Walmart’s 20th Anniversary Giveaway {$100 Gift Card!}


This year Walmart is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its entry into Canada. Over the years Walmart has made it easy and affordable for Canadian families to purchase everyday items and it is now your chance to celebrate with us by entering to WIN a $100 gift card.

Raising a family can cost a lot of money and whether you are shopping for school, clothes, groceries or every day needs it all adds up! I personally know I can head to my local Walmart when looking for everyday items and I always find affordable options. I also LOVE that they always have a good selection of children’s shoes and clothing and their home decor, storage and organization products are also wonderful.

Being able to purchase everything I need in one go and at one store is a big plus for me and saving the time, energy and money allows me to have more time to spend with my family doing the stuff we love.

How has Walmart Canada helped YOU save over the past 20 years?



Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a $100 gift card from Walmart. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: Prize is the sole responsibility of the prize donor. Delivery method is at the sole discretion of the prize donor. Prize is not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize.

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219 responses to “Walmart’s 20th Anniversary Giveaway {$100 Gift Card!}”

  1. Mostly with their low prices on kids clothes and shoes 🙂

  2. Walmart Canada helped me to save money by lower prices, accepting coupons, and price matching. Thank you Walmart Canada.

  3. By offering all of the household goods and groceries that I need at lower prices than other retailers 🙂

  4. Lover Wal-Mart!

  5. They have helped me so many times…especially when I was in college and working low paying. I was able to buy the groceries and basics I needed and still save for other things! Without Walmart, probably 100% of my income would’ve just went to bills + groceries!

  6. Parents choice brand baby supplies has helped me save money and is a Wal-Mart brand!

  7. It saves me a lot on my grocery bill. The prices are great!!

  8. I have 2 cats and I always buy all my supplies from food to litter & treats at Walmart and its always the best value for my buck and they always have everything I need

  9. Walmart has provided affordable food, clothing and household items to my family for the past 20 years

  10. It has helped my save by having lower prices, especially on clothing.

  11. Walmart has helped me furnish most rooms of my home for comparitively less than other stores!

  12. Walmart has helped me so much as I am a single mom trying to survive on one salary. Couldn’t do it without Walmart.

  13. Walmart has helped me save by allowing price matching, accepting coupons and having low prices are essentials

  14. It has helped us with clothes and food and the sales on said items. Makes budgeting much easier.

  15. I check flyers and pick up sale items. I find groceries are cheaper there. Also at the end of the season you can always pick up a few bargains in the clothing departments for the next year.

  16. Definitely their low prices and being able to price match.

  17. I have always bought the kids shoes for school there, low prices and great styles.

  18. They have helped me save money on kids clothes!

  19. by price matching

  20. Walmart has helped me save with their great prices for baby gear, items and clothing.

  21. savings on food

  22. Walmart helps me save with a lot of every day items we need. I find the prices for pet supplies way cheaper there as well.

  23. Their price matching

  24. Walmart Canada helped me save over the past 20 years by offering a great selection of products, frequent sales, accepting coupons, price matching, and obtaining cashback with their credit card.

  25. Walmart has helped me save on so many items, from baby all the way to adult clothing and necessities and the groceries and we can’t forget the pets, plus I love the ad matching no more driving all over the place wasting gas, Walmart is my #1 go to store

  26. Saves our family alot in every day items and clothing!

  27. Walmart has helped me save thousanda by offering reasonably priced kods clothing as well as household items, baby supplies and now groceries!!

  28. I’ve saved so much on clothing over the years!

  29. The always-cheaper price helps me save every time – and with everything in one store, it’s so easy! I even tried price-matching once!

  30. Everyday low prices combined with great weekly sales and rollbacks!


  32. Walmart has helped me save by having low everyday prices and price matching with competitors.

  33. I buy most of my clothes there at much better prices than other stores.

  34. With their everyday low prices on household items

  35. Price matching and everyday low prices

  36. I have saved loads of money shopping at Walmart, clothes for my youngest daughter, shoes, boots, coats, groceries and daily essentials..they are always the lowest price

    • We do a fair bit of shopping at WalMart and tend to spend a lot on medication for the dog as well as everyday household stuff. A $100 gift card would put a little relief in budget. Happy Anniversary WalMart!

