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Weeks before my first son was born I created a baby book for him filled with photos, ultrasound pics, photos from his baby-shower and more. Every month after he was born new photos were printed and his baby book was updated. As he grew older the frequency of updates on his baby book decreased and the updates were more and more sporadic. Sadly my second child’s baby book has even less updates than his brother’s! I blame it on the inconvenience of having to transfer and print photos and how busy my life is with two young children, still I wish I kept them going!

Enter the new Life Locket app, an easy way to create a baby book and chronicle your child’s priceless photos, videos, audio mementos and more from your phone, stress-free! I downloaded the FREE app and I have been using it on my iPhone for a few weeks. I LOVE how easy it is to upload my children’s memories as they happen. I am already taking lots of photos and videos everyday with my iPhone so uploading them to the app takes no extra time.

Time flies and being able to capture and archive all of their changes is important to me. Going back to recreate their many firsts, unforgettable events and more is truly priceless. I really like the audio mementos and video because you don’t really get those when you have a regular baby book.

locket app

I usually post photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram but the Life Locket app actually organizes your data by month, and you can then go back to see everything when you access the e-timeline or photo book, you can also share that with loved ones so they can enjoy the fun memories as well.

I also really like their suggestions that are tailored for each profile. I have two profiles, one for each one my children and I get ideas like “Record your baby’s babble” for my infant and “Record your son singing his favourite song” for my preschooler.

Keeping all of their memories in one safe place is wonderful, specially when I can easily go back to see them all and share them with friends and family. I highly recommend you take a few minutes to download the free app and familiarize yourself with it, this app may change the way you see baby books! Remember little ones grow up way too fast and you want to treasure as many milestones and mementos as you can. Visit for more information.

Disclosure: I am part of the Timewyse Locket blogger program with Mom Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. What a great idea, I don’t have the time to print photos and organize them either so this would be great, love that is free!

  2. Wow, this is a great app, something like this would have been wonderful years ago when my children were babies

  3. That sounds like a great app! It’s like portable baby brag book that’s always with you as long as you carry your phone with you!! Love it!

  4. I’ll have to look into it, it’s FREE, definitely worth checking out! Back when my boy was born, film was still the way to go. I’ve totally lost count as to how many photo albums I have, and we hung so many photos up, like a wall gallery. But 16 yrs later, and I’ve had another child….it blows my mind how things have changed. I have way more photos of her thanks to digital “everything”, but just a handful of photos actually printed.

  5. This is very cool. I’m forwarding this on to my daughter who is expecting her first baby in March!


  6. That is one precious app.

  7. What a cool app,thanks for sharing.

  8. I’m forwarding this to my Sis who is due in JUne 3rd

  9. Thanks,this is a great app

  10. MY DIL will be happy to hear about this app

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