Tim Hortons Extreme Italian Sandwich

Tim Hortons Extreme Italian

Tim Hortons has officially reintroduced their Extreme Italian Sandwich as a permanent fixture on their menu starting today! Originally introduced as a limited edition offering in September, Canada’s love of the sandwich has brought it back for good, and to celebrate they’d love to create a taste of Italy – the Tim Hortons way – for some lucky OneSmileyMonkey readers.

They are giving TEN of you the chance to try out their new Extreme Italian Sandwich by providing you with a FREE $10 Tim Hortons card! The lucky testers and any other readers who have tried the new sandwich can then come back and comment on the post with their review of the sandwich! All the review comments will be entered to win a $25 Tim Hortons card. Does it sound fun?

Today I had a special delivery at my door as we go to try the Extreme Italian Sandwich for lunch with some extra added fun ambience. What a nice treat to get our lunch delivered, specially when it was a yummy one!  My mom and I had a chance to try the sandwich and we loved it. We are big fans of Italian food and the sandwich was delicious!

The Extreme Italian sandwich features a herb and Parmesan roll, pepperoni, genoa salami and capicollo, along with mozzarella cheese, sliced red onion, tomatoes and lettuce with a creamy sundried tomato sauce!  The meats balance each other perfectly and the sundried tomato sauce  just gives it that extra kick making the sandwich scrumptious.

Would you like to try it out? Enter to win 1 of 10 Tim Cards to try the Tim Hortons Extreme Italian Sandwich below via Rafflecopter. Winners will receive their cards and they can come back to post their reviews to be entered to win the $25 card. If you have already tried the sandwich then be sure to enter your review in the comments below to enter to win as well! Good Luck everyone!

Disclosure:  I received a lunch delivery with some goodies and a gift card to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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218 responses to “Tim Hortons Extreme Italian Sandwich”

  1. Mmm, Italian food… need I say more?

  2. I wouldn’t, i’m Vegan! But my husband would love this!

  3. it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Tim Hortons, but that sandwich looks great.

  4. It looks so tasty!

  5. I love their sandwiches, I get them a lot and I love trying their new creations!!

  6. everyone loves italian and if I win I can try for free

  7. I want to try one because… I love food! LOL And I’m hungry. I might just have to go get one right now anyway…. hehe

  8. because I LOVE sandwiches, I LOVE Italian, so why not an Italian sandwich? Looks so yummy!

  9. I love sandwiches and I love Tim Hortons so it would be the perfect occasion for me to try this sandwiches 🙂

  10. This sounds like an amazing combination. Love anything Italian so I would love to be able to try this out! Love Tim’s Sandwiches!

  11. I loveeee Timmy’s, never tried anything there I didn’t like 🙂

  12. I think Tim Hortons makes some pretty good sandwiches and would love to give their Extreme italian a try. A figured a combo with a soup would be awesome.

  13. Looks Yummy to go in my Tummy

  14. It looks delicious!

  15. Italian cold cut sandwiches are my favorite!

  16. Love all the other Tim Horton’s sandwiches 🙂

  17. Would LOVE to try this! I love Tim Hortons Sandwiches and make a habit of trying each and every type. This one looks amazing *drools*

  18. I would like to try this because it looks good and I am always looking for something new to try when I am out and about.

  19. What’s not to love? I’m hungry just reading the description!!

  20. Ohhh I would love to try their newest sandwich

  21. I would love to taste-test that sandwich from Tim Horton’s! It looks yummy!

  22. Because I love Tims!

  23. I haven’t tried that one but I’ve been hooked on the steak and cheese.

  24. sounds like a perfect sammie to me! i would love the opportunity to try this!

  25. looks like would be good and always love Timmy’s

  26. I love Italian deli meats and I’m a huge fan of the Classic Italian at Quiznos. Would love to try an alternative from Tim Hortons where I can also grab my favorite coffee!

  27. It looks great..i haven’t tried it yet, but i know my husband would enjoy it.

  28. Love to try a new sandwich, especially from Tim’s!

  29. looks ok

  30. I love the italian meats as an option rather than always having turkey

  31. i LOVE timmys sandwiches!

