Our Week in Photos 01/07 {Instagram Edition}

Canada Day Diaper

Today we are celebrating Canada Day! Heading out to some local celebrations shortly.  Fun!!

Building towers on the couch

Last week we spent some time building cool towers (on the couch of course!)

Farm Playing

We played with wooden farm animals,

Wooden farm tracktor

and adorable wooden tractors.

baby hugs

Received tons of loving hugs (yay for baby hugs!!!)

Family photo OneSmileyMonkey

and took some funny family pics 🙂

no sun Vancouver

We waited for the sun, it seems to be hiding a lot lately around here.

How was YOUR week?

█ ♥ █ Happy Canada Day █ ♥ █  to all my fellow Canadians! Enjoy your long weekend!

Instagram: (photos taken with the free Instagram app on my Iphone, find me at @onesmileymonkey).

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15 responses to “Our Week in Photos 01/07 {Instagram Edition}”

  1. Happy Canada Day to you as well 🙂 Love the diaper!!!!

  2. Is that a trainer? So cute! 🙂

  3. Such a cute little Canada butt. 🙂 And love that last photo too, what an awesome looking sky!

  4. Adorable photos…love the family shots.

  5. July 2–Love the photos. Your little boy seems so intent in his play. I love how he carries ‘livestock’ on his train. We had a busy family day on the 1st.-Husband’s birthday-lots of family and visiting and offering good wishes.-Now summer officially begins for us. Have a good one.-el03ro

  6. Love the little Canada day diaper:)

  7. Love the cloth diaper!

  8. I so love the Canada trainer, which I could have gotten a pair for my nephew…your photos are so great and your little one is truly photogenic, that kid cannot take a bad photo I’m sure.:)

  9. so cute, maybe they have valentine day ones too

  10. I loved these photos, but the best were the maple leaf underwear, absolutely fantastic. I’ve never seen them before, I’d like to find some of them for my grandchildren in Germany & Australia.

    • They are Charlie Banana cloth swim diapers or potty training undies.

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