VIVA From Best Buy {$100 Gift Card Giveaway}


I was recently invited to participate in a fun bootcamp with celebrity fitness guru, Tommy Europe, to celebrate the release of Best Buy’s new online brand, VIVA. VIVA offers health, wellness and beauty products to Best Buy customers.

Tommy’s bootcamp was amazing and I loved getting all the tips and exercise modifications that worked for me and my postpartum body. After the bootcamp Best Buy introduced us to some wonderful fitness tools to keep track of our progress and to help us better reach our goals.

We got to pick one tool to take home from Best Buy’s newest fitness tools such as the Fitbit, Jawbone and the Runtastic Heart Monitor. I decided to get the Jawbone and so far I am loving it! I love the way it tracks my sleep cycles and daily activity levels and how I can easily download all of the info straight to my iPhone.

Be sure to visit VIVA online now where you will find everything you need from baby strollers to lipstick, yoga mats to vitamins & supplements!


Win it: Enter to win a $100 gift certificate from Best Buy now! Giveaway open to Canadians. Enter to win below via Rafflecopter.

Disclosure: All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% mine.

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416 responses to “VIVA From Best Buy {$100 Gift Card Giveaway}”

  1. I do exercise regularly!

  2. I try but am a new mom. I do a DVD at home to get some exercise in!

  3. No, but I should!

  4. no, not much at all right now

  5. I do when I can. I have a stepper at home and some weights. I try to do them at home but because of a few health issues I do watch when the pain is bad (I have DVT and wear a c compression stocking and sometimes the pain is not easy to ignore.

  6. I am not working out like I should. During the summer I became a workout nut but now….I am missing lots of workouts….sucks.

  7. Not as regularly as I should. 😉

  8. Only through chasing my kids around.

  9. No I do not work out regularly right now. I have some health issues are that preventing me from doing so right now.

  10. Nope! But I do walk a lot throughout the day.

  11. Yes, I work out 5x a week 🙂

  12. Not as regular as I should, but I stay active 🙂

  13. no..maybe walk 30 mins once a week

  14. No, but I know I should.

  15. I have a physical job, so keeps me in shape!

  16. No, I don’t at the moment.

  17. Does going from the couch to the fridge count?

  18. Sadly no.

  19. We joined the ymca in Jan and are enjoying our membership

  20. I have not been working out regularly. Winter time I always slack

  21. I’d like to say I do… but I’d be lying. I am a couch potato. Has to change though, I’m a sorry example to my daughter who also is far too happy sitting in front of the TV.

  22. Not at the moment but I just got a 1-year gym membership. Will be going regularly starting tomorrow!

  23. HMMM not so much!

  24. not as much as i should

  25. I workout at the gym daily.

  26. I am very bad about finding time to work out on a daily basis.

  27. Right now I am a week away from giving birth, so no. 😛 I do go for walks with my son most days, however, which is as close as I’m gonna get.

  28. Not so much…my job just moved and I now have to spend an extra 1.5 hours a day driving leaving very little time to exercise 🙁

  29. From Summer through Fall I regularly take daily water aerobics classes. I am not so regular with my schedule in the winter.

  30. not allot

  31. Just the 20 minutes walk for taking my son to school. – 20 minutes each way twice a day is 80 minutes!

  32. No but I should!

  33. Not right now

  34. Not as much as I wanted (or needed)

  35. No, I don’t work out regularly, but I should.

    • Sorry – I didn’t notice Canada only – please delete my entry

      • no problem

  36. Regularly walk in to work and do weight 2-3 times per week

  37. I work out at least 4 times a week!

  38. Sadly I’m a couch potato.

  39. not as much as i need to

  40. At this time I’m not working out daily

  41. Go to the gym regularly 1-2 times per week

  42. I do!

  43. Sadly no. I did and felt great, now I need to more.

  44. Been busy with school for the past few months, so not regularly, but when I have some free time.

  45. Yes I workout 3 times a week for an hour each time. For the first time in my life I am trying really hard to get into good physical shape.

  46. I don’t work out like I would like to. When I am able to I feel a lot better.

  47. Not regularly…can’t seem to find the time

  48. I walk everyday, and do zumba a couple times a week!

  49. ..I don’t work out as often as I should. *blush*

  50. yes,everyday

  51. no more irregular.

  52. No I don’t not in a true exercise kind of way. I do walk 2 dogs and have music on when doing housework so that I put some physical effort into it!