  32. I want to try this sandwich because I love all the Tim Hortons sandwiches …

  33. Would love to try this 🙂

  34. Oh and the reason why, is because MY HUSBAND lovesss Italian Food

  35. Yum sounds delicious! Would love to try it!

  36. This looks like a very tasty sandwich to pick up when I’ve got no time to cook 🙂

  37. It looks really good.

  38. Since moving out here to Newfoundland, we miss all our Italian friends and try our best to recreate the memories of all the yummy foods we used to try. Hopefully this sandwich will recapture some of those delicious times!!

  39. I’d like to try it because it looks delicious

  40. I would love to try the Extreme Italian because I have never actually had a Tim Horton’s sandwich before & this would be a great one to start with!

  41. Love me some Timmies. My daughter lives it too!

  42. It looks very tasty!!! I would love totry one.

  43. Looks good

  44. Because I love Timmies and it just sounds great !!!

  45. Italian food looks good, tastes good, and IS good!

  46. I want to see if it’s better than Subways BMT!

  47. Tim Horton’s is my family’s favourite restaurant! The kids especially love the sandwiches!

  48. I love anything Italian

  49. Yum and I have a Subway real close to me.

  50. I love trying new foods!

  51. Love Italian food!

  52. I would love to try this sandwich because I love Italian food and that sandwich looks absolutely delicious

  53. i love trying Tim Horton’ new sandwiches every time they come up with something new i hope they will bring more out in the near future to try i would love to try this new one out first though

  54. yum could use one of those in my tummy

  55. I love Tom sandwiches. But I have not tried this one ye.

  56. I would like to give it a try because it sounds yummy

  57. I would love to win this because trying food is fun!

  58. I always love trying new foods

  59. I love Tim Horton sandwiches. Love to try the new Extreme Italian Sandwich

  60. looks and sounds delicious!

  61. Because it looks so good! I’m a HUGE fan! I want in I want in! lol Thank you

  62. It would be nice to try the new sammy

  63. Food. Like.

  64. It sounds delish!!

  65. love to try it, go to tims alot and it looks delicious, a nice change

  66. I like everything else they have there…so would love to give it a try!

  67. I haven’t tried the extreme Italian. All the others I’ve had have been great. would love to share a tims lunch with my husband if I win.

  68. Always great food!

  69. Cause it is Timmies.

  70. it sounds delicious!

  71. I love Italian sandwiches! Just reading about it is making me hungry!

  72. The sundried tomato sauce sounds amazing! mmm

  73. I’d like to try it–sounds like a great blend of classic and spicy!

  74. Love Italian sandwiches!

  75. I love Tim’s sandwiches. I would love to try the Italian one. The bread they are using is my favorite.

  76. Because the Sundried Tomato sauce sounds amazing!

  77. This looks yummy and the bun just makes it look even better! 🙂 Love Italian food.

  78. I love all Tim’s sandwiches and I know this one will be scrumptous.

  79. Just the description made my mouth water. Sounds wonderful!

  80. Sounds like my kind of sandwich!

  81. love anything italian

  82. Tims sandwiches have come along way to getting better for you and better tasting. I would love to try the new Italian.

  83. Just look at it! It looks delicious.

  84. Mmm. It’s been one of my fav. sandwiches, and I’m glad to see it as a permanent menu item!

  85. looks delicious, can’t wait!

  86. its something differnt

  87. Looks yummy and I am a huge fan of Tim Hortons!

  88. This looks so yummy!

  89. I would like to try because I like trying new things and it looks yummy 🙂

  90. It sounds amazing!!!! Would love to try it

  91. It just looks soooo yummy! And I always love Italian style sandwiches, and with Tim’s making it then it has to be good!! Yum!

  92. I’d love to try this sandwich as it sounds really good and Tim’s makes great sandwiches!

  93. It would be nice to try a different sandwich.

  94. always looking for something new for lunmch

  95. I’d like to try it 🙂

  96. I love anything Italian-this sounds yummy

  97. it sounds delicious

  98. Because I like Italian everything. I’ve never met an Italian dish- authentic or approximated- that I haven’t liked.

  99. The noticable growl in my stomach means that the food is agreeable. 🙂

    So I would like to try it because it also looks great.