  37. Walmart has saved me over the years by offering great products and low prices..I love that I can do all my shopping at walmart..everything from groceries, to clothing and health and beauty

  38. I price match and use coupons that match up with their low prices and have saved a bundle at walmart.

  39. I have saved lots of money on groceries.

  40. Pricing match

  41. Found that for a lot of products they are cheaper then Amazon – use walmart online as no store near us

  42. They have helped us save so much money on kids clothing over the years! Nothing better that save a ton of money on clothing for kids when they grow so fast!

  43. Walmart has great prices on baby supplies which has definetely helped over the past couple of years.

  44. Walmart has helped me save on my grocery bill – great roll back prices

  45. When shopping for a growing boy (who’s 16 now), a very tall one at that….we’ve saved quite a bit on socks, underwear, shoes, etc….everyday stuff. Now with a toddler, we save on lots of baby needs too.

  46. We have saved so much money at Walmart over the years. Its our go to store for groceries because the prices are so much cheaper than any other grocery store in the city!

  47. Walmart has helped me save money by accepting my coupons I use often plus they do price matching which saves me time and money.

  48. Walmart has helped our family with the price match, lowest prices & also by taking our coupons! We have save so much in but also save a lot of time with having so much product under one roof.

  49. Walmart has helped me save over the years by having almost everything I need in one store, so that I don’t have to drive around to get great deals. I have saved on baby/kid’s clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, food, holiday supplies, cards, books, toiletries etc… Their books, magazines etc are discounted from the sticker price, they take coupons, they do rollbacks… I can always find a great deal at Walmart!

  50. walmart has saved me money by allowing me to PM

  51. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years, saving lots of money since they have the best prices.

  52. I buy my staples there they are always a better price

  53. We saved a lot on the snacks for kids

  54. I’ve saved a lot of money at Wal-Mart on groceries.

  55. I really like their selection and low prices on over the counter medications.

  56. i saved on essentials like kleenex boxes and bacon

  57. Their prices are often excellent, especially with roll backs.

  58. Walmart has helped me save money by rolling back their prices.

  59. They have saved me tons of money on cat food. It’s so expensive everywhere else and if it wasn’t for Walmart, it would be a lot harder.

  60. Walmart saved me loads of money and fed myndog for years.

  61. I buy most of our clothing at Walmart, and have bought 99% of my groceries there over the past 5 years since the Walmart changed to the Walmart Supercentre. Prescription, gifts, toys, school supplies, pet supplies, clothings, groceries…Walmart saves me money on everything.

  62. Walmart’s everyday prices have helped me save money on food, clothing and household items!

  63. they always have the lowest prices on baby gear and supplies

  64. Walmart Canada has helped me save over the years by having an excellent price matching policy and good everyday low prices.

  65. They have helped our family over the years by offering everything in one place. From automotive to seasonal to electronics to clothing to household needs to groceries and on and on.

  66. Wal-mart has helped me save by having the lowest prices and offering an online shopping experience with free shipping.

  67. Walmart has allowed me to save on a lot of brand name household items with their low prices.

  68. If you keep an eye out for when items go on sale there is some great deals to be had.

  69. Walmart shopping has cut my grocery bill by a lot.

  70. Toy and clothes for the kids.

  71. One stop shopping that saves time and money! Lower prices against rising costs of the necessities of life.Love the rollbacks,the ability to use coupons and price match 🙂

  72. Walmart has helped me save by offering price matching, accepting coupons and having price rollbacks!

  73. Walmart is the ONLY place I do my major shopping….food, clothes’, car needs…

  74. walmart has helped me save by having the lowest prices on everything in our overpriced small oil town, people on limited incomes greatly benefit from walmarts prices

  75. Kids clothes!

  76. walmart has helped me save a lot of money price matching and coupons i love this store and also like they team up with jason priestly for clean drinking water

  77. Walmart Canada has helped me save over the past 20 years by accepting coupons at face value even if they are above the value of the goods, which I haven’t see any other retail store do.

