The Cricut Joy, A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I got my very first Cricut machine three years ago as a holiday gift. My husband bought it for me, and I was over the moon. The machine had been on my wish-list for a while, and it was one of the best gifts I’ve received for the holidays.

I have been a big fan and Cricut lover ever since, and I love the versatility of the Cricut machines. I have made so many creative projects with my Cricut machines.

I believe a Cricut Joy machine would make a wonderful holiday gift this year! 

The Cricut Joy, A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea!

The Cricut Joy, A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea!

I own the Cricut Joy, and I love how useful and compact it is. I love that I can easily get things done around the house, I can create unique, personalized projects and channel my creative DIY enthusiast self. 

If you have a craft enthusiast and DIYer person in your gift-giving list this year, and they don’t own a Cricut machine yet, consider a Cricut Joy as a fun gift idea.

Using my Cricut Joy, I’ve been able to create so many fun projects. I have made personalized artwork decor for my bathroom wall, custom tote bags, a cute custom water bottle,  personalized shirts for the boys, labels for my pantry, birthday party decor, infusible ink makeup bags, lots and lots of greeting cards, and so many more little projects. 

The Cricut Joy is the most compact cutting machine in their lineup, it is less than half the size of Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker, and that makes it perfect for everyday crafting. I love that you can easily keep it on your desk without the need for a large dedicated crafting area.

I can also design all my projects using the free Cricut Design app, in seconds, from the convenience of my smartphone. There are many free projects ready to go in the app, and all you need is the materials. 

I have saved so much money on greeting cards and other DIY projects over the years. Birthday cards, Thank You Cards, Father’s Day cards, Mother’s Day cards, personalized labels, decor, art-work, you name it. I have made them all myself at home. 

The Cricut Joy, A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea!

Below I am also sharing a list of my top 5 must-have Cricut accessories and materials to include with the Cricut machine to make it the perfect holiday gift bundle. These are all items I use all the time and love.

  • Starter Tool Set: These are 3 must-have tools. Use the Spatula to lift delicate materials like paper from your cutting mat carefully. Turn to the Weeder when you need to remove unwanted vinyl & iron-on pieces from your design. You’ll use the Scraper to apply vinyl decals or clean material remnants from your mat. Perfect for all projects, large or small, including custom cards, organizational labels, and stylized decor.
  • Standard Grip Mat: This reusable mat will be your go-to. Its long-lasting adhesive secures Adhesive-Backed Deluxe Paper, Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, even materials you may have at home like heavy cardstock for cutting and writing with your Cricut Joy™ machine. 
  • Card Mat: Customize cards in minutes with this handy reusable Card Mat. Designed to work perfectly with all Cricut Joy cards, including Insert Cards (sold separately). You can personalize last-minute birthday cards, thoughtful thank you notes, or event invites in a flash.
  • Smart Vinyl Sampler: This clever crafting material works without a cutting mat so that you can load and go. Now it’s no biggie to create a label on the fly or a birthday banner with big impact. Fashion a quick decal for your water bottle or decorate your mailbox. Water- and UV-resistant, this vinyl lasts up to 3 years, even in the great outdoors.
  • Joy Insert Cards: The ingenious glue-free design allows for two-tone, depth-filled cards without mess or hassle. Cut intricate and meaningful words and images into the face of the card to let the beautiful insert colour show through. These A2-size cards include white envelopes and come in a bounty of colours to please every card recipient on your list! These are a must-have. 

Ready to purchase a Cricut machine as a gift? Visit the Shop Cricut page for details and to order. The Cricut Joy is such a good investment, and it would make the best holiday gift.

The Cricut Joy, A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea!

Do you own a Cricut machine?

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  1. This is an awesome machine to own, but it also sounds very expensive to have with all the extras you need

  2. This would be so much fun to have. I would have a heyday with one. Please tell Santa I have been good.

  3. wow this is one amazing machine! would love to try it out

  4. I have put the cricut on my Christmas list.

  5. Wow such a wonderful holiday idea. You can do so much with it.

  6. I have been thinkin g of buying one, just hope I would use it enough

  7. This is a wonderful gift idea. My family would have a lot of fun with this.

  8. Seeing all the awesome things you can do with one of these now I totally want one!

  9. I’ve been giving my husband some very obvious hints that this is what I really want for Christmas. He better not disappoint lol

  10. I enjoy seeing online the different items people create with the cricut, it gives me inspiration

  11. I love seeing all of the fun crafts these machines can help create. I have been considering purchasing one.

  12. I have wanted a cricut for years but never ask for anything. Seeing all the awesome projects they can create i think i might just, besides my tween could get a ton of use out of this too.

  13. I don’t own a circuit machine; but I am not much of a crafter. LOL! My BFF is though and I think she would love this as a gift…

  14. I don’t have a Cricut machine yet, but it’s definitely on my wishlist.

  15. I have so much to learn 🙂

  16. I didn’t know that you could do so many cool things with a Cricut machine! I am definitely going to put it on my Christmas Wish List this year.

  17. I would love to do some creating with the cricut, but I’m not that creative. I wonder if there are some project books to give you ideas and instructions.

  18. I would love to have one. There are so many different craft projects that you can make.

  19. Wow, i’m impressed! I also love how compact it is. A fun tool to have at home for sure!

  20. I’m impressed by how much this teeny one can do. It’s such a fun machine.

  21. I have always wanted one of these. We have so many crafty family members.

  22. On my wish list So many cool things to make!!

  23. Oh my gosh I can only imagine the ideas and fun you could have with a cricut machine,I have been asking for one for quite awhile. Maybe I will get one this year.

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