Weleda: Discover the Benefits of Infant Massage {Giveaway}

Weleda Calendula

Infant massage has many wonderful benefits, from helping improve a baby’s sleeping patterns and digestion to providing parents and caregivers with a natural way to bond with a baby through the power of touch. In the following video, Patricia Pol, Weleda esthetician and certified baby massage therapist, shows you how to massage your little one using Weleda’s 100% certified-natural Calendula Baby Care products.

Weleda is one of the leading manufacturers of natural skincare products for babies and adults.  Their products are made with natural ingredients that are safe for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.  I have used their products in the past and I am already a big fan!

I started doing infant massage with my son when he was a newborn and I still give him a massage everyday after his bath (he is 1 1/2 years old).  It is now part of our bed time routine and I absolutely love spending the extra time with him bonding and connecting. He loves his massage as well, it relaxes him so much that he has even fallen asleep during a massage before.

I was happy to try Weleda’s all-natural and Biodynamic Calendula Baby Care collection during our  bed time routine and I must say I just love the the entire line.

The Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash is super gentle on the eyes and dermatologically tested. It has a wonderful scent and I love that it soothes and protects his skin at the same time.

The Weleda Calendula Face Cream absorbs super quickly and keeps his skin moisturized and smooth all day long. I love that it prevents dryness and can be applied as often as needed.

I enjoyed applying the Weleda Calendula Oil and the Calendula Lotion after his bath. The oil was great to use during the massage and while his skin was still damp to really lock in protective moisture. I tried them both for my own skin as well and I love how soft my skin was after. Really good for adults with sensitive skin as well.

If you are a new parent or you are expecting and want to start a baby massage routine with your little one I recommend you watch the video above and consider Weleda’s products. They are safe and natural and they keep baby’s skin soft and moisturized.  If you already have a routine but you are using other products that are perhaps not natural I suggest you take a look at the ingredients and make the switch to all natural products!

Win it: One very lucky CAN reader will win a Weleda Calendula Baby Care Prize Pack. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!!

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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96 responses to “Weleda: Discover the Benefits of Infant Massage {Giveaway}”

  1. Yes, we do full body massage and my little girls loves it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  2. I don’t have massage in the bedtime routine at the moment…but will definately be giving it a try!

  3. Bedtime routine includes bath, story, cuddling, and sometimes a full body massage.

  4. We have a routine that does not include massage.

  5. No we have a routine, but it doesn’t involve a full body massage. My oldest still needs someone to rub her back to sleep and she’s nearly 5.

  6. My first daughter was massaged very often being that she was such an anxious, non sleeper! It did help her quite alot to be massaged!


  7. Yes, we have a bedroom routine. It doesn’t include a massage, but we could make time for a quick one if they want (they’re 2.5).

  8. Yes, we have a bedtime routine, however it does not include massage. I’d be interested to try it, though.

  9. Our bedtime routine is to have a nice warm bath before bed and of course reading a story. 🙂 So far no massage but that may change soon too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. We have a routine that we fell into but it’s not a structured routine and doesn’t include massage. Our 3 year old likes to give me massages but doesn’t like receiving them and one month old get massages after bath time with coconut oil.

  11. When my children were babies I used to give them a nice massage with lavender oils, seemed to help them sleep.

  12. No routine really… Just trying to get everyone to bed on time is the biggest challenge.

  13. I did when my son was born, I did infant massage classes with him from 6 weeks – 10 weeks old. Need to get doing that with my daughter!

  14. Do you have a bed time routine with your children? yes Do you include a full body massage? no,l just hands and feet

  15. I have never done a baby massage but it is a really great idea! The only bed time routine that we have right now is reading before bed

  16. Our bedtime routine includes a bath, calendula lotion rub-down, and a story. We don’t do a full massage, but little one loves his lotion!

  17. We do have a bedtime routine, but massage is not part of it.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  18. Massage was part of our bedtime routine until my daughter was about a year. It was great! Calmed both my daughter and myself down for the night.

  19. I did when my son was an infant. now he is 22 months old, no routine really.

  20. When our children were babies we always had bath time, song time and my wife and I always danced with the wee ones to Louis Armstrong’s song “What a wonderful World” every night…sometimes a massage was included but not always.

  21. my routine is a bath and read a book.

  22. We have a bedtime routine but we don’t do a body massage.

  23. Our bedtime routine for our twin boys consists of a bath and sometimes a bit of lotion on dry parts. But, after reading this I think we should try massage!

  24. Our bedtime routine is pretty non-existent. Doing some baby massage would help!

  25. We do have a routine, but not a full body massage….just the feet.

  26. No kids yet, but would love to win for an expecting friend. Thanks.

  27. We do have a night time routine but it doesn’t include massage.

  28. Yes and we do massage!

  29. this would be perfect for my daughter, who is soothed by massage ~

  30. This is a great giveaway. wHen my kids were younger we did the massage thing as well. Really calmed them down.

  31. Yes, we have a bed time routine. Bath, snack, brush teeth, book, bed! No massage, but it would be cool to do!

  32. We do have a bedtime routine, but it does not include a full body massage… yet…

  33. Routine everyday, sometimes massage when not so tired.

  34. My boys are grown but we always sat and read books before they went to sleep.

  35. I love to give my babies a massage after therir baths 🙂
    Also reading and cuddling before bed is a MUST !

  36. We have a bedtime routine, however it does not include massage. I’d be interested to try it, though.

  37. We do have a routine, includes reading a couple of books and singing a couple of songs… no massage 🙁

  38. June 5–My children are adults now. I did not have massage years ago but I know that my granddaughters massage their babies and the babies love it. It must feel so relaxing after a long day to be massaged as part of the bedtime routine.-el03ro

  39. We have a bedtime routine but it normally doesn’t include a massage. I do massage my little one’s back when he wakes up in the middle of the night though.