  53. no but I am going to start

  54. No, I don’t exercise. I want to start squats soon.

  55. No, I don’t.

  56. errr,,I try too…really I do 😉

  57. I do a LOT of walking, but i don’t really do other forms of exercise (except cleaning!)

  58. I am due in three weeks. I hope to start working out a few weeks after the baby is born 🙂

  59. i go for regular walks (either pushing 2 kids in a stroller or carrying one and holding hands with the other) and chase after 2 kids all day everyday. but other than that no I don’t.

  60. I do not currently though i plan on doing yoga daily.

  61. No I haven’t been working out regularly.

  62. no i really havent had the time i want to thou

  63. No, but would like to

  64. Hiking and walking!

  65. I try my best to work out regularly– I wish I practiced more yoga though.

  66. I work out daily!

  67. I sure do exercise regularly!

  68. I do an aqua fit class 3 times a week and walk daily

  69. I am not working out regularly right now.

  70. everyday

  71. No but I should!

  72. No, but i eat like a health nut! I work out, its always on different schedules though

  73. honest answer! No but trying too

  74. Yes I do

  75. NO!

  76. yup

  77. No, but I should.

  78. No, I know I should

  79. I work out 3 times a week

  80. if you consider my walk to work a regular workout.. it’s about 40 minutes each way.

  81. only twice a week

  82. twice a week.

  83. running after my kids

  84. Yes, I do Zumba almost every day!!

  85. I’m a regular walker and we try to making our 3-4 times per week outings challenging.

  86. I workout pretty regularly.

  87. No, taking a break due to health issues.

  88. I work out here and there but it is not regular

  89. No, but i do walk a lot

  90. Yes I do! I have been working out regularly every night for the past 4 weeks!

  91. i started to this year yes

  92. I don’t because I’m on wheels but my mom certainly does. Must be the reason she can still carry me around so well. lol

  93. i don’t but I should…

  94. Right now I don’t work out regularly but in the summer generally.

  95. I don’t work out at a gym , but I have 4 kids that I chase after does that count lol 🙂

  96. I try to make sure I work out at least twice a week. Goal is to ramp it up to 3-4 times a week

  97. I try to work out 3 times a week

  98. I walk my dogs regularly and I sure shoveled a lot of snow in Central Alberta this winter. A pretty good workout. I love your new baby boy!

  99. Unfortunately I don’t work out regularly right now.

  100. no i don’t at all

  101. At home yes, yoga

  102. Must get back to the gym!

  103. I am 36 weeks pregnant, so — not so much. I do walk the dog on a daily basis though (or near daily).

  104. Yes, I go for a walk at least 4 or 5 days a week. 🙂

  105. daily

  106. I do workout, almost every day.

  107. yes, about 3
    times aweek

  108. Not work out but I walk/stroll outside regularly.

  109. I walk once sometimes twice daily.

  110. I am in a fitness class 2 X /week but really need to start using my membership 4 X week vs just the 2 days 🙂

  111. I don’t work out regularly 🙁

  112. Trying to!

  113. I try to workout at least four days a week


  115. not as much as I should.

  116. I do workout regularly. I lift weights every day and I try to walk 5 miles every day as well.

  117. Not regularly

  118. Yes, I workout 5-6 days a week.

  119. I do, I follow the intermediate workout put together by Scooby, at Scooby’s Workshop!

  120. Not as often as I like to. I do quite a bit of manual labour around the house – I am in the process of renovating the bathroom and kitchen. When the weather is warmer I will be renovating the garage – and I do a lot of outside work that keeps me in shape. As far as doing weights, I do have a weight bench and use it about twice a week. Am striving to work out more.

  121. Not now!!

  122. Nope

  123. I walk / ride ex bike every day

  124. no been sick, hoping to start up again next week

  125. No I really need to lol

  126. Yes! I’ve started running again and I go to stroller bootcamp!

  127. My current goal is to workout 5 days a week.

  128. No but I most certainly need to

  129. I try to work out at least 3 or 4 times per week but it’s not a regular schedule.

  130. yes

  131. No I do not work out regularly.

  132. Yes I sure do. EVERYDAY!

  133. no, i don’t

  134. Yes, I go for a run every day

  135. i try to work out at least once a week

  136. NO! 🙁

  137. Not near as much as I should or used to. My health has not been great and it is tough to find the energy sometimes.

  138. Yes, I workout at least 3x a week if not more.

  139. I do! Regularly

  140. I work out but not as often as I should

  141. I do exercise regularly.

  142. I exercise 3 times each week!

  143. I’ve been slack this winter

  144. Not gonna make excuses. I have the time, even with kids. Mentally, I find it’s difficult to stay committed to working out. I’m my own worst enemy.

