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April’s Oral Health Month is the perfect to time for our family to check out some new products to add to our oral care routine.  Carry Clean and Tom’s of Maine sent us products for the whole family to put to the test.  We were also sent Mouth Kote and Lypsyl to address two common but sometimes forgotten mouth ‘issues’,  dry mouth and cold sores.  This little family is up for the challenge!

First off, I didn’t know a whole lot about Tom’s of Maine as a company.  I have tried their products but never really thought much about the company or their commitment to community.  I was pleasantly surprise to know Tom’s of Maine has been in the natural oral and personal care business for nearly 45 years and that they give back 10% of their profits to environment and humanity organizations.  Also Tom’s employees are able to use 5% of their paid work time volunteering for the nonprofit organization of their choice. How cool is that?  It makes you feel good supporting a company that cares.

Next up we went into ‘testing phase’ which is no big deal for us because oral hygiene is HUGE at our house!  My boys race to the bathroom at night to be the first one to get their teeth brushed.  I help both of them out to make sure no surface is left unbrushed!  Carry Clean sent us bright, colourful kids toothbrushes with suction cups on the base which have been wildly popular with the boys!!!

 photo P1080043_zpsm27q9qpr.jpgWe were also sent Tom’s of Maine new natural Toddler Training Toothpaste which has just hit the shelves here in Canada last month.  It is a gentle and effective toothpaste for babies aged 3-24 months.  It is made with ingredients derived from plants and minerals.  Since it is meant for use on babies as soon as their little tooth start popping through it is nice to know that it is safe if swallowed.  We will be passing this on to friends who just had a baby a few weeks ago and I know his mama will appreciate that it has a very mild fruit flavour and a no-mess nuzzle.  Although, she does also have a toddler so I would LOVE to see that no-mess nuzzle really put to the test.

 photo 8f50e93b-a1ed-4d74-b5bb-ccfbcc254538_zpsotpoinc1.jpg
The new Toddler Training Toothpaste rounds out the Tom’s of Maine Oral Care line up of products made of every member of the family from baby-toddler, children and of course adult, including whitening and sensitive pastes.  My boys have been enjoying the Silly Strawberry children’s toothpaste (ages 3-7).

I also received the Carry Clean’s travel toothbrush and interdental piks.  I had braces a few years back and liked using this style of pik.  I would have really loved to have this as a travel set in purse or at work, it would have been so handy for a quick after lunch brush and go.

 photo P1080039_zps3vrlok8e.jpg Lastly, I was sent Mouth Kote for dry mouth and Lypsyl’s Extreme Cold Sore Relief.  Thankfully, I do not suffer from either dry mouth or cold sores but I know how miserable they both can be so I want to make sure to bring attention to them for those of you that do.  Here is the blurb they sent me to go with:

“Don’t forget the rest of your mouth! Two other concerns that plague the average mouth are cold sores and dryness. Dry mouth effects 1 in 5 Canadian adults and can be easily relieved with Mouth Kote. With the ease of a simple spritz, your mouth can stay moisturized with this patented natural formula for as long as 5 hours. Afflicted by cold sores? Avoid embarrassing blemishes and pain with Lypsyl’s Extreme Cold Sore Relief. It possesses a natural healing complex, which combines their signature pure, moisturizing Swedish Beeswax with the benefits of zinc, lysine, and cleansing Propolis”

If you do experience dry mouth or cold sores and have tried either of these I would love to hear your thoughts on them to share with others!

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.