  100. It would be a treat to not have to make lunch.

  101. I love italian flavours!

  102. I wanted to try the extreme Italian sandwich in September but never got a chance (no car so I wasn’t able to get to Tims).

  103. i am addicted to Timmies, and I love everything they make, and this sounds sooo good

  104. It looks yummy!

  105. My teenage really like sandwich & we have try different places of different types.

  106. I love sundried tomatoes so that has my mouth watering already, I love tim hortons so I love to try anything new there

  107. I love subs!

  108. I need a new Tims option for when I’m out with the kids. I think this sounds pretty gourmet!

  109. I’d love to try this sandwich because almost anything at Tims is great.

    thanks for the chance.

    Kevin Linkie

  110. I would try this because I like to try new things!

  111. I’d like to try it as it sounds like a delicious sandwich.

  112. T-I-M-M-M-I-E-S!!!! need i say more! it’s always good!

  113. It sounds delicious

  114. Looks so good. I can’t wait to try it!

  115. That roll really sells the sandwich. That’s why I want to try it

  116. I am vegetarian so could not try it, but my hubby who loves everything Italian is all gung ho for it!

  117. Love trying new things.

  118. It looks sooo yummy:)

  119. Looks tasty and I would love to try it. Anything italian will be great!

  120. I want to try it because it looks and sounds delicious

  121. because it looks delish!

  122. It looks delicious, I would love to try it, Thank you for the chance !

  123. I had this sandwich once and loved it. So delicious! I went back to have it again and it was gone! I was sorely disappointed and the lady behind the counter said lots of people were asking for it, too.

  124. I want to try it because I’m starving just looking at the picture.

  125. I really enjoy Italian food and think this sandwich would be delicious, and so, I’d love to try it out! Thatsa yummy!

  126. Love Tim’s sandwiches, would love to try this one!

  127. I would like to try it because I love those kinds of meats Salami/Pepperoni etc.. YUM !! YUM!!!

  128. I love Italian food & sub sandwiches~this sounds so yummy, thanks! 🙂

  129. I want to try it because it looks good.

  130. I would love to try it because it looks tasty! I like that its different and not your typical fast food fare.

  131. I love timmies sandwiches so would like to try this new one.

  132. Salami is my favourite kind of meat! Yum!

  133. I love Italian food! And I love trying new food! And I love Timmies! Reason enough?

  134. It will satisfy my current craving for meat.

  135. yum

  136. I like Subway

  137. I alway’s go to timmy’s when in the city

  138. I just love anything Italian so I would really like to try this Extreme Italian Sandwich

  139. I love Tims for lunch. Everything tastes good and is affordable. I’m sure this sandwich will be good too.

  140. I love Tim Horton’s chicken salad sandwich and the extreme Italian looks awesome!

  141. I love Italian food, can’t wait to try this. 🙂


  143. I love anything Italian and I’m confident Tim Hortons would make a yummy Italian sandwich! Would love to try it!

  144. It’s absolutely delicious!!!!

  145. It looks yummy

  146. It looks so delicious!

  147. I would love to try it just cuz it looks and sounds so yummy

  148. It sounds delicious! Would love to try it!

  149. Because it looks delicious!

  150. I would like to try this because it looks so yummy, thank you:)

  151. the buns looks so good would love to try this

  152. it looks so good 🙂

  153. That looks like a nice hearty sandwich that would be full of flavour and spice.

  154. I’d love to try it because it has some of my very favourite ingredients (Genoa salami for one!!) and it sounds delicious!!

  155. I love Italian food!

  156. Sounds so good.

  157. I tried this a few months ago. Yummy!

  158. I would love to try the Extreme Italian because it looks yummy, special and have cheese in it.

  159. I am Italian and I love Italian food so I would love to try this Italian sandwich

  160. I would love to try it because it looks so delicious and I love Timmie’s

  161. Sounds delicious!

  162. Tim’s makes some pretty awesome sandwiches!

  163. Because it’s delicious! 😉

  164. I haven’t even heard of this until now… I love all things Italian so I can’t wait to try it!!! I bet it will complement the lasagna soup amazingly!!

