Fisher Price Little People Loops N Swoops

Our family recently received the Fisher-Price® Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ and Fisher-Price® Stand-Up Ballcano™ toys to review.

The Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ is over two feet tall and is anchored by a rolling car ramp that twists and turns all the way down with a 360° loop at the bottom. The two “wheelies” vehicles that are included can be sent down both the rolling ramp or the tall ramp on the side and activate cool sounds as they whizz by.

Our son is 24-months-old and he absolutely loves this toy. The first thing he said when he saw it all set up after waking up from his nap was, “wow!”  He proceeded to play with it for almost an hour. We love the fact that he is able to learn about basic physics in terms of motion, gravity and other forces but in a purely fun manner suitable for his age. He plays a lot with the bottom level as well and likes to pretend he is buying a ticket at the ticket booth or getting food at the food stand.

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The Fisher-Price® Stand-Up Ballcano™ toy we also received comes with six colourful balls that spew out of the Ballcano™ top over and over again. By batting the roller and seeing the eruption action children learn about cause and effect while developing gross motor skills. The Fisher-Price® Stand-Up Ballcano™ toy is designed to keep baby’s attention and encourage standing, cruising and crawling.

Our son loves playing with the Stand-Up Ballcano™ toy as well.  He has a lot of fun seeing the balls going down the ramps and enjoys listening to the fun music and watching the cool flashing lights. We also started playing a colour naming game with him using the colourful balls; we play by naming all of the different colours while placing the balls on the top of the toy.  It is a fun learning activity for him.

Both the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ and the Stand-Up Ballcano™ are sturdy and very durable. He usually leans on the Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ toy while playing to reach the top and it stays firm. He even sat on the Stand-Up Ballcano™ the other day and everything was fine.

I would definitely recommend both toys to friends and family. These toys would also make great birthday present ideas for toddlers and young children. We absolutely love them at our home and the toys are big hit when other children come over to our house. Learning has truly never been so fun!

Buy it:  You can purchase both the Fisher-Price® Little People® Wheelies™ Loops ’n Swoops Amusement Park™ and Stand-Up Ballcano™   at your local Toys “R” Us or online at

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