Building Your Kid’s Library with DK Books {Giveaway}

DK books

Growing up I remember having a huge home library. Our library was in our living room and occupied a large wall from floor to ceiling . My parents loved books and we had books on almost everything; we had a selection of encyclopedias, health books, geography books, novels, biographies, children’s book, etc. I have always loved books as well and I would love to build a kid’s library filled with encyclopedias and a variety of books for our boys to have at home.

Enter DK Canada books. We are big fans of their books and I love their large selection of educational and entertaining books for children. Last month we received a selection of books for the boys to read for our last weeks of the summer break and in preparation for back to school. See info on all the titles we received below:
DK books

My First Encyclopedia

Meant for children aged 5 and up, My First Encyclopedia will pique kids’ curiosity and stimulate their intellectual development. Stunning photographs, facts, games, and puzzles will capture children’s attention and make reading fun. Clear and comprehensive content helps develop educational skills and broaden a child’s knowledge. Additionally, helpful parents’ notes are included to encourage an interactive learning experience between caregiver and child. With My First Encyclopedia, children will build knowledge and vocabulary that will stimulate their mind and aid their development.

Both boys love reading this encyclopedia. Filled with beautiful and bright images and lots of easy to understand information this one is a must have in your home library.

Geography a Visual Encyclopedia

Created in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia explores every aspect of our world, from the North to the South Pole, and from the outer atmosphere to the fiery core and from natural processes to human impact. Discover terrifying earthquakes, priceless gemstones, and storms that can destroy buildings. Understand how weather works, what causes the seasons, and the power of water to shape the landscape. Explore life on Earth, and countries and cultures from all around the world. Packed with facts, maps, explanations, illustrations, and photographs, Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia is the ultimate guide to our planet.

Stunning photographs and lots and lots of information with explanations about many things from our planet. A beautiful book for both adults and kids to enjoy.

DK books

Children’s Illustrated Atlas

Bring geography to life and explore the countries of the world like never before with DK’s Children’s Illustrated Atlas. Featuring approximately 50 unique maps of the world that show each country in full-color detail, this new atlas is bursting with information, combining colorful icons with photographs representing key points about each country. Young adventurers ages 8-12 will start by learning the fundamentals of reading a map by using a key, compass, and scale, and will progress to discovering fascinating trivia about all the countries of the world, from the United States to Ukraine and Turkey to Taiwan. Bite-size facts and figures that cover a variety of topics such as climates, population, mountains.

I absolutely love this Atlas. Such a great way to show the world to the boys. Very unique and fun. The boys also love the big world map that comes with the book. Our eldest was asking about Punta Cana in the map as we just returned from a trip there. So cool for him to see it all in the map.

DK books

DK books

StarWars Build Your Own Adventure

A book with bricks that inspires kids to build, play, and learn, LEGO® Star Wars™: Build Your Own Adventure combines more than 50 inspirational ideas for building with enthralling story starters from the world of LEGO Star Wars. Organized into five chapters based on different planets in the Star Wars universe, readers will use their builds to break prisoners out on Cloud City and spy on the Imperial Army on Endor. Model ideas will inspire readers of various ages and abilities, with an appropriate mix of easy, medium, and harder builds.

LEGO the book of knights

The latest must-have LEGO theme, LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS introduces a new world of young trainee knights and their fiery foes. LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: The Book of Knights chronicles these heroes and their adventures, complete with upgrades and enhancements from a virtual wizard! Fans will be able to learn more about their favorite characters and their weapons, vehicles, powers, and more.

Both LEGO books have been so much fun for our eldest. We are huge LEGO fans in this house and he has a lot of fun building LEGO. The Star Wars book comes with a bag of bricks and instructions on how to build the Zin’s Y-Wing. He read the book and spent the next 30 minutes quietly building the Y-Wing. The LEGO book of knights also comes with a LEGO figure and it chronicles a world of heroes and their adventures.

The Disney Book

The Disney Book is a beautiful, visual exploration of all things Disney from the animated and live-action movies to the theme parks and attractions that have made Disney the beloved brand it is today. This classic DK-style book is packed with stunning visuals including concept art, original story sketches, merchandise, a range of movie posters, and collectibles.

As most of you already know we are huge Disney fans. This book is a must have in your library if you love Disney. So many stunning images, lots of info on Disney and all the magic.

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Win it: We are excited for you to start building your own home library for your children. One lucky Canadian reader will win 3 books of their choice (from the 6 selections above, approx $65 value) Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck all!!!

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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90 responses to “Building Your Kid’s Library with DK Books {Giveaway}”

  1. i love the atlas, the geography book and the star wars book

  2. I would like to win LEGO the book of knights. 🙂

  3. Hand down, my son would definitely want the Lego Nexo Knights book.

  4. My first encyclopedia, Atlantis and geography… thank you so much for the chance. These are some great books to choose from

  5. I love the Build Your Own Adventure Star Wars book, the Altas and the Geography book.

  6. I would choose the 2 Lego books and the Atlas!

  7. Not a book in the bunch they wouldn’t love!
    Children’s Illustrated Atlas, Geography a Visual Encyclopedia and a toss up between StarWars Build Your Own Adventure and My First Encyclopedia.

  8. Love all these books, love Lego and a great atlas is so fun and full of possibilities

  9. Ohhhhhh amazing!! Would love this for my three boys and best of all, they each get one. Lego,ninja and Disney..covers all the ages????