  145. No, I do not workout, but I really need to. I try to walk as much as I can and take the stairs when possible.

  146. I don’t work out regularly but would like to start to soon!

  147. No but i walk a lot every day, which counts the same I guess.

  148. I do workout regulary right now. At least every other day.

  149. I walk a lot every day, but that’s all.

  150. No, but trying to change that

  151. Yes I do work out regularly but it’s hard because I much prefer exercising outside and it’s so cold out.

  152. I work out every day of the week

  153. Not as much as I should. I love to walk but the cold weather has been keeping me indoors this winter.

  154. I’m not working out regularly at all… the weather’s been really bad and I don’t have any proper winter running gear. I wanted to start swimming, but still need to get a suit. The weather drains motivation!

  155. No I don’t.

  156. more exercise needed for me.

  157. My husband is into juicing, which is motivating me to try and be more healthy too!!

  158. I don’t work out regularly, but I’m going to try a workout video this week!!

  159. I walk a little almost everyday

  160. I rarely work out sadly.

  161. I workout a few times a week on our Elliptical

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  162. I don’t work out regularly. I keep saying i’m going to, but i never do.

  163. yes. Everyday for 30 min.

  164. I work out about once a week now…but I really should work out more!

  165. Yes I run 3 -4 times per week.

  166. No, I do not workout at all …

  167. I only ‘work out’ by taking the stairs and getting outside.

  168. No – need to get back into a routine.

  169. No I don’t

  170. I don’t work out much in winter, but in all other seasons I get outside and exercise

  171. I do–weights twice/week, and cardio intervals as well at least twice weekly.

  172. I have to say I do not have a regular workout schedule

  173. no, but I should do it more often

  174. I work out 4-5 days a week

  175. Yes, I do.

  176. belong to a walking club

  177. I don’t work out as regularly as I would like.

  178. Shame on me, no I don’t but I do try to walk almost every day

  179. not regularly

  180. Yes,almost daily.

  181. I walk everyday and it adds up.

  182. not regularly, but I do work out a couple times a week at least

  183. Just call me Mr. Mom.

  184. I do not workout, my job kicks my butt!

  185. Currently no – with my return to work from mat leave things are a bit chaotic..hopefully soon!

  186. I don’t right now (7 months pregnant), but I do normally.

  187. yes, I work out

  188. Yoga Every morning. Love it! Stretches it all out and gets me ready to face the day.

  189. I walk regularly, and have just started using my Gazelle machine every day.

  190. I am a new mom and am finding it difficult .. would like to get back into my running routine soon !

  191. No time at all.. but I should be making time

  192. I try, but right now I’m really busy with studying for midterms and trying to get rid of this cold.

  193. I work out a couple of times a week! 🙂

  194. Exercise, going up and down stairs a 100 times a day!

  195. no I don’t

  196. I do Zumba one day a week, 12 flights of stairs at work 1-2x/day & I ride my indoor spin bike or outdoor bike whenever possible

  197. Yes, I walk daily, weight train a few days a week and dance a few times a week too.

  198. yes,, I excersise by walking every day

  199. I need to excersise more often

  200. I exercise regularly. Weights and cardio at home and hockey twice a week.

  201. I don’t work out per se but we walk a lot as a family.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  202. I run three times a week outside with my husband.

  203. No I don’t work out.I keep saying I will.

  204. Only in my head…i want to work out, but have no motivation at all!

  205. The most I am doing is swim exercises once a week…not enough I know,

  206. Yes; I try to work out at least five times a week. I walk and I do strength training twice a week and hope to do it three times a week. I am stretching also but not as much as I should.

  207. I try to schedule work out time every day…sadly am slacking right now

  208. A bit more often since we got a puppy with walking her now but still not as much as I should

  209. Just started! doing it 5 times a week.

  210. I do not but wish I could find the time.

  211. Yep, I work out approximately three times a week by sparring and training in MMA and Krav Maga; I also train a very good friend in self-defence. I also do some yoga occasionally at lunch if I feel like it at work through a program.

