piano classes

Confession: we’ve had a piano sitting in our living room since before our daughter was born. My husband and I both value music and the process of learning to play an instrument. That being said, we like to let our daughter, Ama, choose her classes and activities. Until this point, she’s simply been too interested in dancing, skating and swimming to be excited about music lessons. Consequently, our piano’s role in life has been reduced to a existing as bulky shelf.

For the last few weeks we have been trying out piano lessons online at Hoffman Academy and it has worked out very well for us. The lessons run about 5-15 minutes long and are all easily accessed online from any computer or tablet. The length of the lessons is ideal. You get the sense that your child learned something but they don’t get bored or overwhelmed.


It’s clear that Hoffman is no stranger to teaching young ones. The lessons are intertwined with stories, games and visuals to help simplify learning. In fact, although the lessons are targeted to children, my husband managed to pick up a few things that were not as clearly explained in his beginner private lessons and he’s even learned a few songs.

If piano lessons are something you’ve yet to fit into your schedule or you want a really no fuss, no pressure way to teach your child, I think the Hoffman Method is the best tool for the job.

Disclaimer: you will probably have the song of the day drilled into your head on repeat. They’re catchy and cute. But at least you’ll have a temporary break from Frozen’s “Let it Go.”

All HoffmanAcademy.com video lessons are free for anyone to watch, but they charge for the materials, which can be downloaded and printed from home. Visit their website for more details and information on how to get started with their piano lessons today.

Disclosure: I was given a gift code to access the site, however all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.