Easily Sell Your Pre-Loved Kid’s Stuff With Reshopper App

My husband and I both love minimalism. Before having children, we used to say we would NEVER be  those parents with a million plastic toys scattered all over their living room, hooks overflowing with loads of coats and jackets, and a mess of shoes everywhere by the entrance door.

Fast forward seven years, and we ARE those parents. Our house is full of stuff! We have kid’s toys, coats, shoes, everywhere. We have old baby toys and gear in the garage and many things the kids don’t wear or fit any longer.

We hate the clutter.

Easily Sell Your Pre-Loved Kid Stuff With Reshopper App

Enter Reshopper. A brand new mobile marketplace for Canadian families.  The app allows you to buy and sell everything kids easily; from clothes, shoes, and toys to furniture, bikes and other equipment for children.

Reshopper is a marketplace just for parents available at your fingertips. With Reshopper we can list all of the items we no longer need and make money for them instead of having them take up precious space in our home or collect dust in the garage.

It is FREE to buy and sell, and the app is super easy to use. The listing process takes just a few minutes; you take a photo of the item you are selling, pick a category, enter a few details and add the pickup address (which can be hidden if you choose). I listed a few items already and I can’t wait to start clearing up my home.

The images below show you my personal shop and the listing process in the app. So easy to list your unused items.

Easily sell your pre-loved kid stuff with Reshopper App


I love that by selling to local parents; I am giving new purpose to the stuff we don’t need anymore, and other parents and children can use them and enjoy them, creating less waste in general.  And if I am looking for something to buy for my own children, I can also just check the app to see if anybody has what I am looking for in my community.

We may never have a truly minimalistic home, but using Reshopper and selling some of the things we don’t need will help clear our house of clutter and anything we don’t need or use anymore.

Using Reshopper, you can also save money and precious time, not having to deal with waiting for online orders to arrive or paying for shipping. So convenient!

Hundreds of thousands of parents across Scandinavia and the Netherlands already use the Reshopper app, and we can now use it here in Canada.

I would love to see lots of items listed in Vancouver next time I log in. You can download the Reshopper app on your device now for free here: Reshopper and list your unwanted items too. Hope to see your stuff in the community!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Reshopper. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Sounds like a great app!

  2. I need to download this!

  3. Cool! I’ve never heard of this but it sounds like a great option when buying/selling kid’s stuff.

  4. A great way to reuse and spread the joy of toys to someone else

  5. I’m afraid there wasn’t too much of our stuff that was sellable, after 7 children it’s no wonder really. One daughter did save a few of the baby things for later when she had children – stored out of the way in the garage, unfortunately mice found them rather tasty!

  6. Reshopper sound like a great app that I will have to go check out. I love to buy and sell this way..

  7. Wow this sounds like such an awesome app. Kids can be expensive and this would be a great way to save and/or help others.

  8. This sounds like a great app to have, I will have to check it out and tell my daughter about it as well!!

  9. This app sounds great!

  10. It’s free, it’s easy to use, You make money and you de-clutter at the same time!! That’s Brilliant! THANK YOU One Smiley Monkey for sharing!! That’s so awesome!

  11. This is definitely something I need to check out! I am purging our basement right now. Thanks for sharing!

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