  212. no i don’t but my goal is to do yoga 3 days a week

  213. I walk the dog twice a day as my exercise.

  214. Yes, if once a week is regular

  215. …Yes I Do !!!!

  216. as of the last 3 weeks, I’ve been working out a couple of hours at least 3 times a week

  217. not much right now but as soon as spring hits want to get out walking more

  218. I work out most days, some days more than others. Everything from walking the dog, going to the gym or doing hot yoga.

  219. yes, at least once a week

  220. I try to at least 5 times a week

  221. awesome!

  222. I try, but I am not as good as I would like at getting some kind of fitness in every day.

  223. not as much as I would like too

  224. I try to work out everyday, but sometimes the kids work me so hard I forget.

  225. No. Unfortunately I don’t have the time.

  226. I do work out regularly. In fact i just bought a new exercise bike today and can’t wait to get it set up!

  227. I work out fairly regularly. Thanks for the incredible giveaway! 😀

  228. no… but i know i need to workout more to get rid of the fat!!!!

  229. I walk about three to four times a week.

  230. not right now, but soon.

  231. It’s my intention to start….

  232. I’m going to start….

  233. Not as regularly as it should be.

  234. no i do not work out!

  235. no but I plan to start biking again this spring

  236. No, I don’t, but I should

  237. no and I really need to start.

  238. I regularly attend karate, and I love every minute of it!

  239. I go in spirts, but in the summer I bike to work!

  240. twice a week right now

  241. yoga

  242. I try too but miss a lot of days

  243. Usually 2-3 times a week, but there are busier times when I can’t event do it once a week.

  244. I try to work out a couple of times a week,

  245. I try to get some form of exercise every day.

  246. I don’t work out regularly right now as I had an injury last year and do P/T instead.

  247. Not really, aside from playing volleyball once a week. I need to get back to it!!!

  248. No…no time…but I know that’s just an excuse!

  249. Yep I work-out everyday.

  250. Not really. I get my exercise walking to and from my daughter’s school twice a day.

  251. as regularly as I can in this cold weather!

  252. I don’t work out regularly, been trying to but not successful yet

  253. I excercise few times a week

  254. yes! I try to make it to the gym everyday

  255. Nope 🙁

  256. Yes, go to the gym usually 2-3 times a week!

  257. yes, about 3x/week.

  258. I usually work out twice a week

  259. I try to, a few times a week

  260. i dont really work out besides chasing after my 17 month old. i am currently pregnant with baby #2 so not doing to much activity. waiting for the nice weather so i can go for my walks 🙂

  261. no only about 2 x per week

  262. I try 🙁 I do my best to workout 5 days a week, but find I usually only manage 3 (with kids & work, and sadly, a lack of motivation at times).

  263. I have been really bad about working out this winter. With the snow & ice, I don’t want to leave the house to go to the gym. And I haven’t felt motivated to work out by myself in my living room.

  264. I like to walk 6 km per day weather permitting.

  265. I don’t but I should!

  266. I try to do yoga daily

  267. I work out twice a week since I bought a gym membership

  268. I walk every day and do stretching exercises regularly

  269. I’d love to get a fitbit. Am trying to get back into running.

  270. I work out semi-regularly. My job keeps me pretty physically active

  271. I try to work out 2-3 times per week.

  272. time to time but in winter i feel lazy lol

  273. I have a gym membership. I try but usually there is somebody who needs something done or needs my time. Very difficult

  274. i have an elliptical i use a couple times a week

  275. Yes, everyday!

  276. Yes, I made a resolution on Jan. 1st to workout and so far I have stuck to it 🙂

  277. I aim to but I generally only get in one or 2 workouts a week instead of the 4-5 I plan to do

  278. It’s hard to find the time to do anything regularly! lol

  279. I don’t work out as much as I should but I do power walk on our treadmill a few times a week and I swim at our local gym.

  280. I use to but not anymore

  281. I really need to work out more. I have a treadmill at home I need to use more and I need to get out for more walks and hikes.

  282. I work out three times a week. It’s a challenge to motivate myself sometimes.

  283. I am not an exercise person, so try to walk every day

  284. i just had a baby 6 days ago, so no regular working out at this time!

