AR For Her: ZipStick Charger Panic Alarm {Review}

Zipstick Charger

Zipstick Charger

Here is a question I have never pondered, can tech products be stylish and feminine?  AR for her is filling a gap in the tech sector by proving that yes we can have pretty and functional. They carry the cutest purse-shaped mid-sized Fashion Bluetooth speakers, which has a whopping 15 hour battery life.  They also have the nice petite Mini Flower speaker which is small and lightweight enough to pop in your purse. Everything has fun styling as well as having the power and quality that we women expect in our tech gear. I don’t want to settle in sound, quality or performance just to have something be more feminine or cute–and I don’t expect that you would either!

Zipstick Charger

I was offered the opportunity to try out the Zipstick with Panic Alarm. It is a backup power/charger with a flashlight AND a panic alarm all rolled into one sweet little package.  The Zipstick comes in white or black with a quilted, diamond pattern or a polka dot or a sleek matte finish black. I was pretty excited to try out the polka dot one….but I got sent a boring non-girly red and white one. It has all the same features as the ZipStick just not the styling.

Zipstick Charger

At any rate after my initial “Aw that kinda sucks” moment, I tore into the packaging and gave it a try.  First me and my assistants (nothing gets tested without two little helpers getting in the way helping out) all piled into my pantry as it is pitch dark with the door closed. After a few cozy moments trying out the flash light I can say it is not super bright like a full sized flash light but it will do in a pinch!  We also used it as we walked to the school in the dark for movie night, again we ended up using another flash light as well.  I would say that in an emergency situation or to use it to find your keys and unlock your car in a dark parking lot it would be great.  The size of it means it can always be on hand in your purse ready to go, no matter the situation.

Zipstick Charger

Next to test was the optional panic alarm.  I got everyone to cover their ears and flicked the switch. I would say it was loud enough to deter a would be bad guy but not obnoxiously loud if your preschooler say accidentally turned it on in the Starbucks line up, just as an example.  A totally random, not necessarily drawn from life example. It would be just enough to freak out a robber/pervert and maybe draw some attention to a negative situation.

Lastly, I tried out the backup power charger which is fast and could really potentially be a lifesaver.  It lets you charge your Apple and Android device on the go.  You will need to have your devices cord with you to connect to the charger which I will admit I rarely have with me on a day to day basis.  I have one when I travel and I have one in my car but I have now added one to my purse as well.  I think this was my favourite feature that I could see myself using on a consistent basis AND it would be handy if I were lost in the woods or something equally scary and needed just a little more power to get a call out to the heroes to come rescue me.  Not sure who I am kidding, I am scared of the woods and can’t imagine myself going deep enough in to get lost.  Maybe if I tripped on the lower walking trail near my houseZipstick Charger and sprained my ankle I could get a call out to hubby to come limp me home.  That is a scenario I could actually see playing itself out.

It is nice that the ZipsStick itself is very easy to recharge and it is ready use again lickety-split.  To recharge just connect the ZipStick itself with a short cord to your computer and it charges quickly.

Here’s all the features:

  • Features runway-inspired designs including playful polka dots and white tufted patterns for the always on-the-run woman
  • Fast charging and backup power wherever you go, giving you a boost when you need it most
  • Integrated panic alarm alerts others around you when you find yourself in danger
  • High-performance 2200 mAh UL listed Lithium ion battery delivers high efficiency output for fast charging
  • Small compact design allows ZipStick to easily fit into pocket, purse or briefcase
  • Compatible with all Apple and Android phones and any USB-charged devices
  • Built-in LED flashlight to assist in darkconditions
  • Choose a color to match your style: black quilted, white quilted, black matte and cayenne polka-dot
  • Price: $29.99 (without siren) $34.99 (with siren)

 photo f3ad881f-920d-41db-839b-42c39add5a28_zpsgsuu4lmv.jpgAll in all, although not the brightest flashlight or the loudest panic alarm I LOVE that it is a little of everything all rolled into one tidy package.  I like having it in my purse for day to day use.  I have even gotten over the fact that it is not polka dotted, because it is handy and in the case of a genuine emergency I have three important lifesaving tools on hand.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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  1. I like the polka dot one. It’s nice that it has a charger on it too.

  2. Hey this is pretty cool, I want one!

  3. This is really neat,would love to one

  4. This would come in very handy!

  5. I really like that its small enough for pocket or purse

  6. In an emergency this would be very useful. I also like the fact that it’s small, something you can tuck in your purse and forget about until needed. The fact that it’s also attractive and has more than one function is pretty neat too.

  7. Oh that sounds like it’ll be perfect for us when we go on long hikes! Our phone batteries are always running low.

  8. I love that its so small that it will fit into my purse easily. 🙂

  9. I love that it’s small enough to keep in your purse!!

  10. I think this is a wonderful item for any woman to have. I would like to have one for all my granddaughters to help keep them safe now that so many of them are on their own. Kudos to the person(s) who developed it.

  11. Another cool gadget for the purse

  12. This is very, very handy! I definitely want one of these!

  13. I like the size,easy to carry in your pocket or purse

  14. I think every girl and woman should have one in her purse. This would be so good in any emergency and could also frighten off a stalker or worse. Thank you for telling us about it.Something to think about for a granddaughter.

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