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I have a confession to make, I used to hate vacuuming. I know what your thinking, no one really likes to vacuum, but I mean I used to HATE it. It’s awkward, you’ve got to move furniture around and if you’re not constantly tripping over the cord, your vacuuming over it. And then, there’s stairs, don’t even get me started on the stairs. I just despise carrying a heavy vacuum up and down them while trying to awkwardly vacuum them. Enter in the Hoover Air Cordless Upright Vacuum and this past week my dislike of the common household chore has come to an end.

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The first thing that really stood out for me was the way the vacuum was packaged. The vacuum itself was contained in two boxes, the first box held everything together and the second box was like a mini display. Your vacuum was viewable from the box and as you pulled down the front panel it contained instructions and all the accessories that came with the vacuum, including the two most important ones, the batteries.

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Batteries, my friends, this vacuum runs on batteries! This means no tripping over the cord and most certainly no vacuuming over it! Hallelujah! The Hoover Air Cordless Upright Vacuum is powered by two extended run time LithiumLife batteries. Before firing up the vacuum I was a bit leery to how powerful it would be, but there was no slowing it down. Hoovers exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology was in full force, with 3 channels of suction there was no pet hair left behind in my carpet! While only one battery is required to run the vacuum at a time the two batteries combined will give you approximately 50 minutes of fade free power cleaning to both carpets and hard floors. My townhouse is about 1800 square feet and I had plenty of life left in my batteries while vacuuming top to bottom (stairs included). The batteries have a battery level indicator on them, so you know how much of a charge you have left as your vacuuming, making it easy to ensure it doesn’t die mind job on you.

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Let’s talk about those stairs for a second. Living in a three level townhouse I want something that is not only easy to use on the stairs but is light to carry. It’s like Hoover was listening to me cursing every time I vacuumed our place when they designed the Air Cordless Upright Vacuum. Not only is this vacuum sleek and light weight looking, it really is light weight! Weighing in at a whopping 9.9 lbs, it makes vacuuming the stairs a dream. Not only is it light it feels like you’re pushing a feather around, as it just seems to glide across your carpet. The steering capabilities completely  blew me away, especially when vacuuming my daughters room. It twisted and turned navigating its way around all the furniture with ease.

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The vacuum comes equipped with all the necessities to clean your house from top to bottom. Including a a removable cleaning wand to clean hard to reach places and furniture. The vacuums filter is reusable and by rinsing it under running water every month or two it will help maintain the vacuums power. The dirt cup is just over 1 liter in capacity, meaning it needs to be emptied less frequently. Last but not least a simple on and off switch allows you to switch from vacuuming carpet to hard floors with ease.

It’s amazing how just removing something as simple as a cord can change the way you feel about vacuuming. I have a funny feeling their might be a few fights in our house over who gets to vacuum these days.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.