Curious Critters Volume Two {Book Review}

Curious Critters

We recently received the “Curious Critters Volume Two” book and audiobook to review.

David FitzSimmons is an award-winning author and photographer who has a unique approach to animal portraiture. He is known for photographing animals against white backgrounds and producing detailed close-ups images that are stunning. Volume one of  his “Curious Critters” series won five national book awards!

“Curious Critters Volume Two” is filled with striking animal photos, including a beautiful butterfly, a Spanish-speaking armadillo, a mathematical moth, a bellowing alligator, a back flipping beetle, and more. Each stunning photo is accompanied by a short vignette with clues about each animal’s behaviour, diet, life cycle and more.

My three year old loves the book and I love that it is educational and he is learning about each one of the animals when we read it, the book also meets all the National Research Council’s life science standards for grades K-4.

The “Curious Critters Volume Two” book features natural history information for each one of the animals, a fun a two-page spread of life-size silhouettes, where readers are asked to identify the animals and a complete glossary.


My son also enjoyed listening to the full MP3 audiobook and the children’s songs,  it was a very fun interactive activity.

The book is available HERE and you can visit Wild Iris Publishing if you are looking for sample tracks and full MP3s available for purchase and download. 

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Looks like a great book for kids.

  2. Love the photographs.

  3. incredibly photography! and it’s interactive, bonus!

  4. The book has great pictures. I know my kids always loved audio books with songs.

  5. What a neat book! My son would really enjoy reading this!!

  6. Looks like an amazing package and one that would be great at inspiring a little one about the natural world. Thanks!

  7. Looks like something the parent would enjoy reading with their child! So beautiful.

  8. I like how interactive you can be with this book. My kids would enjoy it.

  9. this looks great – beautiful photography!

  10. I love these books! The photos/illustrations are wonderful!

  11. My grandsons would be in their glory looking at all the bugs and insects.

  12. Critters come big and small, it is amazing how some help our enviornment

  13. The photographs are great

  14. My grandkids would love looking at this book

  15. Photographs,are amazing my grandson would love this book

  16. My grandson would so enjoy this book

  17. I like how interactive you can be with this book,will make a great gift

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