Our Week in Photos {Instagram Edition}

week in photos
I can’t believe it is already Sunday, last week went by way too fast! Here is a quick recap of our week in photos (Instagram* photos):


Having my favorite drink that I end up drinking only once or twice a month: Soy Chai Latte, with my favorite little guy.


Watching him play at the park.


Concentrating while he learns the numbers from 1-10. Serious thinking in progress!


A visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.


Seriously, THE cutest smiling porpoise!!


Totally loving the camera.


We got to see a pretty butterfly…


and even captured three together.


And a lot of our time was spent cuddling and reading Curious George stories.

 How was YOUR week?

Now I leave you with a video of a song I am listening to right now, an oldie but goodie: Caramel by Suzanne Vega. Great Sunday afternoon song right there!  Enjoy:

and have a great start to your week tomorrow!

 *(photos taken with the free Instagram app on my Iphone, find me at @onesmileymonkey).

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23 responses to “Our Week in Photos {Instagram Edition}”

  1. That porpoise is so cute! Love the butterflies too.

  2. Great pics, happy Sunday!!!!

  3. Such a beautiful song,thx for sharing

  4. Fantastic photos!

  5. so cute, wish we had an aquarium close to us, my boys would love it.

  6. This is such a cool way to document the week!

  7. June 5- Thank you for sharing your week with us. The popoise reminds me of one of my g randsons. When he sees a Camera, he come over so I can take a close up of him. Seems like you both had a good week and our s wos too as I got to babysit one of my ggsons and his ggpoppy and I watced ‘Chicken Little’ with him.-el03ro

  8. oh how I’d love to take my kids to the aquarium, haven’t been in years – it just costs SO much to get there/back plus the actual entrance fees… maybe next year when baby will enjoy it more. Beautiful photos!

  9. Awwww, love the dolphin! Have never interacted with one before, but it’s on my bucket list. 🙂

  10. gotta love instagram! great photos!

  11. These are really good and in-depth! Nice work :]

  12. Looks like you had a great week! Love the last photo of you and him reading together!

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