How to Make your Own Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaner {Cleaning Tips}

Make you Own Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Did you know that you can make you own non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner with all natural ingredients?

They are all super common ingredient so you may already have everything you need at home!

What you need:

  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • Toilet brush

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl then throw the mixture into your toilet.  Use the toilet brush to scrub away and you will see the dirt and hard water stains disappear. An easy way to get a clean toilet with a fresh clean scent!

Happy Cleaning!


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Angela V

Founder and Writer at One Smiley Monkey blog
Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

92 responses to “How to Make your Own Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaner {Cleaning Tips}”

  1. Hello, it really interesting, thanks

  2. Can’t wait to make this , thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Angela. Have you ever tried the fun mixture of baking soda and white vinegar for cleaning drains? Pour about 1/2 cup baking soda followed by 1/2 cup (give ‘er take) vnegar, down a kitchen or bathroom drain, stand back and watch the bubble action!
    It is safe and entertaining too!

    • Yes, I use vinegar and baking soda regularly to clean around the house. I love the bubbles, such a fantastic natural cleaner! 🙂

  4. I have never heard of using olive oil before. We normally just use baking soda and vinegar and that does great. I might have to try that out. Thank you

  5. I’m going to try this!! Thanks!

  6. I’ve never heard of adding olive oil to homemade cleaners before. I’ve used vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice in different cleaning solutions before and have had good luck. Can’t wait to try this one!

  7. July 3Wow! Never heard of putting Olive Oil in a Toilet bowl! However I plan on trying it to see the results. Thanks for the heads up on this green cleaning tip.-el03ro

    • me too, I’m wondering tho if it will cause mildew to form in there? Do you know if this is antibacterial?

      • Hi Jeanelle, I haven’t had that problem so far. Lemons have natural antibacterial qualities.
        You can always finish it by rinsing some vinegar at the end. 🙂

  8. Good idea instead of wasting money on toxic cleaning products.

  9. Thanks for the tip! I have been looking for an alternative to regular toilet bowl cleaner.

  10. All ingredients I have on hand! Thanks…I will try. I have a respiratory condition and some of the cleaners sold are horrible for me…

  11. Did it work??

  12. That is great. Thank you, I can’t wait to try it out.

  13. I’m making up a batch for cleaning my bathrooms tomorrow! Can’t wait to try it, thanks for the recipe.

  14. I tried it and it work great….wow I am in love with this cleaner, we have hard water and it always leaves stains in the toilet…. Thanks so much Angela for sharing your tips!

  15. Thanks for sharing this! I love that it really does have everyday ingredients. Usually those natural things have things that I never buy….

  16. I’m so going to try this 🙂

  17. This is awesome! I love learning how to make cheap/non-toxic products!!!!!

  18. Thanks for the recipe and info, I’m going to try this, I’m sure it’s a lot better for the environmnent than the commercial cleaners.

  19. Awesome tip i am going to share this with my daughter as well as try it

  20. Yay I love these natural cleaning tips, especially now that little man has been showing interest in using the toilet. I try to make sure it’s clean as much as possible all the time.

  21. can i ask you something do you knw how to get the black out of toliets

    • Sure! Hard water, rust stains? Just put baking soda on top of the stain in the toilet bowl. Then add a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice. Mix and rub the paste. Wait 15-20 min and rinse with warm water. That should do it!

  22. Thank you!!! I can’t wait to try this! I suffer from asthma and toilet bowl cleaners set me off for some reason. This non-toxic option is going to be one I will use from now on. THANK YOU!!!!!

  23. Thanks so much for this Ang!

  24. This is awesome – I’ve been on a streak this week, getting rid of all toxic stuff (even the so-called organic and natural ones that DO have nasty stuff in them…sneaky devils). Thanks!!!

  25. I need to try this

  26. Just found this and I”m so glad you posted it! I’m trying to gradually get rid of all my nasty, chemical-laden cleaners and this is a great substitute. Thanks for posting!

  27. Oh thank you! I have been looking for an alternative to the harsh cleaners. I also read the reply you left about the paste option and I am going to try this on my hard to get clean spots in the shower where I can not get the grout clean.

  28. All natural and it would save money!

  29. I’ve never thought about making my own before! I’ll have to give this a try!

  30. going to try this

  31. I am stealing this one! Thanks for this. I am always looking for cheap alternatives to nasty commercial cleaners. This is great.

  32. Hello, OSM. So simple. I have all of these items at home. I like being able to make something at home that is safe and non-toxic. Thank you, One Smiley Monkey.

  33. I absolutely love this! So glad to have an inexpensive alternative to your normal off the counter cleaners! Thanks!

  34. Omg, you know, toilet bowl cleaner is so expensive!!! This would seriously be awesome and save so much money!! I am definitely going to try this!! Thank you so much for posting!

  35. I am doing this today! Great way to save money thanks so much for posting this I can’t wait to pass this along to friends and family!

  36. Going to pick up some olive oil today and mixing this up to try it on our toilet bowl. Toilet bowl cleaner can be so pricey, this is awesome and is so exciting, Thañks for posting!