  40. I do have a bedtime routine, he seems to only let me give him a massage after he gets out of the bath which I use bedtime lotion and it seems to help him sleep better.

  41. just a warm bath and book, no massage.

  42. We have a bedtime routine but no massage.

  43. Yes bedtime routine, massage no

  44. We do have a bedtime routine…i still rock my lil guy even though he will be 2 in july 🙂

  45. love this for my grand babies!!!!

  46. I would love to win this for my niece.

  47. When my kids were young, we did have a bedtime routine but no massage

  48. All my nieces have kids now but I’m sure they have rituals for a peaceful sleep too!

  49. What a wonderful idea for baby.

  50. bedtime routine consists of a bath, massage and sometimes a story

  51. No routine and no massage!

  52. I have never tried massaging my baby before bed, but yes, she DOES have a bedtime routine. I lay her on her back, put her “paboy” (a little stuffed animal) in her arms, cover her in her favorite blanket with a corner pointing up next to her face, brush her hair out of her eyes, and say “go sleeps little girl”. And she always does! 🙂

  53. Great giveaway:)

  54. yes we have a bedtime routine, full body massage? with four kids that would take way too long.

  55. No massage in our routine, but we always read 3 books – we keep it simple!

  56. our routine is a sippy of milk with a book but I haven’t done massage since he was a baby

  57. no routine but i do give him back rubs

  58. Great giveaway any Mom and child would love this!

  59. the routine is not routine but it includes a bath cuddle time and a scalp rub/ oiling

  60. when they were infants it included massage

  61. Our bedtime routine does involve some baby massage, especially in the winter. But my toddler won’t sit still for longer than a back massage and maybe his legs!

  62. Routine of bath, read 2 books and bed at a regular hour, usually. No massage.

  63. No full body massage. I have 3 little ones, and we do the bed time stuff all at the same time, starting with a bath and then finishing with cuddle time in my bed watching some treehouse tv or a dvd. if they are calm enough we will do story time, but it normally takes me a few hours to settle them down as they feed off one another since they are all very close in age (i had my youngest 3 in less than 3 years so its “almost” like having triplets in a way)

  64. No I don’t have a routine at the moment, the little one isn’t quite born yet! But it’s something I want to look in to!

  65. Bath, brush teeth and then he gets lotion applied. Not really a massage though. I use too massage him when he was younger.

  66. baby massage was a part of our routine when our kids were infants

  67. Our bedtime routine is a bath with songs then a snuggle, apply cream while massaging our daughter then into pj’s and snuggle with daddy while he reads her stories then snuggle and feed with mom and into bed.

  68. I don’t have an actual bed time routine that I stick to. It really depends on her mood.

  69. No and No.

  70. Bedtime routine: relaxing bath, book, and I have done a massage to the legs/feet. Thanks.

  71. My baby is due august 10th so I’m not sure what my routine will be!

  72. Would love to win a giveaway:o)

  73. We do have a routine but no massages, I just lay her in her crib and put her musical light up toy with her and she falls asleep 🙂

  74. We read a book, say a prayer…..usually before that, i put cream on before we go to bed and hes always willing & waiting for his turn..;0)

  75. we don’t really have a set routine. we do like to give our daughter a bath before she goes to bed, but that doesn’t happen every day.

  76. I been using massage since the day she was born. I really believe in this. This sounds like this product would be great for her!

  77. No, but I would try if I won!

  78. Yes, it includes, bath, lotion, book and cuddles

  79. We have a bedtime routine but it doesn’t usually include massage

  80. Yes we stick to a routine as one of our children has autism,but no massage

  81. We have a bedtime routine but it doesn”t include massage (yet!). I give her a regular, full feeding, then rock her until she’s calm, and then nurse her to sleep. Works like a charm!

  82. Yes routine and no body massage.

  83. a filly snack, a warm bath, and snuggles with a story!

  84. Our routine involves a bath, some TV, books and cuddles

  85. we usually have a little snack while we read a book after we have had a bath and then once outta the tub we put on johnsons bed time cream it helps relax and sooth and helps the little ones to fall asleep!

  86. Mine is bubble bath, brush her teeth, watch a bit of tv, then sleepie time!

  87. We do… it’s bath time, warm milk, brushing her teeth, two stories, two songs, then sleep 🙂

  88. Little man is kind of new to have a routine but I read to him each night, put in pj’s and always rub his feet.

  89. We read a book. I don’t include a full body massage.

  90. Yes a routine sometimes a massage when they are crappy:)

  91. theyre a little olde now so they brush their teeth and then we cuddle for a bit 🙂

  92. I have a routine; massage some nights! Depends on her mood 🙂

  93. I don’t always do a massage, but most nights after his bath I will massage his legs and arms. Then we read books, he nurses and lays down to sleep.



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