roaming reindeer

If you are a parent of small children at Christmas odds are you’ve seen, heard or participated in a certain tradition that involves a helper keeping tabs on your kids for Santa. My children were too young last year so we hadn’t done it. I have however seen the exploits of this helper all over the internet. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it. Honestly, I think the other guy is a tad creepy looking (I’m also not a fan of clowns so it’s probably just me).

“Roaming Reindeer” is an adorable tradition that is making it’s debut this season and an option to the Elf. This package comes with Reindeer 1&2 and their story, The Roaming Reindeer. I think the two little reindeer are adorable. They’re super soft and cute. Perfect helpers for Santa.

The idea of the reindeer is that two of Santa’s reindeer, Gus and Sam, want to help Santa out by checking on all the children in the world. They realize there isn’t enough time for that so they send out two of their helpers to report back (Reindeer 1 and 2). The idea is to be really good and keep your reindeer together.

If the child isn’t good Reindeer 1 will “roam” back to Santa to tell him. Reindeer 2 stays behind to keep watching. I like this idea because it gives children the notion that even if they misbehave the second reindeer still stays behind to keep track. They aren’t left totally alone and can earn him back. The second reindeer can still keep track of their good behavior too.

This is a new twist on a popular holiday tradition and I can’t wait to read the story with my kids this year. I’m a tad afraid of what my son is going to come up with for names, but it will be entertaining to say the least.

As you can see my son was oh so thrilled with getting his picture taken.

The book is available online for under $30 here:

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