Vancouver was just hit with a snowstorm that caused many issues a few days ago. Some commuters were stuck in their vehicles for over 8 hours on the highway during rush hour as they headed home in the afternoon.

How did this happen? Snow started falling during rush hour commute, and no salting or ploughing vehicles could push through during the rush hour traffic, so people were at a standstill for hours.

Our city is unfortunately not prepared to deal with snow, so we have to prepare ourselves to deal with it safely, either by staying home when our vehicle isn’t equipped with winter tires or if we don’t feel comfortable driving on snowy days.

Today we have more snow falling. Are you prepared?

Below I put together some tips to help you navigate the weather safely. 


Tips To Help you Prepare for Winter Driving in Vancouver.

  1. Winter Tires: As we have been getting more snow in Vancouver in the last few years, you should switch your tires to winter tires or consider purchasing winter tires. October is a great time to switch tires and prepare for the snow. Winter tires provide better traction when temperatures drop.
  2. Don’t Rush: Leave the house with plenty of time to drive smoothly and slowly during the winter. Avoid making abrupt turns or stops when driving, as doing so can cause your vehicle to lose control and skid.
  3. Use Your Headlights: With snowy, darker days, keeping your headlights on during the day will help increase visibility to other motorists and people. Watch for pedestrians carefully!
  4. Don’t Use Cruise Control: It is essential never to use cruise control if conditions are snowy, icy, or wet. Cruise control is best used on clear roads.
  5. Check your First Aid and Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle: Ensure you have booster cables, a headlamp, a fleece blanket, hats, knit gloves and hand warmers in your vehicle before the winter starts. Same with non-perishable snacks and water. If you are stranded and have to wait for help, having the proper equipment to stay warm can save your life.
  6. Stay Home If Necessary: Is your vehicle not equipped with winter tires? Do you feel like you are not prepared to drive in the snow? Stay home if possible, and wait for the snow to be cleared and the streets to be salted. 

Stay Safe Out There!