I am out of the house with my 3-year-old everyday and we are always on the go at a playground, play-gym, Science Center, a friends house, etc. I rarely have a spare moment to sit down and make a long phone call, so waiting for somebody to pick up the phone is usually too long and I try to not make phone calls when I am out.

If you need to reach me when we are out, a quick text message is all I have time for! It’s the same way if I need to call a hair salon to book an appointment for a hair-cut or perhaps a local restaurant to schedule a reservation. I rarely have the time to talk on the phone uninterrupted!

Enter TalkTo! This amazing new app allows you to text local businesses to check availability of products, pricing, book appointments and more. All with a simple and quick text message, you will then get a text response back within minutes! No need to make a call, no need to wait on hold anymore.

My child is a light sleeper and talking on the phone while he sleeps is usually not possible when I am at home. Having an app on my phone that allows me to book appointments, make reservations and ask questions to local business by sending a text message is such a life-saver.

Today we wanted to go to a restaurant and instead of calling the restaurant to ask if they had a vegetarian menu and to make a reservation I Β did it all via text msg. All without having to make a phone call!


The TalkTo app is available for Apple and Android devices and it is FREE to download.Β Avoid time-wasting calls. Now you can text any local business in the US or CAN for pricing and availability, reservations, and appointments using TalkTo.

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Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post. All opinions are my own.