Learning Through Play with Osmo (20% Off At Indigo Next Week!)

Now more than ever, I have been looking at getting interactive learning products for the kids to play with at home. One of our favourite interactive play companies is Osmo. They have the best learning games, and we are big fans. Osmo merges tactile exploration with innovative technology, actively engaging children in the learning process.

Indigo is having a sale next week, featuring Osmo as their STEM Online Deal of the Week, from August 24th to August 30th. If you have been looking at getting Osmo products, I recommend you mark your calendars and check the sale out next week. You can visit the Indigo website to get 20% off Osmo products starting Monday. 

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Our friends at Osmo sent us some fun kits to check out, and the boys have been enjoying learning and playing with these. I am a fan of using technology as a learning tool, and this is just what Osmo games do. The boys are also really excited about coding, and these games make it fun to get started. 

Here are the sets we got:

Little Genius Starter Kit

Engage your preschoolers with four award-winning, hands-on learning games from Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit. Foster creativity, social-emotional intelligence, and STEAM skills in your little genius with these fun educational games. Fun-filled & award-winning learning games that interact with actual handheld pieces & an iPad, bringing a preschool.

Our thoughts: My youngest has been having lots of fun practising his letters, playing with the interactive Stories app, and creating fun characters with the Costume Party app. Lots of tactile, hands-on learning fun in this kit. It also comes with the base, so you get everything you need as a first time user. 

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Coding Awbie

Explore the coding world and learn how to control animated characters with Osmo’s Coding Awbie. Use code to go on an epic, open-ended adventure with Awbie, an animated fellow who loves delicious strawberries. It’s a great way to learn about coding and have fun at the same time. Program Awbie’s every move using our hands-on coding blocks.

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Coding Jam

Make your own music using tangible coding blocks with Osmo Coding Jam! Your kids can jam to some cool music, learn coding fundamentals, and then share the tracks with friends and family. With Osmo Coding Jam, place tangible blocks into patterns and sequences (Coding), to enter exciting way-out worlds, where characters can be controlled, along with music they perform, to rock the house. It’s easy to compose groovy tunes by arranging the blocks.

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Learning Through Play with Osmo

Our thoughts: The boys are both really excited about coding, they use Scratch on the computer, and having the Coding Awbie and Coding Jam games has been a great addition to their learning. They love that they can create patterns, follow storylines, and control characters with the blocks, and of course, make super fun sounds and songs when using Coding Jam.

These kits are the perfect fun and interactive way to introduce children to coding. You will need the Osmo base to play both of these games so ensure you have that before ordering. You also need an iPad or Amazon Fire to be able to use the base/games.

If you have been waiting to get an Osmo game, then this is the perfect time to order. Be sure to get your 20% discount from Indigo next week!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Osmo. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. This looks really complicated to me, but I bet my grandson would get it in no time.

  2. This is pretty cool helps the kids to code and looks like fun while doing it, I don’t know much about this, but I’m sure the kids would have no problems at all doing this

  3. Looks like a great fun and educational tool for home based learning. Is amazing watching kids work technology out.

  4. They carry so many fun and educational activities. Love that website.

  5. This is such an interesting device. I love that it combines my daughter’s love for technology with educational activities.

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