  10. I have a top 4 list, but the 3 I would pick if I won would be My First Encyclopedia, the Children’s Illustrated Atlas and Geography a Visual Encyclopedia. The Disney Book would also certainly be well loved in our Disney-loving home, but the educational opportunities from the other 3 would be too hard to pass up – I think my kids would love learning from such interesting books. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Lego Star Wars, Lego Nexo Knights and the Disney Book.

  12. My kids love atlas and Lego and nexus Knights! They all look awesome.


  14. My son would love the atlas, geography and Disney books!

  15. Star Wars, Geography and My 1st Encyclopedia would be my favourites

  16. would love to win some new books for my little guy .

  17. The illustrated atlas looks awesome!

  18. Definitely the Stars Wars, Lego & Disney books!

  19. My kids love atlases! I’d also need the Disney book and either the Lego builder or geography. 🙂

  20. Great selection!

    We’d love the atlas, encyclopedia, and geography book.

  21. I love the Build Your Own Adventure Star Wars book.

  22. Children illustrated Atlas for sure! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  23. The atlas

  24. They’re all great books. I would pick the atlas, star wars and geography book

  25. I would choose the Disney Book, Atlas & Encyclopedia

  26. The Disney one and the My first Encyclopedia

  27. I love the Disney book and my first encyclopedia are my favorites

  28. I would choose: the Disney Book, the Lego Star Wars Book and My First Encyclopedia.

  29. I like Lego Star wars and The Disney book.

  30. They all sound great but I think I would enjoy the My First Encyclopedia, it will be fun reading it with my granddaughter!

  31. disney book 🙂

  32. My girl would adore that DIsney book! Love the Geography, that would be a great addition!

  33. I would choose the Geography book, My First Encyclopedia and the Children’s Illustrated Atlas.

  34. I like the Atlas

  35. I like the Build Your Own Adventure.

  36. I like all of them, especially Geography, Atlas, and the Disney Book.

  37. Geography, Encyclopedia, and Atlas! Great books for kids!

  38. My kiddos would love the Disney and Lego big DK books.

  39. the Lego Nexo Knights book and the Atlas…

  40. I love the Children’s Encyclopedia and Atlas.

  41. The atlas (shhh, I’m a closet geography junkie, lol).

  42. My favourite books are Lego the book of knights, the Disney book and the children’s illustrated atlas.

  43. I would choose Geography a Visual Encyclopedia, Atlas and Build your won Lego.

  44. The Disney Book and My First Encyclopedia look fun!

  45. I kinda like the Book of Knights.

  46. my favourites are: Stars Wars build your own adventure, the atlas and the geography

  47. The Illustrated Atlas and The Disney Book are my favourites!

  48. My girls would love the Disney and Lego for my boys. Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. I love the Children’s Encyclopedia. They all look great though.

  50. The Geography book so entertaining.

  51. The Children’s Illustrated Atlas would be my favourite… I love to travel as do my kiddos, so it would be perfect. I hope to inspire my godson and instill a passion for the world and this would be a perfect gift for him. Thanks!

  52. The Disney Book and The Lego Book of Knights would be a hit in our home!

  53. Love the atlas, encyclopaedia & the geography book!

  54. lego starwars looks like fun

  55. WE LOVE DK books! so great, kid-friendly and educational!!!
    we would choose Lego Star Wars, Lego Nexo Knights, and Disney!

  56. I would like to win LEGO the book of knights for my son!

  57. the lego star wars

  58. Both the Atlas and Encyclopedia would be good to have on hand at home. Thanks.

  59. I love the Atlas!

  60. My favourites are the Children’s Illustrated Atlas, Disney Book, and the Smithsonian Geography visual Encyclopedia.

  61. the 2 lego books for sure, my son loves lego…bonus the one is star wars

  62. My cousin would love the Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure.

  63. My first encyclopedia would be great for my granddaughters

  64. Star Wars, Atlas, and Geography are the three faves.

  65. Disney Books

  66. Smithsonian Geography

  67. My favorite would be Geography a Visual Encyclopedia

  68. I’d choose the Disney Book, the Lego Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure book & My First Encyclopedia!

  69. My grandson would LOVE the LEGO Nexo Knights, Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure, and Geography a Visual Encyclopedia books.

  70. The Disney book is the book that I would be the book I would choose.

  71. My picks are Geography a Visual Encyclopedia, My First Encyclopedia and the Children’s Illustrated Atlas. Thank you for the giveaway!

  72. The Atlas, Geography and Disney book!

    Great prize pack!

  73. It’s a tie for us. Either the encyclopedia or the Disney book!

  74. DISNEY ATLAS AND LEGO STAR WARS are our favourites

  75. lego book!

  76. My favourites are the Lego Star Wars book and the Atlas.

  77. My favourites are: My First Encyclopedia, Children’s Illustrated Atlas and Geography a Visual Encyclopedia.

  78. Definitely My First Encyclopedia, Atlas and the Disney books, but would be happy with any of them for my kids! ♡

  79. The encyclopedia looks great! A great general reference book to have around to answer questions.

  80. My First Encyclopedia and Disney books are ones my son would love!

  81. I would choose Geography, the Disney Book and the atlas.

  82. the book of knights, build your own adventure and the disney book

  83. The children’s atlas for sure!

  84. I love the Geography a Visual Encyclopedia

  85. we like everything lego

  86. I’d like the Atlas, geography and first encyclopedia books.

  87. I would choose the 2 Lego books and the Atlas!…

  88. Wow-kids would love the Lego books

  89. I love My first encyclopedia, the Disney book and the Atlas

  90. How do you actually enter the contest to win? My wife is five months pregnant and I am building our library already.

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