Smart Slider: A Door Handle For Those With An Active Patio Life {Giveaway}


Do you have an active patio life? Do you often cross your patio door with your hands full? We do all the time because we have our BBQ on the patio and we often worry about breaking our screen door by trying to open it with our feet or elbows. Also, greasy dirty hands and a door handle don’t mix.

Enter the Smart Slider, a door handle to open and close a patio screen door with your foot when you have your hands full. Such a brilliant idea! It is also the perfect handle for young children who can’t reach the screen handle yet.

The Smart Slider is super easy to use and easy to install and remove, no tools needed; it also protects and hides the corner of your screen and it is resistant to cold and hot temperatures, rain and sun. Made in PVC, The Smart Slider comes with a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

This is such a smart invention for everyday life friends! If you have patio screen doors then you need to get one of these.

Eric Gagnon, inventor of the Smart Slider



Win it: One lucky Canadian/USA winner will get a Smart Slider. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck friends

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored, however all views and opinions are 100% my own.

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59 responses to “Smart Slider: A Door Handle For Those With An Active Patio Life {Giveaway}”

  1. What a great idea! Iwould love it for my patio door.

  2. So handy for when we BBQ, would like to win it. Good luck all.

  3. Great idea! Need one for my patio door.

  4. It would be such a good idea for my patio door, thanks

  5. I’d love to win on because it would come in very handy for us! It’s not something that I would have thought to shop for.

  6. It would be great with my little animals.

  7. For years I have been wanting something to open my patio door for me. This is awesome!!

  8. I would love to win a Zoupet so I can stop worrying about dropping things when I am going out on our patio with my hands full.

  9. I love to win as my parents need something like this for their sliding door!

  10. My son is a climber with little fear of heights.

  11. This would be great to have when my hands are full and no one is around to assist me. Novel idea.

  12. This would be very helpful when your entertaining on the patio and have your hands full.

  13. The Zoupet is a terrific idea, we need one on our patio door for the constant opening and closing when carrying food, love it!

  14. This would be easier for the grandkids to use as well. I will like4 it when I am carrying a basket of clothes from the clothesline

  15. We also use our patio a lot and find it tricky when going out with our hands full. We can’t leave the screen open because one of our cats is always waiting for an opportunity to escape. A Zoupet door handle would be the perfect solution. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. This would make it so much easier for me if i won.I am disable.

  17. I would like this for when I’m walking in and out to the bbq with my hands full. Also when taking the garbage out.

  18. So handy to have when bringing in bbq from the deck.

  19. I would love to win a Zoupet because we have this type of sliding door onto our patio that has our BBQ and it is always tricky to go in and out with our hands full of cooking supplies, food etc. It would be so much easier to open the door with this instead of having to get some help or trying to balance things to free up a hand.

  20. I could have used this today
    I carried 100 lbs of chicken food and rested the bag on my knee in order to open the door.

  21. I have so many favourites, but I suppose I would have to choose classical to pick one.

  22. this would be so practical for us as we’ve got our hands full with the kids and the toys.

  23. I am always asking my husband to open the door for me when my arms are full but I also think this would be an amazing gift for my mom who lives by herself.

  24. I always have my hands full! What a cool gadget!

  25. Very useful idea
    I always have my hands full when cooking on the grill and having vision issues I end up just leaving the door open
    Which ends up the dog getting out or bugs getting in

  26. I don’t have a patio but it would be the perfect gift for my family’s home- it’s always needed when we have big bbqs and outdoor get togethers.

  27. I carry tray & can’t open the door. Nice idea.

  28. My brother’s patio and grill are right outside the patio door and they have three dogs to fight along with having hands full. A perfect gift.

  29. I love it for when our hands are full

  30. I feel like i am always carrying too many things. Its either the animal, groceries, things for just relaxing whatever it may be. i end up dropping things whenever I open doors, so this would be so helpful

  31. we have 4 dogs and this would be great for letting in and out alot.

  32. this would be great for my patio door.

  33. My hands are always full. I need this.

  34. it looks awesome

  35. I would love to win a Zoupet because it seems useful and practical!

  36. would be fantastic letting pets in and out over and over

  37. Great idea!!

  38. easier to open my door

  39. Our screen door is a pain right now – this would be a little blessing for sure.

  40. I need this as I often have my hands full going in and out through our patio door.

  41. What a great idea. I would love to win because I’m always entertaining on the patio. It would be awesome to have a little help

  42. it will help with the opening of the patio door when I have my hands full

  43. I would like to gift this to my son-in-law this Zouper so he can barbeque in peace.

  44. I like how the Zoupet makes it easier for children to be able to reach a handle to open the door.

  45. 2 kids… this would help in opening the door while holding one of them!

  46. This would make things so much easier when carrying food and dishes in and out of our patio door.

  47. Simply put, it looks like an item that would make life a bit easier.

  48. What a great idea! I’m always entertaining in the backyard and going in and out with trays all the time 🙂

  49. This would be perfect for making things easier when entertaining and bbqs

  50. We eat on our patio a lot, So this would come in handy.

  51. This would be nice when we have dinner on the deck. Carrying things in and out lets so many bugs in.

  52. This would be very helpful when your entertaining on the patio …

  53. We have sliding screen door. It would make it easy to open while holding plates.

  54. wow

  55. I have been wanting something to open my patio door…

  56. …trying to open my sliding screen door, while carrying things is a pet peeve of mine. This is a good review and contest. thanks

  57. I would like to win this because it seems like a really neat gadget to have!

  58. I have things in my hands often which stops me from opening the screen door with ease.

  59. That product would be so useful to have for when your having BBQ.

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