The Ultimate Hair Accessory Organizer Review {Giveaway}

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By Contributor Allison Baltzersen

I recently received The Ultimate Hair Accessory Organizer® from Kid Facto to review. It is a patent pending double-sided hanging hair/jewelry accessory organizer made of durable duck cloth fabric. Measuring in at 29 inches long by 20 inches wide, this organizer is not messing around. It contains over 40 pockets and elastic sections for easy storage. Plus it comes with a bonus removable travel pouch.

Honesty time: For the past year, I have been storing all of my toddler’s hair accessories in a gallon-sized plastic bag. All of them. In one bag. Finding two matching hair clips in THE BAG was more challenging than the Mensa entrance exam. THE BAG was in need of a major organizational overhaul. Enter: The Ultimate Hair Accessory Organizer.

hair accessory organizer

My two year old and I sat down the other night, ceremoniously dumped out THE BAG, strategized on which colors should go into which of the organizer’s pockets, and spent about twenty minutes finding homes for every last clip, pony and doodle. Guess what? We only filled the front side of the organizer! And here I thought we had a lot of hair accessories… The entire backside is still free to be filled with whatever else we can think of. Jewelry? Barbie shoes? Craft supplies? The sky is the limit with this thing.

We love that the pouches are clear to quickly find what we are looking for. I especially love that the large middle pouch has a zipper so I can safely store our nine zillion bobby pins. The organizer has a very sturdy hanger attached to the top, so it can be hung on a door knob, in a closet or on a door hook. It probably makes the most sense to hang this thing on the back of the bathroom door, but I don’t have a hook for mine. So, we are keeping ours hanging in the front of my walk-in closet. Because the organizer itself is huge and the majority of the pouches are open, traveling with this whole thing would be a challenge. Fortunately, it comes with a small bonus travel bag that does zip shut for safe and organized traveling.

Buy it: You can purchase The Ultimate Hair Accessory Organizer® from Kid Facto online for $29.99 (available in blue & pink)

ultimate hair accessory organizer

The Giveaway

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a Hair Accessory Organizer (Pink or Blue – $30 value!). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Allison Baltzersen is a mother of two baby girls and blogs about her bumblings through green parenting over at Funny Shade of Green.


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145 responses to “The Ultimate Hair Accessory Organizer Review {Giveaway}”

  1. Jewelry

  2. I would definetly store the millions of hair accessories that my daughter owns.

  3. That would be awesome, we have a lot of hair stuff, that would make it easy to find

  4. I have a ton of hair assessories for two girls that I could store in here. this would be awesome!

    • we need hair acces a lot. contact me

  5. Hair things for my daughter!

  6. I would store as many hair baubles as possible … then move on to earrings, bracelets, etc.

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  9. I hope it comes with all the goodies in the pic !

  10. I would love this for my 5 yr old, her hair clips and what not are everywhere

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  12. My daughetr adn I have SO much “hair stuff” I am sure we could fill this in minutes! Although I think a second one would be good for jewellry!

  13. I would use it for hair accessories

  14. I would store hair stuff. we just have a big basket to store it all in now

  15. This is such a great idea

  16. This would be awesome for my 7 year old daughter – my hubby could quit telling her to pick up her hair stuff! LOL!:)

  17. hmmm maybe my hair things or babes lil toys 😀

  18. hair accesories and earrings

  19. …my daughter and I’s hair and jewellery stuff – it could use some organizing.

  20. Jewellery!

  21. I would gift it to my niece for her hair accessories!

  22. all her jewelery

  23. I would store jewelry.

  24. I would store at the little bits of stuff on my counter

  25. My daughters hair accessories and jewelry

  26. hair accessories! bobby bins, elastics, etc. great idea!

  27. Hair accessories

  28. My daughters hair items and jewelry. She so needs this:)

  29. Definitely my daughter’s hair “stuff.” She has both fund hair items and school approved (uniform) hair accessories and it would be great to keep them easily separated.

  30. i would store all the hair accessories for my daughter that i have bunched up in plastic bags lol.

  31. Wow. i want one for my daughter’s hair clips and jewelry.

  32. I would store my buttons that I have saved over the years – so that they are easy to find when needed

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  34. my daughters hair stuff and accessories

  35. I would use it for my daughter’s hair accessories and jewelry too!

  36. I would store all of her bows.
    and her tiny little rubber bands that i’m knocking off in the floor.

  37. i would store all of my daughters accessories

  38. This would be great to have for storing my daughter’s hair accessories.

  39. hair accessories and jewellery for my girlie-girl!

  40. my daughter’s hair accessories…

  41. Probably hair stuff. 🙂

  42. my daughter’s hair accessories 🙂

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  44. I would organize both my girls’ hair things!

  45. all my nieces all bows etc.

  46. hair items and jewelry

  47. I would use it for all of my daughters hair accessories!!

  48. My granddaughter’s hair ‘pretties’ would be so much easier to find in this organizer.

  49. I would store hair and jewelry in it!

  50. Jewlery

  51. I would store hair stuff!

  52. I would store hair clips, rings and bracelets!

  53. I would store all of my daughter’s hair accessories. She has so many that I am always finding all over the house, this would be perfect to make sure they all stay in one place. Thank you for the great giveaway 🙂

  54. I would use it for my small craft items,like beads,earring hooks,and necklace clasps.

  55. This would be used to organize all my little granddaughter’s hair bows, clips and headbands. What a useful item!

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  58. hair elastics, clips, barrettes, and bobby pins

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  60. Hair clips, barrettes and earings

  61. My daughter could definitely use something like this for her various hair accessories!

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  63. Hair accessories, I am always losing bobbypins and elastics … so I need to rebuy and the cycle continues, LOL!

