When I was a teenager, there was nothing more soothing than taking a nap during the day while the muffled pacifying sound of the dryer in the background played its tune. Those naps were always the best. The wake up in a puddle of drool type good.

The reason why I think that sound is euphoric for me is that my bedroom was right near our laundry room as an infant. My body somehow remembers how relaxing it was.

Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother by VTECH

Now I am a mother and I’m the one putting my baby for a nap. Having three other children in the house nap times for my baby were becoming somewhat of a challenge. I would finally get her to sleep and down in her cradle and then fights would break out, or someone would call for me up the stairs, and Margaret would wake up. Nap times are essential for this mama to get things done around the house so you could imagine my frustration.

Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother by VTECH

Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother by VTECH

I decided to give Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother by VTECH a try. Hoping that Margaret would love that soothing dryer sound just like I did and nap times wouldn’t be so frustrating any longer.

The one feature that really drew me into trying it is how you can swap out the stories by downloading the free app. You can even record your own stories with your voice and download it. Other features include:

  • 10 relaxing lullabies
  • 10 Soothing sounds which include fan, dryer, shower, shh shh, and others.
  • 10 Preloaded Stories
  • Soft-glow night light

Over the weeks since birth Margaret have become a pretty good sleeper, but I turn on Tommy the Turtle on those days when my children seem to be overly loud, and it helps her sleep longer than she usually would have if we hadn’t put it on. I may have even used it for a nap on dryer mode you know, for old times sake.

Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Soother by VTECH

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