Fitbit Zip is a small wireless activity tracker that keeps track of your steps, distance and calories burned. The tracker then syncs that info to your computer and/or smart phone and it allows you to keep a record of your daily activity.  The Fitbit Zip can help you set new goals and make small changes towards your main fitness goals.

I was excited to try out this little device because I was curious to see how many calories I was burning a day just by doing my day-to-day activities. Having that daily tracking information really encourages you to get up and move, because at the end it is all about those extra steps you take each day, they seriously add up!

The Zip’s accelerometer captures all of your daily activity and it bases calculation on your own personal profile. Calories burned are different for each person and by entering and tracking your own activity, food, sleep, water, body mass, weight, and more at you can get very accurate information.

The Zip can be worn in your pocket, belt, or your bra. It looks great so it can be visible or not depending on what you want.  The device is rain, splash and sweat-proof.

Fitbit Blue

Each Fitbit Zip comes with a silicone and metal clip, a wireless USB dongle, replaceable battery (the device has 4-6 month battery life), battery door tool and a free membership to to track and log your information.


I really like how easy it is to navigate and set up the device. By taping the face of the device with your fingertip you can change the display and cycle through one of the five modes: steps, distance, calories burned, clock and the Fitbit smiley, my personal favorite screen because it highlights my recent activity level and changes depending on my activity level.

Syncing my data happens automatically when the Zip is within 20 feet of the wireless USB dongle. The dongle just plugs into my computer’s USB port and it allows the Fitbit to connect wirelessly.  The Zip also syncs to my iPhone via Bluetooth.

I love how lightweight this little tracker is and the way it looks.  I am definitively more aware of my daily activity now and I find that I have certainly increased my activity levels since I started using the Fitbit Zip.  It is also great to have my own profile with all my information in one place. The Fitbit Zip is helping me achieve a healthier lifestyle in general.

Holiday Gift Guide

Buy it:  ($59.95) You can purchase your own Fitbit Zip online here. The Fitbit Zip would make a fabulous holiday gift for a loved one.  Get one for your friends or family and help them make fitness fun!

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