Boston Bernie Snaps the City {App Review}

With two small kids in the house, I’m always on the lookout for new apps for the iPad. While I don’t let them have a ton of “screen time” they do have an iPad for long car trips and places I know they are going to have to wait for a lengthy period of time. We are not big on most games (with the exception of educational games) but we do love apps that have stories and music. They love interactive stories and I love when they follow along with the words as the story is being read.

Boston Bernie Snaps the City is an adorable app for the iPad that features a cute little kitty named Bernie. Bernie is looking to take photographs for his class (especially of big animals). He travels the city taking part in various activities while taking pictures. I loved that the kids were learning historical events and the geography of the area. Since we’re from Massachusetts and not far from Boston, my son absolutely loved that Bernie was going to places he had been before.

Boston Bernie Snaps the City {App Review}

As you go through the story you can click on different blinking pictures and historical facts will pop up on the screen. It’s fantastic. The story really kept my son’s interest. There was one part where Bernie had to sneak into the zoo because they don’t allow pets. This was apparently hysterical. I love watching my son get enjoyment out of learning. The story was long enough to keep his interest without getting boring. I enjoyed it and I think my son would really like reading other Bernie adventures.

You can find and download the Boston Bernie app on iTunes available for just $1.99.

Boston Bernie Snaps the City {App Review}


Big City Animals App Features:

  • Easy-to-use navigation; “Read to Me” or “Read to Myself” Reader Options
  • Eye-catching animations & engaging interactive activities
  • Learn new vocabulary, geography and history with highlighted words and pictures
  • Keep kids engaged in the story with wonderful graphics and music
  • Conversation starters from Informational Pop-ups references
  • Can be viewed offline

Disclosure: I received a free app code to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.