  285. Not as much as I’d like to

  286. I try to fit in exercise 4 times per week

  287. We are joining our local gym today so hopefully I will!

  288. I don’t work out as regularly as I should but I’m working on it!

  289. No not really

  290. I work out with my 3 year old. Kids yoga. I try to get in a little more of a workout but he gets bored of the normal ones.

  291. I do go to the gym almost everyday. It’s my sanity break!!

  292. No, unless chasing an 8 month old is exercise, then yes.

  293. I used to workout 4 times a week. Past few months my schedule has been off, so I need to get back into my workout rhythm.

  294. Yes, and in addition to Yoga, I’ve added ice skating – inspired by the Olympics 🙂

  295. No I do not work out regularly…I find it difficult to motivate myself

  296. I walk the kids back and forth to school which is equal to 5km a day..if that counts lol

  297. I go 2-3* a week and once to the pool

  298. no but I should

  299. Yes, I do. I hit up the gym at the office every work day at lunch time and do an hour of exercise. On the weekends I go out for the occasional run when the weather is nice.

  300. No I don’t but really want to

  301. I walk alot in a day, but am going to try to start working out at home.

  302. yes

  303. I work out 4 to 5 times a week. I make it a priority regardless of the weather. No excuses!

  304. I haven’t been lately but have just started up again – trying to at least a few days a week!

  305. I try to work out regularly.

  306. Truthfully, I’m not working out right now. My Husband does @ home everyday & has lost over 40 pounds to date!! I started with him as a source of inspiration, like a team and we used Insanity but I have recently fallen off the wagon. I did just receive an elliptical from a friend & am excited to get it up & going. Thanks for the chance!

  307. Just squats at home and walking the dog

  308. I don’t exercise enough – I need to push myself more

  309. Lost all the baby weight in less than a month after giving birth. 21 months later, I have been packing on the pounds and am NOT pregnant! Definitely need to start getting more motivated to get in shape.

  310. Not as much as I would like to.

  311. no I do not work out regularly now

  312. I just want to change for the better and starting out slow.

  313. It depends on how you define ‘regularly’… but, no, not really. 😛

  314. No, winter has left me hibernating as far from the cold as possible so no working out

  315. I got a treadmill to help me through the winter, however, I have been so busy that by the time I come home, I only want to sit and then sleep! I plan to get it going as soon as my schedule lightens up

  316. Work out schedule? No I don’t. My goal is keep moving and keep eating healthy.

  317. No I don’t

  318. I used to. I do plan to get going on my exercise goals soon.

  319. I juts had a baby so no, but once recover I plan to work out

  320. I do, but only 20 min a day. Wish I could do more

  321. no not right now …..

  322. Walk my dog everyday 🙂

  323. I workout at least 3x a week!!!

  324. No, I used to walk the track field at my son’s school until I broke my left foot badly. Now, I need to get back into doing it daily. Thanks! 🙂

  325. I walk daily.

  326. Yes, I do Moksha Yoga everyday

  327. I don’t really work out currently.

  328. I don’t “work out” per se, but I walk a lot and often just for fun and not necessarily to get somewhere. I’d like to do more actual workouts though to focus on some target areas i.e. arms, abs, etc.

  329. I own some workout equipment, but I’m guilty of not using them everyday. 🙁

  330. Just my arms.

  331. Exercise is regular with daily activities and I walk a lot and do house chores to keep me fit and my son always keeps me busy

  332. No, not as much as I`d like to. I really need to start exercising more!

  333. not the past few weeks but usually yes haha

  334. My job is as strenuous as a workout, so yes, I do “workout’ 6 days a week.

  335. I really should work out WAY more than I do :S

  336. I do now! Having a fitness buddy (my bf) helps!!

  337. yes I have a routine I do at home

  338. i am really busy at home right now so that is my work out. i do a lot of walking.

  339. I walk and strech in the pool at t he YMCA. I’m rehabing from a car accident that left me in a wheelchair Im doing so well.

  340. Every night I do Shaun T’s T25! I have been doing it for 6 weeks now! (its been great btw)

  341. No, I know I should

  342. At the very least, I go for a walk. I like to regularly exercise – either the gym or yoga at home. Thank you!

  343. Nope. Try though.

  344. no but im gonna start

  345. I walk every day

  346. I do some kind of workout most days.

  347. I used to excercise everyday to Turbo Jam but a guy hit me and now it has been 2 and half years and still in pain. I miss excercising when I get up. I loved working out to Turbo Jam I loved the music. I look forward to when I can excercise again. Hopefully that will be soon.

