It would be nice to not be lost.

  95. I get loss…lol that would help me not to get loss.

  96. I’d love it!

  97. I’ve tried other apps and they’re so inconsistent. I have a TomTom that I keep in the car, but I don’t always take it with me when I travel with friends.

  98. Yes I would love it. It would be so convenient. My phone is ALWAYS charged.

  99. I’d love to be able to avoid traffic jams!

  100. My ‘Tom Tom’ is actually my husband when I get lost and call him for directions. I have never used a GPS. I have a hand me down keyboard cell phone from a friend after my ancient flip phone broke. So no aps for me! Winning this would be SUPER!

  101. I’d love to have a TomTom app on my phone, because I’m directionally challenged.

  102. would love the app on my phone

  103. I would love it for when we are travelling.

  104. This would be particularly useful for us. My husband and I like driving on secondary highways and back roads.

  105. It would be really handy to have on the phone. I use GPS a lot. I still don’t know this town very well.

  106. I’d like to have the app so that I wouldn’t need a separate GPS device taking up space in the car.

  107. I would love to win this because it would be so convenient on my phone

  108. I’m always on the road so having this app would be perfect!

  109. because i have a hard time finding addresses

  110. this would be so fantastic as I lose my way to the bathroom…..

    Perhaps santa will leave this under our tree!!

    Good luck and merry christmas to all!

  111. because I get lost easily

  112. to find addresses easily

  113. because I need help finding addresses

  114. A GPS system coupled with a gas card would be a great gift.

  115. Yes I would, it would helo on the roadtrips!

  116. I want to win

  117. Helpful when going to new places.

  118. We use our iphone for directions all the time while driving but it’s not all that convenient. The app would would make it so much better!

  119. my hubby needs this because he wont listen to me, maybe he’ll listen to tom tom

  120. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. Starving artist here desperately needs the $100 gas card to work and eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generousity.

  121. I’d love to have it on my phone because our current GPS is out of date and we always get lost when we listen to its directions.

  122. tomtom on my iphone is ideal because then you dont have another device to have to use to navigate.

  123. this would help make travel easier!

  124. I would love to have this because if I go to areas of the city I do not know I would have this handy on my phone to help me find where I need to go

  125. I would love to win a GPS because I have no sense of direction of my own. No, seriously I am defective when it comes to directions! lol

  126. yes i will love it, i have no sense of directions!

  127. would love it for my boyfriend as he recently moved here and is not that familiar with the city yet

  128. it would be great for my husband who doesn’t have the greatest sense of direction!

  129. I don’t have a GPS unit so this would be the next best thing to get!

  130. It would come in handy when I’m trying to find places.

  131. I would love to win this because I am horrible with directions!! 😀

  132. Easier than reading a map!


  134. I would love to have this so I don’t have a hard time finding my way around.

  135. I would love this for travel We tend to get lost

  136. I can’t find my way out of a paper bag!

  137. find my way in the suberbs

  138. i would be great to have something to help navigate downtown when I’m not in my car

  139. Because I am often driving to new places and with Calgary growing at such a fast rate, the maps app doesnt always update as often as a gps app might

  140. I’m really good at getting lost!! But i always have my phone

  141. I have trouble finding new places and tend to get lost easily when driving. Hopefully this app will put those days of getting lost and getting stuck in traffic a thing of the past.

  142. This would be great to help me travel around town especially the areas that I’m not familiar with.

  143. I would like to put it on my husbands phone so he stops calling me to ask for directions.

  144. I’d love to get one, to go on adventure drives!!

  145. would love this for myself and the family when we go places.

  146. To make travelling in unknown places easier.

  147. Because for better navigation

  148. I would love the app because I get lost everywhere.

  149. It would be a great gift. My hubby could really use a GPS

  150. I’m a trucker so any GPS assisted devices is great and with only one power charger in the truck having it accessible on phone would be great!

  151. im the one who always gets lost haha so this app would help me to navigate better and better chances of arriving on time

  152. Because I never know where I’m going.

  153. I would love the app because it would make my travels around town more convenient if I knew the traffic in the city.

  154. i would enjoy not getting lost

  155. My husband cannot give directions so I need someone or something that is more reliable than him.

  156. To go garage saling stress free

  157. It would help me on trips in the car.

  158. it would be perfect for my mom – she does not have gps/nav in her car and could use the extra directional help

  159. this is a great prize

  160. because i have a terrible sense of direction!

  161. I travel a lot, for business and pleasure, and it is always nice to have GPS especially when I have no data. I find GPS apps come in handy even when just walking around town.

  162. I would love it as I am always getting lost when I am walking and also when I am in the car!

  163. This would be great, then I wouldn’t have to ask for directions as often , after I get lost

  164. It would be perfect for my honeymoon road trip this summer!

  165. I’d like to have it because I’m always getting lost.

  166. i would love to win this app

  167. Because I am always getting lost!
    Thanks for the chance.

  168. While we have a GPS, we only have one — of course it’s always in the wrong vehicle when we need it 😛

  169. Love to win so we can stop printing map directions out.

  170. Would love old one doesn’t work anymore.

  171. it would be so handy and eliminate another device!

