Native Shoes {Review}

Native Shoes you absolutely stole my heart with the Miller Children’s printed shoe in 80’s Lil Doodle/Fire Red.  As soon as my son put them on I was in love…I mean I already love the kid but put him in sweet little man shoes and I was a puddle!  Look at him–you have to admit he looks super stylin’ in these shoes, right?


NativeShoesFor me as mom of two boys it is pretty special when I find a company that has GREAT stuff for boys and with Native it doesn’t feel at all like the boys lines were a second thought. Their boys shoes RAWK!!!! I feel like every mama of boys should know about them! The Miller shoe comes in solid, two-tone and patterns for boys and girls. The sneaker styling is a little bit hipster in all the right ways. The loafer styled Howard are really rad as well and I could totally see my sons wearing them!

I just love when my sons suddenly find their shoes ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘too hard to put on’. No worries with these shoes,  Bug loves wearing them because they are super comfy and easy to pop on and off.  Its kind of like someone has been spying on my family and realizes the DAILY struggle to get out the door and heaven help me footwear plays a big part of that.  A million-trillion thank yous to you Native for knowing the struggle and creating something wicked that my boys will wear-no complaints.

Native also gives me a warmNativeShoes squishy feeling with all the Do-Goodery  they are spreading around-BPA free, low emission manufacturing process, no animal by-products and they are made of EVA…but what the heck is EVA, right?  Well the answer to that and more can be found on their FAQ page (which is way wittier than most FAQ pages).

EVA is the common name for ethylene-vinyl acetate. These weird words translate into a feeling of cool and cushy freedom for your feet. Think of EVA as the marshmallow that never melts; the spring in your step. The natural characteristics of the material make it great for footwear because it molds to your feet. It’s also incredibly lightweight, shock absorbent, washable, waterproof, and odor-resistant. All Native shoes are also animal by-product free. We’re friends with animals, aren’t you?

To top it off they are founded in Vancover, BC–can I have a WOOHOO on that one? I love to buy from Canadian companies!  $35.00USD is pretty reasonable in my opinion for a cute and functional shoe and I see at the top of their website they have a 10% deal if you sign up for their newsletter, which could be totally worth it if ordering a few pairs!


Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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14 responses to “Native Shoes {Review}”

  1. My son had been needing some new shoes, and these look really nice and comfortable.

  2. My kids would love Native Shoes. They look so well made and they do look very comfortable.

  3. Love the look of Native shoes……and the Jefferson Kids Glass Green/ Bananas Yellow is probably my favorite color combo!

  4. I must say I really like the comfy look they have

  5. I can see why this Mother loves Native shoes for her two boys. They are stylish, comfortable and relatively inexpensive.
    Then add the fact that they are easy to put on and take off and you can easily see the difference , time-wise, when children do not need help with this task.-Less stressful as well.

  6. I love the fact that this firm was founded in Vancover, BC. I’m always glad to read things like that. 🙂 These shoes sound really comfortable and the fact that kids can put them on and take them off on their own is a huge plus point for me.

  7. Love the 6-month warranty against any manufacturer defect in materials or workmanship!

  8. these are the coolest shoes ever would love to get a pair for my grandson ! thanks for the great review !

  9. Those are some funky cool designs. Definitely a fun way for kids to show off their personalities

  10. Those are very styling shoes, love the look.

  11. These shoes look awesome! They look super comfy too.

  12. I love the blues ones with the yellow sole,look so comfy

  13. Oh my goodness those are the cutest shoes.

  14. These shoes look so comfy, didn’t know about this brand before, thanks for mentioning them on your blog, will look for them!

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