First Day of School Memories

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I have great memories of getting ready for the first day of school at the beginning of each school year when growing up, I clearly remember the excitement of back to school shopping, heading to the store with my parents to pick up a new backpack, lunchbag, notebooks, new colouring pencils, pens and everything else we needed for school.

Our school used to send lists of textbooks and supplies required for the year and I was always so happy to go home and sort through all the supplies to get my backpack ready in anticipation of the first day of school. Makes sense as I have always been a big nerd at heart, I am totally the girl who loves the smell of new books and much rather own a newly released electronic gadget than have an expensive shoe closet.

Nowadays tablets like iPad and Kindle Fire are also a must have for children going back to school, some schools even require it them to get eBook versions of their textbooks. I can’t believe how much technology has advanced over the years, I wish they were a requirement back when I was in school!

Now as a mom to a preschooler I find the excitement of back to school is still strong and I enjoy seeing my little one’s joy when picking a new backpack, lunchbox and supplies for his new school year. It is funny because sometimes I feel like I am way more excited than he is about going shopping for his school supplies, it must be his age, he does get super excited to see his friends again every time though, I must admit last week I was a bit teary-eyed as he run into his classroom and waved good-bye on his first day. My little baby is all grown up!


Do your little ones get excited about back to school shopping?

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Disclosure: I received free products from Staple to facilitate this post. All opinions and views are my own. 

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6 responses to “First Day of School Memories”

  1. Funny, I love getting new supplies when shopping for the kids. They like it too but I am more exctied about their new textbooks and activity books than they are.

  2. I’ll always remember my first day of school!

  3. This is the first year I didn’t have to do the “back to school” stuff. My not so little guy is 16 and pretty self sufficient. Hubby took him to get a couple items tho. My little girl is only 2, so I’ve got some time left before I have to do it all over again….

  4. Boy does he look happy to be going to school, marvellous photos, such a bonny child. 🙂

  5. That’s so cute.

  6. Hard not to be excited for back to school when they are so excited.

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