  172. I’d like a more current GPS. Mine is way out of date…

  173. It would be great for roadtrips!

  174. I would love to have the app because I recently moved to a brand new area and really have no idea where i’m going half the time.

    This would come in really handy.


  175. I would like to get where I need to be easier.

  176. The navigation system in my car isn’t working well anymore because my usb port got coffee spilled in it and no longer works and that’s the only way to update the map, which is now almost 3 years old.

  177. I would love to have this for my husband who thinks he knows wheres he going all the time lol

  178. Really could use this

  179. I’d love it because I’m tired of getting lost or going the long way around to get somewhere..this GPS would be very helpful

  180. i would love to win this i’m always getting lost and this would really help me to get to where i’m going

  181. Likely better than what is currently on my phone.

  182. Hubby always gets us lost and refuses to ask for directions.

  183. I had no idea they made a iOS app. makes sense. Great that we can have their traffic reporting without the additional hardware.

  184. I find Google’s maps aren’t as accurate regarding traffic status (busy or not), and they don’t give me information on how busy it is outside of the major city (i.e. only Toronto area, not any of the cities a bit further away, like Kingston).

  185. I am rotten with direction so this would be a daily use item for me lol

  186. We are always on the go – I always forget my gps system but have my phone – it would be nice to have an app on my phone so I don’t need to remember to bring my gps.

  187. it would be great to have on my phone then I wouldn’t have to worry about putting the GPS in my car.

  188. I would like to have it for my husband, who I’m sure can get turned around within a few minutes- he has a terrible sense of direction.

  189. i’m always lost so this would help

  190. I would love it because sometimes I don’t have our portable GPS with me but I always have my phone

  191. After moving away from Burnaby 10 years ago, every time we come back to visit, we find ourselves having to visit with friends and family from North Van out to Langley and practically every city in between. So much changes between visits (including new bridges being built), and we find ourselves having to learn new routes to get from one place to another. Wish we had a Tom Tom!

  192. I’d like to get the TomTom Nav app on my smartphone device, because now I do not have any navigation app.

  193. This would be great for my cellphone if I choose not to have the TomTom on the dashboard of my car.

  194. have hard time reading map

  195. I can’t find my way out of a paper bag!

  196. need the app so i never get lost

  197. We always get lost and our friends make fun of us all the time because we do.

  198. My daughter is on a travel softball team and we are always having to go to new fields. It seems like that are always on small back roads that we would never find without help. This sounds like it would help us get to those fields with no problems. Thank you!

  199. I’ve always had a gps and I don’t like to get lost, mostly I like to save time.

  200. hopefully never get lost again

  201. I would love to have the TomTom Nav app on my son’s iphone as we travel a lot for hockey with him and usually to new rinks and new areas each time. This would cut down on the rushing for sure. 🙂

  202. I get lost going to the mailbox! 😉

  203. This would be great for my husband as he has no sense of direction and often steals my GPS I have for work. If he had this he would not have to grab my gps in my work vehicle.

  204. because i find it easier than other nav apps 🙂

  205. I would like to have the TomTom app because I often have to find places and I’d not great at that.

  206. because I am directionally challenged!

  207. It would make life easier getting around….

  208. Because I am terrible at directions and I get lost a lot.

  209. The TOMTOM Nav App would be amazing for me because I just smashed my Magellan GPS in my car (accidentally).

  210. I’ll never get lost again!!!!

  211. I would love this because I’m always getting lost!

  212. I just moved to a new town and I still need help getting around.

  213. i would love this for dierction

  214. the app would eliminate the extra gps device in the car.

  215. Because I’m only using google maps, which helps me, but I’d love a GPS system that could tell me “Turn right in the next intersection” without me missing it because I didn’t look at my phone on time

  216. Thanks for the chance! Love the website!

  217. It would be great for our yearly drives out east to visit family!

  218. on my last GPS unit that was stolen,,, it took me nearly 50 miles out of my way thru the back 40,, never never again,,,, I need to win an updated unit,,,and lock my doors,,,,

  219. I am really directionally challenged..this app would help me find my way

  220. So I can find where I am going… I am not a fan of my current app

  221. I would never forget it then.

  222. This would be great for when I go traveling. Maybe I wouldn’t get lost as often. lol. Thanks for having this contest.

  223. Thanks for the giveaway…would be great to have the TomTom Nav app on my phone for business trips out of town i.e. LA, SF, NYC, etc.

  224. Because I get easily lost and a GPS would be very helpful

  225. It would be so convenient having this app on a smartphone, then I wouldn’t get lost so often! 🙂

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