CardSwap: Free Gift Cards and Cash-Back Savings on Everyday Purchases {Giveaway}


I was recently introduced to Canadian website CardSwap. allows you to buy gift cards from all of your favourite retailers, restaurants and more, and to sell the ones you don’t need for cash. Every time you make a purchase or a sale on their site, you will earn SwapPoints. You can then collect those points and spend them on new gift cards.

I love the idea of having a website where you can easily buy and sell gift cards within Canada. I know how hard it is to sell gift cards at a good value when you don’t have any use for them. I usually end up giving them away or losing a lot of money.

I decided to check out their website by purchasing a gift card myself. I was impressed by the easy to follow and simple layout and how fast I managed to process my purchase.

When looking for a card, you can easily sort them by merchant name, availability and category. Once you find the card you are looking for you can click “add to card” and proceed with the checkout.  (Note: Each time that you buy a card you will be given an amount of SwapPoint rewards, the amount varies depending on the value of the gift card you are purchasing.)


At the end I purchased my first gift card in 5 minutes (including registering for a new account and entering my shipping details).  I  was then sent an e-mail that outlined my purchase information and the shipping details. Easy!

Sell Cardswap

On the other hand, if you are looking to sell your gift cards you can also do that via  You are asked to simply enter your gift card details and you will then be provided with an offer up to 92% cash back. After that just mail the cards to them directly using their prepaid shipping label and receive a cheque via mail or account credit once your gift cards have been received.  Sounds easy as well right?

I really like how simple it is to buy and sell Canadian gift cards via CardSwap. I got my gift card in the mail a few days after purchasing it online.  I will definitevely be using their services again when looking for gift cards to purchase or when I need to sell a gift card. I also love that I am collecting reward points with every transaction and that translates into free gift cards in the future. Be sure to check out their site!

Win it: One lucky CAN reader will win a free $25 gift card from CardSwap. Enter to win now via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a gift card to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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85 responses to “CardSwap: Free Gift Cards and Cash-Back Savings on Everyday Purchases {Giveaway}”

  1. Used to sell on Kijiji or Craigslist but now that I know about Card Swap, I’d for sure use that site!

  2. I usually give them to friends or family.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever had a gift card I couldn’t find a use for! I’m not sure what I would do but cardswap seems like a viable option!

  4. I’ve never actually received one that I couldn’t use; I guess I would have to check out Card Swap!

  5. I love CardSwap. It’s so easy to use, lots of great giftcards to choose from and easy to earn reward gift cards.

  6. never had an unused gift card

  7. Never had an unused gift card either.

  8. I”ve never had a gift card I couldn’t use! Card Swap does seem like a good idea if that ever happens.

  9. Sometimes I will regift gift cards I can’t use.

  10. I will usually hold onto gift cards I can’t use in case I find a situation where it can be used.

  11. Give them away

  12. In the past I have re-gifted them but I did recently use Cardswap and it worked out great. 😉

  13. I hang on to them believing one day I’ll actually use them.

  14. I keep them and usually end up using them or giving them to another family member that will

  15. I usually regift them. But now that i can sell them Im all for that!

  16. Re gift them

  17. give them to others

  18. re-gift them if suitable, if not sell on CardSwap!

  19. i give it to someone that will use it… my sister usually

  20. I give them to family or friends.

  21. I have sent them to cardswap before,or sent them to my brother in law.

  22. Re-gift or give it to someone who is in the store, if I don’t find anything I like or I don’t know anyone that would use it.

  23. I regift them or give them to my mom

  24. If I get a gift card I can’t use, I usually just give to someone else

  25. i usually give it to someone i know who will use it.

  26. i have never had a card i couldn’t use….but if i ever had to, i would pass it along to a family member

  27. Use it to buy stocking stuffers/hostess gifts, you can always find something someone will like!

  28. regift or sell them to cardswap 🙂

  29. I’d sell them to CardSwap of course :)!

  30. I usually give it to someone who can use it

  31. I give them to my sister.

  32. I would give them to friends or family who could use them!

  33. I sell them or regift them

  34. I give them away or I use CardSwap. The site is great!

  35. I typically ask my family if anyone else can use a gift card that I may not be able to use and give it to them.

  36. They sit in a drawer here.. unless I know of someone that could use them. Cardswap sounds great though.

  37. I actually sold my last one on card swap.

  38. trade on smart canucks or list on listia.

  39. I have used every gift card so far. If I can’t find a use for it, I will use it to buy an unexpected gift for someone.

  40. i’ve been able to use most, but sometimes i’ll give them as gifts to others.

  41. I usually hold on to my gift cards until a suitable friend or situation calls for it & I can pass it along, saving me some money.

  42. I’d use it to buy something I could at least gift. But I wouldn’t re-gift the card it self. I think.

  43. I usually find a way to use any gift card I get even if it means waiting til I go out of town.

  44. Give as gifts

  45. I pass them on to my family

  46. I give them to friends

  47. My daughter has actually said, “If you’re having trouble spending that gift card…”, so it hasn’t come up, yet!

  48. I normally would “gift” them to someone else if I couldn’t use them. have considered cardswap before, but have not had to use it as i have only ever had one gift card that i couldn’t use and i gave it to a friend

  49. I will give them to family members or friends

  50. I’ve never not used a gift card! 🙂

  51. I’ve never had one I couldn’t use!

  52. I have used card swap once, but I usually find someone who wants the card or I give them as gifts to people who would use them

  53. I regift the cards I cannot use, I always have someone who can use them.-

  54. With gift cards I can’t use, I usually re-gift them.

  55. Never had an unused gift card but if I did then I would most likely either give it to someone in my family. 🙂

  56. i sell them online

  57. I usually end up trying to find something that I can use or gift from the store. I may not be that excited about it though!

  58. I usually give unused gift cards away.

  59. I have never had an unused gift card but if i had i suppose i would give it away

  60. I give them to family or friends

  61. I usually give them away

  62. I give them to my friends or family if I can’t use them

  63. I just keep them.

  64. I usually give the gift cards away.

  65. I give them away.

  66. If I have a gift card I can’t use, I give it to someone else that can use it!

  67. I give them to my friends as gifts.

  68. I usually end up giving them to someone.

  69. I just keep them. This is such a better idea!

  70. i give them as gifts

  71. I usually give them to family members, who could use them.

  72. I give them away if I can’t use them, but it doesn’t happen often.

  73. If I can’t use a gift card, I usually just give it to someone who can.

  74. I regift them, or buy things with them, and use them as gifts !

  75. I have regifted gift cards I can’t find a use for

  76. Usually they sit in my wallet til I lose them 🙁

  77. If I have a card that I can’t use, I usually give it to family or friends who can use it.

  78. sell lthem on Cardswap

  79. I just pass them on to someone else (not as a formal gift).

  80. I give them as gifts

  81. I regift cards I can’t use 🙂

  82. This is a great prize – Home Depot or Walmart would be great.

  83. This is new to me, I’ll check it out, I love to buy certain things online, easy and convenient. I would love to try this service out.

  84. I put them aside and would likely find something to buy in the store eventually.


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