  37. I love that this is all natural and non toxic, prefect for is since we have a 4 year old and also, a 14 month old who will be starting to potty train soon. Looks like I will never have to buy toilet bowl cleaner ever again! Thañks so much!

  38. Thanks for the tip, will give it a try.

  39. I have started using baking soda in my cleaning – haven’t used it on a toilet bowl – yet

  40. Out of toilet bowl cleaner, was looking for something more natural. Will try this. Thanks!

  41. I have made my own with baking soda and vinegar but never tried it with olive oil. That is very interesting! What is the oil meant to do?

    • It makes it easier to get a scrubbing paste that will stick to the sides of the bowl and the combination works wonders for hard water stains.

  42. Wow this is awesomo!!!!!!!!!! thanks Angela I will scrub away at my toilets forever and soo cheap, I always have those ingredients at home!

  43. is it safe to flush oil? it won’t clog the drain or anything?

    • We are talking about a small quantity so it’s fine. Besides people use oil when unclogging toilets as a lubricant.
      “If your toilet is clogged, don’t flush it repeatedly. … Mix a gallon (3.8 liters) of hot ( not boiling) water with a few tablespoons of lubricant, such as dish soap or cooking oil”

  44. Vinegar and baking soda?!? I will have to try this. Wow, never thought about making my own cleaner. This is awesome! Thanks!

  45. Thanks for this, I’m going to give this a try!

  46. Good to know for my own washroom.

  47. September 13-I cannot easily believe that cleaning toilets can be so easy. I will try it this coming week as I have ingredients on hand. Thank you!

    • Let me know how it goes!

  48. hate the strong smell of the cleaners out there.. great tip, will definitely try

  49. I’m going to have to try this, thanks for sharing!

  50. I will give this a try, especially as it is ingredients that I already have in the house.

  51. hmm after reading the replies, I’m going to have to whip this up for myself as well!

  52. I must try this out, I hate the staining properties of bought toilet cleaners – already ruined the inside of my cabinet through drips.

  53. I love how easy this cleaning recipe is to make and that it’s not toxic.

  54. I can understand the baking soda and vinegar but olive oil never heard of that before, I may have to try this out

  55. I am always looking for any green cleaning tips I can find, I never knew you could use olive oil in this cleaner, that’s awesome! I use method right now for my toilet but it is so expensive. I bet you could make 10x this recipe for the same cost of method. Thanks for sharing, I will try this next cleaning day =)

  56. This was a great tip thanks.

  57. Very interesting.

  58. Great tip, love to clean with baking soda

  59. I can’t believe I’m just seeing this now. Must try. I’ve just stopped buying toilet bowl cleaners all together and have been wanting a reliable alternative…

  60. Thanks i look forward to trying it out , thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  61. Never thought to use olive oil before

  62. Tried it and like it

  63. This sounds great,thanks for sharing.Looking forward to trying this

  64. By mixing vinegar and baking soda you can make a green version of a foaming toilet cleaner.I believe that home made toilet cleaner is good, just because it is ecologic and more safe, but I still think that professional cleaners are the best ones, just because they not only cleans, but also destroys bacterias and so on.

  65. Wow, I never thought about a natural DIY toilet cleaner. This is awesome! I will be trying this.

  66. I love finding ways to clean chemical-free

  67. The main thing I make ahead is my vinegar & water cleaning mixture (a 50/50 mix). I make a gallon of it, and then just refill my spray bottle with it as needed. Most of my other solutions make 16 oz mixtures which lasts me several months so that works for me. I do keep a container of baking soda that I have scented with an essential oil, so that strategy would certainly work if you wanted to make that up ahead of time.

  68. Now I must put these tips

  69. Thanks for the list of ingredients

  70. Natural DIY toilet cleaners sound so much safer.

  71. Olive oil…interesting will have to try this

  72. I live in a rural area so whatever I use has to be made septic safe and this follows

  73. Wow I’ve never thought of DIY toilet bowl cleaner before. Baking soda sure works wonders for so many household things. So great for the kids that this is non-toxic.

  74. olive oil … interesting will have to give it a try !

  75. I see that I made a comment about using olive oil as part of a toilet cleaner. However I did not do it (life has been more challenging since then) . However, I plan on using this simple cleaner and see how it works. I am a curious person.

  76. I haven’t tried your recipe for toilet cleaner. I have been using stronger chemicals and I don’t like flushing this stuff into the earth or wherever it goes.
    Anyway, these chemicals do not really do a good job so I am going to try your natural remedy again…..I am happy the recipe is still here.

  77. Thanks for the recipe. I need to start fall cleaning and will try it.

  78. This is a great idea and I can’t wait to try this. Sure would save on lots of $$$ not having to go out and buy plus all natural ingredients to make it safe. I have a cat and he likes sniffing everything!! thanks for sharing!

  79. Great tip! I had not heard of using olive oil before. I will have to give this a try.

  80. I don’t know about the olive oil going in the toilet, will it not eventually plug up the toilet, I am iffy on that one, but I do love using baking soda and vinegar!

  81. I use baking soda, lemons, & vinegar for cleaning my toilets, sinks & countertops, but never tried adding olive oil, what is the benefit of using it?

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