My husband and I both grew up in households where reading was a big part of our childhood, and we both passed that same love of reading and books to our boys.

At home, we have a small library with reference books, encyclopedias, and chapter books for the boys to read. We also frequent our neighbourhood library and try to borrow new books every couple of weeks.

Whenever we want to purchase new books, I try to look for discounted books instead of paying regular full price.

Enter   They sell brand-new books for ridiculously low prices. We usually pay 50%-90% off regular prices for any books we purchase on their website.

Purchasing Highly Discounted Books For Your Home Library

Now. What is the catch, you may ask? Depending on a book’s journey before arriving at, some books might have a small dot or line on the edge or there may be some very minor wear and tear (like a bent page). Some books might even have a sticker on the outside cover, but generally, books are in great reading condition.

Because these books might be a little less than perfect, they can pass along those savings and offer…up to 90% off the cover price! It is ridiculous; sometimes, we can’t even find the imperfection when we receive the books. A tiny dot somewhere may be the reason the book is being sold for a discounted price. We love it!

We have been purchasing books from Book Outlet for years, and we have never received a book with a defect that affected its reading condition. 

We find the shipping is also speedy, and we usually get our books within a week of our order.

Purchasing Highly Discounted Books For Your Home Library

Here’s an example of the “imperfections” on the last books we ordered. They are so small and have zero effect on the actual reading of the book part. 


If you want to add some new books to your home library or for great gift ideas/stocking stuffers, I recommend you visit Book Outlet. You can also get $5 off your first order by using our link here. 

Happy Savings!

Purchasing Highly Discounted Books For Your Home Library



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