Yoga Jeans by Second – The Most Comfortable Jeans I own {Giveaway}

I now totally understand why Yoga Jeans by Second Denim Co. have been labeled “the most comfortable jeans in the world”. The moment I tried on my pair of Yoga Jeans I knew they were something special.

100% Canadian, Second Yoga Jeans are super soft and oh so comfortable.  When you are wearing them they truly feel like a second skin.  I love that I can go on the floor and play with my son and sit and crawl and do a meditation pose all while wearing my jeans without feeling like they are going to rip apart. 

You know how you feel freedom of movement while wearing your yoga pants or leggings….well, imagine the same feeling while wearing a pair of super fashionable and stylish jeans.

Second Yoga Jeans are specially made to fit and flatter all body types from the slim to the curvy. I love that!  I am not skinny and having jeans that flatter my figure and make me feel and look good is amazing.

I have washed the jeans multiple times already and I noticed no color fading. The material is still very soft and they are as comfy as when I first tried them on. 

Second Yoga Jeans come in three rises, low, mid & high and are also available in skinny, straight and bootcut. Yoga Jeans also come in several washes.  I got their Yoga 65 High Rise Boot Cut Jeans in the Forest wash and they look and feel great!
I really like their selection and the fact that you can find them in boutiques all over the world from France, Dubai, Australia, USA and of course here in Canada.  If you want to try out a pair of the most comfortable jeans in the world I recommend you check out their website to find a boutique near you!

Win it:  One very lucky reader from the US/CAN will get to pick a pair of Yoga Jeans by Second.  Their entire Yoga collection is amazing!   Enter below via Rafflecopter.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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160 responses to “Yoga Jeans by Second – The Most Comfortable Jeans I own {Giveaway}”

  1. Definitely Yoga 42!

  2. I would choose Yoga 20 from their style collection.

    brendapenton @

  3. I love the yoga22!!

  4. Sorry oshanny1976(at)
    Shannon O'Sullivan

  5. I want the all, but maybe yoga 40 to start with

  6. Def would choose yoga 44! LOVE them!

    Alisha D

  7. Yoga 20, but there a lot more that look great as well.

  8. i think yoga 30 or yoga 57!

  9. I would pick Yoga 24.

    tinalee351 at gmail dot com

  10. I would LOVE Yoga 17 the low rise skinny as I have no junk in the trunk (EVEN AFTER baby) and find skinnies jeans to usually be the least bendy and comfortable of them all 😉

  11. Wow, what a collection! It's so hard to choose. But if I had to, I would say Yoga 17 and 45 are my faves!


  12. Would love Yoga 26 plz.

  13. I would choose YOGA 27!

  14. yoga 17…been looking for a comfy pair of skinnies yay 😀

  15. I would choose Yoga 41

  16. I'd love the YOGA 19 – Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans.

  17. Low rise boot cut.

    lilgully at yahoo dot com

  18. Yoga 65

  19. I would choose the Yoga 26 style.

  20. 64 looks good

  21. Yoga 36 is my pick

  22. yoga 37 is nice

  23. yoga 58 is my choice

  24. YOGA 22

  25. I'd choose YOGA 42.

    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com

  26. I like the yoga 26 style

  27. I like Yoga 42!

    artroxy (_) artemis (At) yahoo
    dot com

  28. Yoga 21 in ink:)

  29. pencil skirt

  30. I like yoga80 best.

  31. I would like the yoga42, midrise bootcut in dark rinse. They look ultra comfy!

  32. I like number 42! Wow, that is a huge selection.
    GFC: Mechele Johnson

  33. I would love the Yoga 65.

  34. I would choose the Low Rise Skinny Leg Jeans

  35. I like Yoga 21

  36. Yoga 20 or 22.

  37. I would choose the Yoga 49 style. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  38. I like yoga 65

  39. Either the high rise bootcut or the high rise straight leg, not sure!


  40. I would choose the YOGA 26.

  41. I really like the yoga 26.

  42. I like the YOGA 24 ones

  43. I really like yoga 19

  44. I would choose the Yoga 36

  45. I would chose the Yoga 20

  46. I would go for the yoga 20 – must have a bootcut!

  47. I would like the high rise boot cut jeans

  48. YOGA 26

    High Rise Boot Cut Jeans

  49. I would choose the yoga 65


    belinda mcnabb

  50. I like the Yoga 19

  51. I would choose the yoga 20

  52. I like Yoga42.


  53. I like the YOGA 19 pants

  54. So many to choose from. I'd choose Yoga 19 because it should smiliar to what I currently wear.
    swak50 at hotmail dot com

  55. I like the YOGA 65 jeans

  56. I just realized that none of them come in my tween daughter's size, what a shame. Oh well 🙁

  57. Yoga 65 or Yoga 30. Love em!

  58. YOGA 80
    Super High Rise Flare Jeans. These Jeans are part of our Yoga Collection and when worn, feel like a Second skin! The model in the picture is wearing these jeans in the Recycled wash.
    SKU# SWP1180
    98% Cotton 2% Lycra

    GRANDEUR : 24-34

  59. I like the low rise straight leg jeans, Yoga 21!

  60. I would choose the Yoga 80 style!! i love flares Im not a huge fan of skinny jeans at all lol

  61. I would pick the Yoga 20 because it's a boot cut look and tricks the eye into thinking they are actually jeans and not leggings….