  348. No, no I don’t. I should but I never seem to get around to it, usually I call chasing the children around all day my exercise.


  349. no, the best I do is just walking the dog for an hour everyday

  350. no regular workout

  351. no I should but I don’t

  352. No, but I sure should!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  353. I don’t really work out. The closest is wearing my son in a wrap while I do things!

  354. Provided I’m not sick I work out at least twice a week..hope to get it up to three times a week! 🙂

  355. I am at about 3 times a week.

  356. yes,i love to walk every day

  357. Yes, I do workout regularly.

  358. i certainly try to work out

  359. Nope,I should.

  360. Only once a week for a run right now. It is so hard to get outside in the -40 degree weather this winter. I hope spring is on the way soon!

  361. Honestly, I’m not an exerciser.

  362. Aside from lunchtime and commuting time walks, I do not. Need to change that.

  363. Yes, Water workout twice a week and 30 minutes treadmill 5 times a week.

  364. yes, I swim about 4 days a week.

  365. I do not work out regularly

  366. No, life is a little crazy busy right now, but I’m hoping to start a lot of walking this spring.

  367. I get out exercising in some form every day

  368. Not as often as I should.

  369. I workout almost every day

  370. I try to get in as much exercise as I can, but sometimes in the winter, I lack motivation.

  371. Right now I am doing yoga twice a week, so yes (although I know I need to aim for more regular exercise)

  372. No I don’t work out. I try walk as often as I can when I need to get somewhere.

  373. No, I wish I could say that I was working out regularly though.

  374. My only workouts these days are running at work (I work as a RN at our local hospital), and lifting, and lugging, my 15 month old twins at the same time!

  375. I try to work out at least 3 times a week

  376. I have recently started working out these last three days

  377. I don’t workout regularly, but do try to go for walks.

  378. I try to work out regularly, however with a new baby at home it can make it difficult to get a work out in, so then we go for a walk.

  379. I try to do core exercises every day along with stretching.

  380. I have a subscription at a gym but haven’t gone much lately

  381. I work out roughly 3 times a week – that includes running or ellipsing 5k and then upper body and ab workouts.

  382. no i dont i kinda fell off the wagon

  383. I really don’t exercise, but I think about doing it a lot.

  384. I go for daily walks. 🙂 (6Xweek)

  385. My job is a work out

  386. yes, yoga everyday

  387. I do housechores,walking,cleaning toys from rooms and cleaning the bathroom is my daily excercise

  388. I run after kids all day but I want to start an actual routine

  389. yes! at least every other day

  390. I try to workout every week day at home

  391. i wish

  392. I excercise with my family ,we do taekwondo practising,walking,cycling

  393. Only 2x per week; not enough!

  394. semi-regularly

  395. Hello! Thanks for the chance to win! I haven’t been working out as regularly as I’d hoped post-partum! Then again, I had all these hearts and flowers ideas of what having a baby would be like and reality is totally kicking me in the butt! LOL, but I’m finding time here and there and I’m hoping once we’re no longer buried under so much snow, we’ll be able to get out for more walks!

  396. Yes, about 5 times a week, is what my workout routine amounts to.

  397. Chasing a 2 year old counts as a work out….. right?

  398. Only when I can spare some time from schoolwork

  399. definitely not

  400. I work out if I have enough coffee in me, Usually it is about 2 times a week.

  401. Very nice!

  402. In my home, waiting for the weather to get good so i can workout outside

  403. No (hangs head in shame).

  404. I try to work out as much as I can and I guess chasing 3 babies around the house is definitely exercise lol.

  405. I work out usually 2-3 x per week right now due to changing work times!! But I would love to work out 5 days a week!!!! And be able to afford the yoga studio here!

  406. I don’t workout perse but I do get out for a walk daily

  407. Try to. It is a struggle some weeks to schedule the time in. But a quick workout is better than none at all.

  408. no i dont work out regularly

  409. I walk for a couple of hours everyday… when warmer days come will start doing more

  410. Yes, I go running!

  411. I have a Fitbit and love it. I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and love to track how much I work out. I am slowly building up some “at home” items so if I cannot make it to the gym then I can still do some workouts. Not too easy to build up the things i need but i improvise too 🙂 I am glad they are coming out with more of the fitness trackers that do more too!

  412. I go on the treadmill for about a half an hour every other day! That is my workout!

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