When my son was born 4 years ago, we were gifted a Grobag 1.0 tog. This is the lightest weight of the bags and perfect for warmer weather, such as summer time weather. He was swaddled for a while so we didn’t get as much use out of it as we had planned. Fast forward four years and our 4 month old daughter has been in her Grobag every single day. We first put her in her regular sleeper or onesie (depending on if its nap time or bedtime) and then zip up the Grobag over top of that. We absolutely love it. It’s such a great alternative to using blankets, which aren’t safe to use with babies. Since babies get cold, like the rest of us but even easier, it’s important to keep their body temperature regulated. The Grobag does this safely without having to worry whatsoever since it zips up the side and there is absolutely no way it can get over their head or face.

thumb_DSC_0197_1024We were recently sent the fall/winter Grobag 2.5 tog and are very happy with it. Since the nights are becoming cooler, we recently switched over to this warmer Grobag, ad it’s so cozy looking!

I wish they made these in adult sizes. Seriously. With my daughter snuggled up in this, I know she’s warm and cozy and I don’t need to worry about using any blankets and having the concern of her getting a blanket wrapped around her head. The Grobag is a breeze to zip up and since it’s become part of our bed-time routine, it signals “sleep time” to her. What I also love about Grobags is that they give babies plenty of room to move their body and legs around (as opposed to if they were swaddled and constricted), while also keeping them warm and safe. They are one of the best items we own.

Grobags come in all sorts of fun designs. The one we were sent is such a simple but sweet feminine design, with two different patterns (one on the front and a different one on the back).


There are also great unisex designs as well as specific boy or girl designs. And since they come in different weights, they are perfect for all seasons. I know this new 2.5 Grobag will be keeping her warm for this Fall and coming Winter and we plan to use it every single night. Thank you Grobag for keeping our little girl safe, cozy and warm!

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I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.