  165. Timmie’s is my favourite place for coffee. I’ve not eaten there often (apart from doughnuts 🙂 ) but I do know that I like their paninis. This sandwich sounds delicious and I’d love to try it, thanks for the chance.

  166. I would love to try the new Timmies Extreme Italian sandwich.

  167. Tim Horton makes good sandwiches and this one looks yummy

  168. I love trying new sandwiches and it looks delicious!

  169. I like Tim Horton’s sandwiches…they are a perfect size.
    The herb and Parmesan roll and the sundried tomato sauce seem to be the perfect ending for this sandwich.

  170. i love timmies food especially there sandwiches

  171. I love Tim Hortons sandwiches, this would be another to add to my list

  172. This would be super tasty

  173. Looks and sounds good

  174. My husband would love it I’m sure!

  175. It just sounds so good!

  176. Because I like trying out new food 🙂

  177. Sounds delish – i don’t get to eat out much – this would be a real treat!!!

  178. I’m a fan of the lunch items tim hortons offers but haven’t yet tried this sandwich, sounds delicious! Maybe pair it with some chili!

  179. Love capicollo and hardly ever have it – that’s my kind of sandwich!

  180. I would like to try this as it looks tasty and it sounds good and I have to say Tim Hortons has come a long way from when they started to making food and it is good.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  181. I would LOVE to try this because it loks soo yummy,,I love all kinds of sandwiches,and I know this would be soo good!

  182. I would love to try this sandwich because it looks delicious. We have a Tim’s near our home and eat there often!

  183. I haven’t tried it yet,but I love Tim’s sandwiches so I will love this too.

  184. I would love to try it because it looks delicious & its italian 🙂

  185. I would love to try it because I love Tim Horton’s bread

  186. I usually can’t afford to eat out but I do love my Timmies double Double’s so a Gift card would be handy to try this.

  187. the picture you have of it looks so good. thats why I want to try it otherwise I wouldnt even have known about the new one

  188. I want to try yummy


  190. Sandwiches are my favourite and the sundried tomato sauce sounds great.

  191. Oh boy…..I love Tim Hortons:)

  192. I have tried it and its soooo good

  193. Because it sounds delicious! Especially the Parmesan roll.

  194. it looks tasty

  195. Cause I’m Italian! 😀 (ok, and because its made with some of my favorite ingredients)

  196. I love tims, Id try it!

  197. I love to try new things, and love Timmies, so I’m keen to try this new sandwich.

  198. It looks tasty! I have not tried yet!

  199. My husband would be interested in trying this

  200. Isn’t everything Italian Yummy!

  201. This looks good I think I’ll have this for dinner tonight

  202. I never tried this sandwich back in September but I like their sandwiches for something quick while I’mon the go.

  203. yum!

  204. Its Italian and yummy!

  205. It looks delicious 🙂

  206. I have been looking at trying this. Would love the chance to win the gift card to try it with a great cup of coffee. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  207. I love anything Tim’s!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  208. I love Timmie’s sandwiches and pan inis … would love to try this one!!

  209. Delicious flavours and I love the bread Tim Hortons uses!

  210. I would love to tryit because it looks so darn good.

  211. To tell the truth don’t get out much due to health but when I do it is to Timmies lol so trying this sandwich would be a nice treat

  212. tim’s has great sandwhiches, and I love my Italian deli stuff. Looking forward to trying this out

  213. I love genoa salami and the bun looks so good

  214. It might be an edible sandwich for once…

  215. I love Italian!!! Yummy!!

  216. I just had a chance to try the Extreme Italian sandwich at lunch, and am pleased to say it was great! I especially loved the pepperoni, salami, and tomato sauce. The bread was fresh, and the whole thing was delicious. It was the perfect size for lunch. Thanks!

  217. I loved the Italian extreme sandwich from the salami to the herb topped bread! I have a new favourite menu item at tim hortons yummy!

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