Can TV shows teach values to kids? Nowadays children are constantly exposed to a multitude of media sources, whether at home, school or when they are out of the house. As a result, kid’s television shows and their favourite characters play a big role in helping reinforce life skills and values instilled in the kids at home by parents and caregivers.

Thankfully when turning the TV and browsing on Netflix, there are a variety of great shows to pick from when looking for stories showcasing empathy, patience, respect, etc. Netflix has many shows that are great and that we love to play for our boys when they are allowed to watch TV.

Can TV Shows Teach Values to Kids?

Can TV Shows Teach Values to Kids?

The Netflix Parent Cheat Sheet above helps you see which Netflix shows help represent core values for your little ones, including the specific season/episodes. Our boys love Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Beat Bugs, some of their favourite shows right now!

What are your kid’s favourite shows and characters on Netflix that have helped shape their values and life skills?

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