  78. We purchase everything for the home through Walmart. While other outlets have tried to compete, Walmart has saved us thousands of dollars over the years.

  79. Lawn and garden supplies like our fountain, flower pots etc has savedus a huge amount of money

  80. by having the lowest prices and best deals

  81. Walmart has saved me allot of money over the years and there Dodd prices are really good

  82. They have great sales and I love being able to coupon and price match to save even more money!

  83. Walmart has helped me save money by having the lowest prices around

  84. Good prices.


  86. Through price matching and allowing me to use coupons

  87. Honestly, Walmart is my go-to place. Whether they have the best deals, or they’re price matching other stores’ deals, they’re helping me save tons of money every month.

  88. I seem to save a few dollars on each item for my kids. Like their new scooters that were $6 cheaper than anywhere else.

  89. Their price match, lower prices compared to competitors and use of coupons have helped us save over the years! We love Walmart! Cheers

  90. Love Walmart. They have great sales, but also price match so I can make a one stop shop most weeks and still get all the specials.

  91. by offering great prices everyday!

  92. great giveaway

  93. Grocery and clothes, Price Matching is a huge help! Overage too 🙂

  94. Saved money buying gifts for all occasions at the local Walmart,

  95. Happy birthday, Walmart! Thx Smiley monkey!

  96. Their prices on kids clothes and groceries have saved me lots over the years. Their price matching policy also helps me because I can do all my shopping in one place instead of running around and wasting gas.

  97. Walmart helps me save because it has almost everything I need. I dont need to drive around to lots of stores. Just one stop.

  98. Diapers, wipes and generic tylenol!

  99. Walmart helps me save every week with low prices, sales, price match and accepting coupons.

  100. By always having the lowest prices!!


  102. Walmart has helped me save tonnes of money! It always has cheap prices,,and I shop all the rollbacks,and clearence items!! Love walmart!

  103. Walmart has helped me save money by accepting my coupons

  104. Walmart has helped me save by offering everyday low prices. I was especially happy when they introduced grocery items. Great to save there.

  105. They always have the cheapest diapers in town!

  106. they have a great couponing and price match policy which has really helped.

  107. They have so many awesome deals for food, clothes and household items!

  108. Walmart is my favourite store to shop in they save me so much money all the time!
    I could really use this!

  109. Lower prices at Wal-Mart have helped me save money

  110. They allow me to use coupons and price match.

  111. It has helped me save be price matching and offering low prices.

  112. walmart saved me big time when it came to infant formula. i had no choice but to use it as my milk never came in. thank goodness for parent’s choice and it’s affordability!

  113. Their prices have just made having children really affordable. My favorite are all the cute quality clothes I get for them for so little money!

  114. yes, i always find great deals at walmart 🙂

  115. Walmart has helped me save over the years by their deals & clearance, as well as price matching and coupons. I love Walmart for that reason!

  116. Walmart has help me save a lot of money over the years by having rollbacks and having clearance items. I pick up on these items all the time.

  117. Walmart saved me a ton on clothing and shoes. With three kids it can get very expensive and it helped me save alot on school supplies too . They have great sales and are one of the few stores that takes all kinds of coupons

  118. decorating items

  119. I can shop online plus Walmart offers free shipping.

  120. Love to win!

  121. They have helped me by being a one-stop shop where I know I can get everything I need at great prices 🙂

  122. Amazing deals on grocery items for lunches!

  123. Always has the best prices on pretty much everything

  124. I like how I can price match there and use most coupons.

  125. They have saved me a lot by having lower prices, price matching, and allowing use of coupons.

  126. Wal-Mart has the best hot fried chicken. Not only is it the best tasting, it is much cheaper than restaurants which charge more for an inferior product.

