The ZUM Balance Bike is a revolutionary bike that has no pedals or training wheels. It uses a foot to floor motion as means of propulsion.  VERY cool right? Well,  if you want your little one to develop coordination and balance without using training wheels you should keep reading.
What the ZUM Bike teaches your child is to be able to balance. Once they have mastered that the transition to a regular geared bike with pedals is super easy. No need to use training wheels ever. 
The ZUM bike is super easy to put together. It doesn’t have a hundred small parts and even though the box looks small, there are only a few steps to follow before it is ready. The bike is made of sustainable harvested wood and it has a non toxic lacquer finish, perfect for us eco-conscious parents.

It seems like yesterday when we came home from the hospital with our brand new baby and just today we were actually putting together his first bike!  Well, he is a bit too short for it yet but we are hoping he can get to use it soon enough.  You can adjust the seat height from 12-18 inches from the floor and the frame is reversible to accommodate smaller riders. 

I had a wonderful little tester try out the bike for us and he loved it. He was super excited to ride it and he loved the smooth ride.  I checked his little hands at the end of the ride and he didn’t’ have any scuffs from the handlebar, that’s because they are made of rubber.

Something else that impressed me was how silent it was. We were playing around the house/backyard and you couldn’t hear a thing. 

In general I love the quality of the bike. The tires really make it a smooth ride! I recommend this bike if you are looking for a first bike for your child.  Get them a bike that is free of training wheels and the anxiety that comes with that. 

Note: For my Canadian readers please keep in mind that there is an almost 90% import tax when purchasing the Zum Bike from Canada.  Expensive tax? Yeah! BUT Well worth it!  

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.