  64. I would store all of my daughters hair stuff in here.

  65. I love anything that makes my life more organized!

  66. I would probably use it for jewellery.

  67. I would store my hair ties, bobby pins, rings, bandaids, lip balm. All those little things that seem to go missing.

  68. I would store hair accessories and jewelry in the organizer

  69. I would store hair accessories and earrings.

  70. I just found out that my second baby, due in February, is a girl! So I’d store her hair accessories in it 🙂

  71. October 18-I would give it to my youngest granddaughter who could use it to store all her hair items.

  72. Hair supplies, make-up, nail supplies and my jewelry. 🙂

  73. We would totally put all of our fab bows and elastics in there!

  74. This would make morning much less hectic!

  75. make up

  76. for sure it would be my daughters billion hair accessories !

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  78. I would use it for my daughter’s hair stuff!

  79. all the hair clips and hair elastics.

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  84. My niece be the one storing all her jewelry, hair stuff and treasures!

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  86. I would store my three girls’ hair accessories in it, of course! We have a whole bathroom drawer full, and some in their room too.

  87. 15 million hair elastics and 10 million barrettes!!! At least it feels like it some days!

  88. Hair accessories and jewelery would be stored in it. I think it would help clear the clutter from under my bathroom sink and save time in the busy morning rush!

  89. My headbands and barrettes to start with!

  90. Definitely all the hair stuff for our 2 girls – elastics, scrunchies, barrettes, bows, pins, headbands etc. It’s everywhere right now and I would love to have something like this to organize it all!!

  91. I would put hair accessories in it just like you did. My daughter has very long hair and there’s always hairbows everywhere!

  92. my daughter’s accessories, she seems to have like 1001

  93. Every last barrett clip elastic hairband etc etc etc my daughter owns!

  94. hair accessories and earrings/ necklaces

  95. I would store all of our bobby pins and hair clips and elastics in it!

  96. barettes, hair ties and pins

  97. This would be so neat for my granddaughters to store their hair accessories in.

  98. I’d store headbands and other accessories

  99. I would use this for my daughters hair and clothing accessories.

  100. I would store little lego friend parts for my daughter

  101. I would store all of my nieces hair items.

  102. My Daughter has lots of hair and tons of hair accessories. I would use this to store all of those accessories.

  103. This is great! I wouldn’t use it just for hair accessories although it would have a bit in there. I could see my makeup in there too very easily. I love the clear plastic, I can see what I want and get it quickly without having to search through endless makeup bags!

  104. Elastics, barrettes, clips and bobby pins.

  105. Probably makeup and fingernail polish.

  106. I would store my new baby daughter’s hair accessories and probably some of mine too.


  108. Hair clips and earrings.

  109. I would store all my daughter’s hair stuff & jewelry which would free up TONS of the counter space in her bathroom!!! We might actually be able to see it again 🙂

  110. I’m currently using a clear plastic bucket for my daughter’s hair clips and ties. I’d love to win this to get more organized!

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  119. Hair Accessories…right now they’re all thrown together in a basket. This would be an awesome way to sort them out and have them all in view. 🙂 Thanks

  120. Hair accessories and earing’s! I love this…great review too!

  121. My 13 year-old granddaughter would store hair clips, elastics, barettes, hair combs, scrunchies, hair bands, bobby pins – as a competitive dancer she needs loads of hair accessories. And pink is her favourite colour.

  122. All of my daughter’s pretty clips, pins and elastics

  123. I would store my daughter’s hair ties, bows and jewelry.

  124. I NEED this for my little girl!!

  125. I would put my daughter’s hair stuff in it.

  126. i would store all of my daughters hair accessories

  127. I would use it to store all my daughter’s headbands, clips, etc

  128. I would have hairspray, a good brush, and a good comb. Jewelery, like earrings and necklaces and rings.Alot of stuff for hair, including gel, hairspray, i could really use this.

  129. A good brush and a good comb. Hairspray and gel. Hairties( elastics) the good kind, not cheap ones. Jewelery. Hairdye kit.

  130. I’d store all the earrings I have

  131. store my daughters earrings and rings
    good luck to all

  132. hair excessories 🙂

  133. I’d store my daughter’s assortment of hair clips and bows

  134. My kids hair things!!!!!

  135. rings, costume jewelry

  136. All my hair accessories that always get lost!

  137. I think I’d store various makeup products and hair accessories.

  138. For hair assessories for sure. It would help to find them when you need them

  139. Definitly all the hair assessories

  140. A ton of girly hair things for my kids

  141. This is brilliant. I never thought I’d ever have the need for one. My little girls hair grew quite long, quite fast. And I’m afraid of trimming it for fear of losing the curls. We recently bought a ton of hair accessories, a variety, to see what works best as she won’t willingly wear anything. It’s a work in progress and I hate that all her pretty hair bows/clips/bands are crammed into a box. They are pretty enough that I want them stored AND displayed. Must get something like this.

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  143. I’m obsessed with organization and trying to keep the house as clean as possible. I truly believe everything has a spot and it should be in that spot. That’s where things like the hair accessory holder and others like it are perfect for my household. The investors of these type of things are geniuses.

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    with advertisements telling us what we need
    to want, and what we supposedly..

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