philips click & style
By Contributor Tennille Fraser

I am excited we have the opportunity to try the Philips Click & Style. Why am I so excited?  Let’s just say my hubby is a wee bit hirsute, in a manly, rugged way.  I find it sexy but there have been times when I just had to say “Dude I really need to trim that rogue eyebrow hair for you.  I haven’t heard a word you just said because I have been staring into the eyebrow of Mordor.”

So to recap, I find hubby hot, weird crazy hairs-NOT.  When I got the opportunity to test the Click & Syle I was giddy with excitement.  I could manscape my husband with a reason, I have to write a post.

So the groomer arrived and I was impressed that the packaging was all made of easily recyclable  content.  The inside protective parts were moulded cardboard, way nicer than yucky styrofoam.  Philips your environmental awesomeness is duly noted.

Hubby and I tried all the different attachments out.  Hubby said that the shaver head worked pretty good but wouldn’t give him a close enough shave for work…..and now you wonder what he does for work, don’t you?  He is a firefighter and it is important for him to have a very clean shave on his face to ensure that is breathing apparatus fits snuggly.  The downside to all this close shaving is a case of razor burn, so it is not necessarily a negative that it is not a super close cut. His face gets extremely sensitive by his fourth day of work so he is happy to be able to use the shaver to look presentable, quickly without the razor burn.  It is so easy and quick to use he can even do a touch up if needed at night.  I would like to note that I felt his face after he shaved and I thought it felt pretty good for a day to day shave.

philips click & style

Next up we tried the grooming attachment.  I love that there are multiple settings to be able to keep body hair from getting unruly.  Chest hair can be okay if it is tidy.  Nobody wants to see what looks like a muppet crawling out of the top of your shirt.  We tinkered around with these and found them to work great and get the job done, well.

Hubby did not use the ‘perfect stubble’ attachment as he is not able to grow any length of beard for his work.  The head has multiple settings for length to keep facial hair groomed and neat.

philips click & style

Did I mention it is waterproof?  It is so handy to be able to do a quick trim in the shower and be ready to go.  It is rechargeable and comes with a handy storage bag to keep all the attachments in one place.  I think it would be really easy to travel with as well.

I loved that the price was very reasonable for everything that you get, a razor, a body groomer, and facial hair groomer.  Imagine not having to spend a small fortune to buy razor blades every month!  This would make a great gift for a son or husband.  And isn’t a well groomed man a gift to us as well ladies???

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Tennille Frasser is mom to two busy little boys.  She blogs about family, food and ways to save money at Frugalista Mamas.