  127. the large baby items like playpens and cribs

  128. Great prices and wicked good selection.

  129. I get my contacts from their optical section and it saves me a ton!

  130. Walmart Canada has the best deals and prices. I also love that they price match!

  131. coupons and price match

  132. Walmart Supercenters have some organic produce that is competitively priced and has created a pricing war between competing groceries stores in the area, resulting in some good deals now and again. Thank you!

  133. Walmart has helped me save a lot on kids clothes and shoes.

  134. I just love shopping at Walmart, I purchase most of my gifts from there as they are so much cheaper, I also do most of my grocery shopping there as they price match!

  135. Wal-Mart really does have lower prices on everything. I love shopping there.

  136. Oh let me count the ways, cheap food, hair dye, makeup, clothing, bird seed, flowers. EVERYTHING!

  137. I love the convenience of having items shipped to my home for free. If there is a good sale I can stock up by ordering online. I also like their price match policy and use that often.

  138. I take advantage of its price matching policy!

  139. When Walmart has the sale items that I need, I will buy several of them and I cannot even get a number in my head as to how much I saved!

  140. I love walmart’s policy of lower price, coupon, & price matching. SOS. Help. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! Show me the money!!! It would be a dream come true & means more to me than anyone else to win. I don’t have much in life. No money, girlfriend, friends, house, life, hope, future, etc. If I miss this one, I will never get a chance in my lifetime to get a fine, fine, fancy , new $100 Walmart gc… 🙁 Starving artist here desperately needs the $100 Walmart gc to shop & eat again. Winner, winnner. Chicken dinner. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest!

  141. My very favorite Store! Thanks Walmart!

  142. Price matching and having constant great deals/sales really help. Love shopping at Walmart!

  143. Walmart has helped me with baby products for both my daughters. More affordable then any other store.

  144. Baby stuff!

  145. Walmart is great for cosmetics, moisturizers, sunscreens etc. Great savings!

  146. I find Walmart’s prices for cosmetics are much cheaper than other stores so I have definitely saved money over the years buying them at there. As well their prices for my two “children”, my cats Nora and Jasper food is considerably lower at Walmart as well.

  147. Walmart has helped me save on every day items for years!

  148. my family saved alot of money and it’s still saving while raising our 3 kids

  149. yes it constantly has great savings and deals

  150. I have saved a lot on my groceries.

  151. I find many cute outfits for babies and children at Walmarts.

  152. They always have great competitive prices 🙂

  153. being able to use my coupons without any trouble.

  154. Its a one-stop shop that has saved me time and gas money!

  155. I have saved a lot of money over the years shopping at Walmart.

  156. saved on pet supplies

  157. Walmart has saved me tons, from sales to price match!

  158. they helped me save by price-matching

  159. I have saved a lot of money. Whether it’s just from lower prices or from their great coupon policy or because they price match or all three.

  160. It’s my go to place for cosmetics. Everything there is a lot cheaper than Shoppers.

  161. My grocery bills are less, and being able to one stop shop is great. The price matching ability makes it so much better

  162. Walmart saved me lots of grocery dollars.

  163. over the years raising 2 boys of my own and a total of 4 stepdaughter Wal-Mart has helped me save a lot of time running around and a lot money with that many kids you don’t want to have to run around

  164. It helped me save a ton of money on my kids clothing and groceries

  165. By having great prices on everyday products!

  166. i always find good deals and sales on clothes, household items and groceries!

  167. I love to price match!

  168. It has helped me save money on so many things. From paint for my home, decor for my home, clothing for my son ..and can’t forget all the toys! So much cheaper and great selection at walmart

  169. Walmart has great sales so I can keep stocked up on Food, cleaners and paper products.

  170. I’ve saved lots of $ using the price matching feature when shopping.

  171. The prices are great and they save me a lot of money by price matching because i save on gas.I do not have to drive all the way to the grocery store

  172. great flyer specials and a super coupon policy. lots of choices of everyday items at great prices.

