Science Inspired Netflix Titles to Watch During March Break!

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Can you believe March is already here? March break is coming up soon and having a list of educational and fun shows that will help keep little ones entertained while learning is always a good thing.

We have our 4-year-old registered for a sports camp and we are planning a bunch of fun outdoor activities for the break. We also have our iPad ready with Netflix for some evenings and a selection of shows that will help get him excited about science! He loves the Magic School Bus series and Animal Mechanics and I personally enjoy watching Magic School Bus with him and following along as the class explores so many interesting topics in a fun and simple way.

Here is a list of some other fun shows to stream during the break, available on Netflix Canada now:

For Your Little kids:
And Your Big Kids:

1. Nova: Hunting the Elements
2. Cosmos
3. Deadliest Volcanoes: Nova
4. Let Your Mind Wonder

What are you going to be streaming during the break?

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam. All views and opinions are my own.

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14 responses to “Science Inspired Netflix Titles to Watch During March Break!”

  1. Great shows! We love magic school bus too.

  2. I didn’t happen to see Magic School Bus on Netflix. I am definitely going to look for it.

  3. I personally don’t know the Magic School Bus, my grandchildren might though we don’t have Netflix so I’m not sure about that. I do like the idea that science is being brought to their attention at an early age. It’s a fascinating subject in all it’s different aspects.

  4. Such a great show! This was a big part of my boy’s childhood….

  5. We all love the Magic School Bus

  6. We’ll be watching some of these with our grandkids!

  7. We will be getting netflix soon and cancelling our satellite. My kids love these shows and it will cost so much less!

  8. Loved the Magic School Bus as a kid and Netflix is awesome; keeps the boys occupied while I am cooking. Love Netflix for myself too!

  9. Nice! I love that Netflix has all these educational movies and shows.

  10. I really want to get netflix soon

  11. I do not have it but going to tell the kids to look for Magic School Bus on Netflix.

  12. Netflix is so handy for families on a break.

  13. Finally got netflix,now to look around

  14. I miss having Netflix! I loved this show!

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