Squoosh: Candy Alternative This Halloween {Review & Giveaway}


Be truthful, how much of your child’s Hallowe’en candy do you just end up chucking because you don’t want them eating all that junk? Or worse, do you eat it yourself? This Hallowe’en why not give a healthier treat?  We are going to have Organic Squoosh by Go Gourmet to hand out to all the little ghouls and goblins. photo P1080751_zpsgmqlnsts.jpg

With Hallowe’en being on a weekend this year I am sure little trick-or-treaters will be hitting the streets a little longer than a weekday.  I am going to pair the Squoosh with small bottles of water to create a little on the go snack that parents know won’t make their little monkeys hyper-er* on an already crazy night!

Each pouch is one full serving of fruit and is intended for all ages.  Also, there is NO added sugar.  With all the great fruit flavour mixed with vegetables there is no need to add any extra sweetener.

We received three great flavours to sample:

 photo P1080695_zpsr6vltzvm.jpgSquabbleberry-apple, banana, squash and blueberry

Beetberry-banana, apple, beet and blueberry

Orangobango-mango,banana, apple and carrot

I have to admit I hadn’t previously considered handing out something like an organic fruit/veggie puree before but as a parent I know my kids would really think it was a great treat.  As you can see Smashie is a big fan!

Have you passed out pouches before for Hallowe’en??



Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a Squoosh prize pack, including three 12-packs! (Approx $30 value). Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

*How is hyper-er not a real word???  Moms and Dads have all experienced going from a simple episode of ‘I had a single M&M and am now dancing around the house dressed in only one sock and nothing else’  to Stage 2 ‘I AM EATING CANDY AND RUNNING AROUND DRESSED UP AS A NINJA TURTLE PAST MY BEDTIME’ hyper.  Clearly one of those examples is hyper-er than the other.  Mr. Webster I have made my case.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own



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54 responses to “Squoosh: Candy Alternative This Halloween {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. my son is avampire ghost zombie yes all three roled into one

  2. I think he’s going to be a ninja. But he may change his mind afew more times!

  3. She is being a ninja turtle.

  4. Ariel from the Little Mermaid!

  5. no decision has been made yet as to what my grandchildren will be wearing. Their dad’s hoping for a Star Wars theme 🙂

  6. This link doesn’t work properly: @babygourmet

  7. My son is going to be a monkey

  8. He wants to be a horse

  9. i don’t know yet 🙁 hopefully this weekend we decide

  10. My daughter wants to be Elisa.

  11. My granddaughter is going as a cat.

  12. My girl will be the Cat in the Hat!

  13. My son is going as TMNT Michaelangelo!

  14. One will be a mermaid and the other a vet

  15. he is going to be batman

  16. We haven’t determined Halloween costumes yet! I know, we’re slacking! Decisions decisions… haha.

  17. My little one is going to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween.

  18. he’s going to be a knight

  19. My little cousin is going to be a fairy

  20. My two boys haven’t even mentioned a thing about their costumes this year-very weird. So I have no idea.

  21. he’s going to be yoda

  22. I am having a monkey, Batman and Hulk.

  23. My son is going to be a storm trooper and my daughter is going to be a witch!

  24. My daughter will be a fairy this year.

  25. My son is going to be a ninja

  26. We don’t celebrate Halloween so my kids aren’t dressing up as anything. Their favourite costumes are ones they make to be characters from their favourite shows and books.

  27. my nephew will be a minion

  28. We don’t celebrate Halloween, but love costumes!

  29. we haven’t decided on Halloween costumes yet. It’s something we always leave until the last minute.

  30. my oldest is dressing up as Cinderella and my youngest is going as Batgirl

  31. He’s being a penguin!

  32. My little guy is going to be a squirrel for halloween. It is the cutest costume I have ever seen

  33. a bumblbee

  34. My daughter is dressing up as a monkey

  35. my son and daughter are not going out this year.. my step grandkids..i know one is dressing up as the main character from Minecraft.. not sure of any of the others..

  36. I’ve got a carrot and a crayon this year.

  37. My granddaughter has her heart set on being a cat.

  38. baby’s costume is a bumble bee!

  39. My 1 year old is going as a flower!

  40. My kids are all going to be minions for Halloween

  41. My 2.5 year old and 14 month old girls are both going to be Bumble Bees 🙂

  42. He isn’t sure if he wants to do anything, but he did mention yesterday that he seen a costume on youtube. He said he’ll tape nickels all over his back and go as nickelback lol

  43. My son is going to dress up as Mario from Super Mario Bros.

  44. Wonder woman

  45. My son is Peter Pan and my daughter is Alice in Wonderland.

  46. A princess, again.

  47. Our ten year old is being a zombie & going with Mama & Papa and our 14 mth old is staying home with Mom and Dad.

  48. My girls were a pig and a duck.

  49. my daughter dressed as a bumble bee

  50. My son was a Stormtrooper for Halloween!

  51. No little ones but my granddaughter was an egyptian

  52. My kids were Transformers for Halloween

  53. My daughter was a unicorn for Halloween

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