  173. They’ve helped me save on groceries!

  174. can always get things on sale and many things I buy in Walmart are hald the price for the same thing in another store

  175. Matching other prices, offering great sales, offering all the articles at the same place 🙂

  176. helped me save money with my small appliance purchase

  177. Price matching has saved me tonnes of money

  178. with cheaper prices

  179. The prices are great, but more importantly it has great hours. There have been a number of times that running to Walmart has saved me a last minute trip to a more expensive 24-hour grocery store or convenience store.

  180. I buy groceries at Walmart and I find that baking stuff is much cheaper.

  181. Walmart helps me save by having low prices & price matching!

  182. WM has helped me save lots of money through price matches, awesome deals and the use of coupons

  183. very cheap groceries

  184. Their price matching and guarentee cant be beat.

  185. I bought some veggie plants and saved $. They worked well and just as good as any from a garden centre.

  186. I have saved money on groceries ever since our local Walmart converted to a Walmart Super Store. Produce is always at least 10cents a pound cheaper as well as dairy products.

  187. They helped me save with their low prices and their price match system! Thank you Walmart! 🙂

  188. I buy a lot of clothing from there. The prices are good, especially on clearance. That really helps save money!

  189. It’s handy having a selection of Gutermann threads to choose from when a sewing project runs out of thread or Schmetz needles when the last one in the sewing machine needs replacing. I can walk over to the store, shop, pay and return home and get back to sewing!

  190. Walmart has saved me many dollars over the past twenty years. I go at least once or twice a month. I buy yarn, vitamins, beauty and hair products. I buy toys, light bulbs, clothing, plants, Christmas ornaments, cleaning supplies, pictture frames and appliances. Thank you Walmart.

  191. school supplies!

  192. Savings on grocery items.

  193. It has helped saving money on a variety of household goods over the years from cleaning supplies, pet food, movies and produce.

  194. I can get a few things I need at Walmart for $100. TY

  195. Rugged – dirty knees/wrestling son that is still *GROWING*. Walmart has been the store of choice, close vicinity to our home but more importantly competitive prices and very reasonable. Every 3 months purchasing one of the following : Sneakers/Rain Boots/Crocks/Sandals/Winter Boots….Size 11 already and he’s only 10 *yikes*.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  196. Lower prices and good quality clothing

  197. i love doing pricematching with them

  198. Walmart has saved me lots with diapers for both kids and also household products are the best price at Walmart.

  199. By offering 1000’s of items at low prices and price matching

  200. Mostly with their low prices!

  201. always the lowest prices and if something is on sale somewhere else, they price match!

  202. with low prices on brand name products

  203. The price matching, the roll backs. Having everyday lower prices. Being able to shop for almost everything I need all in one place.

  204. Having low savings on household items like toilet paper, shampoo, litter and diapers!

  205. By having everything I need to buy in one location, with fabulous prices

  206. It’s an amazing place where I can get everything at the best price!

  207. Between price matching and coupons, they have saved me a lot!!

  208. price matching and taking coupons walmart is my #1 place to shop they helped me save tons of money

  209. It allows me to price match, they subscribe to scanning code of practice and they have great prices!

  210. Price matching means I can shop all in one store instead of running around!

  211. Their sales on seasonal stuff is awesome. They PRICE MATCH which saves huge. They have inexpensive shoes. They have great sales on costume jewelllery and plants at end of season.

  212. I always find such good deals @ Walmart…Fave store 🙂

  213. With low prices for food.

  214. with two boys with endless stomachs, walmart has been great with clothes and snacks

  215. By pricing some of their products lower than other stores.

  216. I’ve been buying more of my groceries there and have really been saving money.

  217. les walmart en ayant tous sous le même toit nous évites des déplacements inutiles. Les prix sont très compétitifs.

  218. kids clothing and roll backs!

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