  62. Yoga 26 in InkWash. so cute!!
    Connie G
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  63. Yoga 64!

  64. yoga 20
    Krystal M

  65. what a great collection, they look so comfy. I would choose yoga 65 – high rise boot cut

  66. yoga 22

  67. I would select yoga #64

  68. Such A great Idea! I'm short and skinny waist with NO bum so finding jeans that fit is really difficult. I don't think I could choose just one pair. Does anyone know if there is a store that sells them online? Our nearest store is 6 or 7 hours away. 🙁

  69. I'm torn between yoga18 and yoga20. If I had to pick one- yoga18
    shelly kristianson

  70. I would pick the Yoga 26.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  71. I would pick Yoga65!

  72. Yago 65 is what i would pick

  73. Low Rise Straight Leg in Stonewash (Yoga 21)are really nice. They look so comfy!
    Sherry W
    eagerembalmer at msn dot com

  74. I'd love the YOGA 46, a low Rise Straight Leg Jean in indigo wash 🙂

  75. yoga 46

  76. I'd get the Yoga19 straight leg jeans.

  77. I would probably get the YOGA 19

    Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans.

  78. I'd choose the midrise boot cut jean

  79. Yoga 21, midrise straight cut

  80. This changes everything! I love the Yoga 26!

  81. I'd pick the Yoga 20! Very nice!

  82. I'd pick the YOGA 22

  83. I would love the high rise boot cut jeans

  84. Yoga 64

  85. I'll choose Yoga20

  86. I would choose Yoga 64..

  87. I would like Yoga 42

  88. I would choose Yoga 22

  89. There are so many neat pairs … YOGA 80 looks great!

  90. Like Style 20 from their collection

  91. Yoga 58 or 64.
    Kristina S.
    kristina_ann_scott at hotmail dot com

  92. Yoga 64 or yoga 80. Great giveaway!

  93. They look amazing! Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

  94. By the way, if you ever need some inspiration for going green words, please check out

  95. I would choose the Yoga 26 Jeans-high rise and bootcut.

    Elaine R

  96. YOGA 22

    Mid Rise Skinny Leg Jeans. These Jeans are part of our Yoga Collection and when worn, feel like a Second skin! The model in the picture is wearing these jeans in the Smoke Stone wash.

    SKU# SWP1122
    98% Cotton 2% Lycra

  97. yoga 17 please!

  98. I like the YOGA 20
    Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans. These Jeans are part of our Yoga Collection and when worn, feel like a Second skin! The model in the picture is wearing these jeans in the Dark Stonewash.
    SKU# SWP1120
    98% Cotton 2% Lycra

  99. I would chose the Yoga #22 jeans….thanks!

  100. yoga 65

  101. I like the high rise boot cut jeans. thank you!

  102. I like Yoga 18

  103. yoga 22 was designed for me! I would love to win a pair 😀

  104. I would choose Yoga 20 low rise boot cut. Look so comfy!

  105. love yoga 22

  106. Love Yoga 20- thanks for the giveaway!

  107. I would choose the Yoga 80.

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  108. I would choose YOGA 42

    I subscribe with the email

  109. YOGA 80 – those could def be added to my wardrobe !

  110. YOGA 64

  111. yoga 26!!

  112. i love the yoga 26 design

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  113. YOGA 53 MIDrise capri
    jedw94 at gamil dot com

  114. I love number 30! 🙂

  115. I would choose Yoga 58

  116. I tried the mid rise boot cut jeans on and I love them. Those would be the ones I'd choose. I think they're yoga 18

  117. Yoga 83 High rise slim yoga the Caramel Wash, They look amazing

  118. I would choose Yoga 20

  119. I’d choose YOGA 18, Mid Rise Boot Cut Jeans in the Recycled wash.

  120. I would love the yoga 80 please 🙂

  121. yoga 20 🙂 very nice looking

  122. I’d like the Yoga 24

  123. I’d like the Yoga 24 for my wife

  124. I would choose Yoga 65.

  125. The Yoga 18 are my favorites. 🙂 Thank you.

  126. If lucky enough to win, I would LOVE to have the YOGA 19 Mid Rise Straight Leg Jeans!

  127. I would get the Yoga 26 jeans

  128. I love the yoga 22!

  129. I like the Yoga 64.

  130. I love the YOGA 20 style.

  131. Yoga 18!

  132. Yoga 17

  133. I would like the Yoga 26 pant

  134. Yoga 17 for me!

  135. Yoga 26, highrise all the way!

  136. I like the yoga 19

  137. yoga 24

  138. Yoga 26

  139. I think yoga 30!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  140. I like the Yoga 19

  141. Yoga 28 LOVE!

  142. Yoga 28!

  143. Why have i not known about these before!! I love the Bonita jean!

  144. Yoga 65!

  145. yoga 24

  146. I would choose YOGA 20.

  147. Yoga 53 would be great for the summer!!

    • I just discovered that you can find these at RW&Co!! Yes!! 🙂

  148. February 18-I was wondlering why you moved to Word Press. I don’ t believe that you told us why. i think Word Press is faster . Sometimes the other script was so slow, I pl;ayed solitaire while waiting . Anyway, I’m happy you still have your blog and we can access it.–el03ro

    • Elva, I am glad it is faster for you. I moved because I wanted a faster/more powerful blogging platform and because bloggler is too risky (google can decide to delete your page without warning). Thanks for following after the switch 😉

  149. Yoga 20!

  150. I would choose Yoga 65!

  151. I love yoga 22

  152. I like the YOGA 20, the Low Rise Boot Cut Jeans.

  153. Yoga 19, I think.

  154. Yoga 80 or Yoga 20

  155. My favorite is the YOGA 26.

  156. I have these jeans and LOVE them – so comfy!

  157. These look great and comfy

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