5 Spooky Fun Picks For Your Home for Halloween {Giveaway}


Halloween is one of our favourite holidays of the year. We love decorating our home, dressing up and going trick-or-treating, Halloween parties at schools and with friends are also always super fun. We can’t wait to celebrate this year! Now that is officially the fall we are sharing some of our top 5 spooky fun product picks for your home for Halloween from Hallmark. See all the details below:

  1. Vampire Door Decor ($16.95CDN): This vampire’s cute, devilish smile will delight all your guests. Detailing includes black button eyes with orange thread and a fabric cape.
  2. Spells & Potions Treat Presenter ($24.95CDN): Open if you dare! Trick-or-treaters will get a spook-facular thrill when they open the book and hear a creepy warning. Lift the lid to activate 1 of 3 messages from sound that automatically begins from inside the book.
  3. Spook-Tactic Ghost ($39.95CDN): Nothing screams Halloween more than a ghost. Put a new spin on scary-cute when you push his left hand and watch him twirl up and down to a spooky tunes. Includes sound and motion!
  4. Large Fabric Pumpkin ($19.95CDN): This large pumpkin is crafted in a gorgeous herringbone fabric. Pumpkins always look best in a grouping, so pick up a few! Perfectly sewn darts give this pumpkin its darling shape. Also available in a medium size.
  5. Candy Skull Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($12.95CDN per set): These symbols of the Latin American celebration called Dia de los Muertos will brighten any table. Colourful and super fun!

Have you picked up your kid’s costumes for Halloween already? Are you excited to celebrate?




Win it: One lucky CAN reader will win a Spook-Tactic Ghost, Vampire Door Decor and a Decorative Pumpkin. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Friends!

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Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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150 responses to “5 Spooky Fun Picks For Your Home for Halloween {Giveaway}”

  1. I will be Superwoman again! My daughter is planning on not going out but, she is going to dress up as her favorite animie character to hand out candy.

  2. I haven’t picked out my costume yet, but my grandson is going to be a Zombie Pirate this year.

  3. I am not sure what my husband and I are going to be, but one of our kids is going to be a cowgirl (with real boots we brought back from Nashville!), and one is going to be a Olaf for a party, Elsa for school, and a dinosaur for trick or treating. It’s because I have a hand me down costume for her (the dinosaur) that is super cute and cozy warm, then I bought Olaf on clearance last year because I forgot we had the dinosaur, and now she has decided she HAS to be Elsa. She has never had her own costume before, only hand me downs, and I ended up winning the Elsa costume, so I figure this year she can be a few things for different events! 🙂

  4. I’m just going to be myself, but my granddaughter is going out as a witch and the dress lights up too!!

  5. i will be punk rock girl and my kids are minecraft spider and minecraft skeleton

  6. My daughter and I are going as a devilish angel & angelic devil for Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone and good luck!

  7. My daughter is being Dorothy from Oz and my son is being Leonardo Ninja Turtle

  8. Love those spooky little guys!!

  9. My boys will be Mario and Luigi and I will just be mom!!

  10. I will dress up as a witch and my son will hand out candy in a pirate costume.

  11. I am going to be a pumpkin! Simple, but fun. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Just going to decorate for the little ones and give them treats when they come to the door looking adorable.

  13. My daughter picked an Anna costume today and I will be making my 6 month old son a pinnochio costume

  14. my ds is going as a zombie cow

  15. Our kids have always put together their costumes, one boy and girl love the walking dead.

  16. I’m not sure what my kids will be. One will be a skeleton, the other two I’m not sure yet. I don’t dress up.

  17. My kids are still deciding what they want to be. It seems like superheroes are high on their list. I’m not sure what I’m going to dress up as.

  18. I don’t usually dress up so not sure. But my little guy is dressing up like a biker as he loves his daddy’s Harley

  19. I have twin nephews, aged 2 years old. They both want to go as a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle.

  20. I still don’t have any idea yet.

  21. The kids haven’t made their minds up yet, but I just ordered costumes for the cats! Lol!!

  22. I do not have any kids and no idea what my niece and nephew are dressing as yet.

  23. my little ones are now the pets as my son is grown and out of the house. We have bumblebee costumes for them 🙂

  24. we have not even thought of it yet. I am going to be carring for a liver doner so I am buisy disinfecting ever surface in our home.

  25. The little ones have decided on either a fairy or a princess and a cat. I personally will probably be a cat as well. Nice and easy!!

  26. It changing daily. From Batman, pirate, superman. I never know.

  27. There is much debate and mind-changing in my house…right now Jack Sparrow and ‘some sort’ of vampire

  28. I am not sure what my girls will be going out as. I have heard them say a witch and zombie.

  29. My son is going to be spiderman and my little 10 month old is going to be a butterfly. Awesome prize! Thanks for the chance

  30. my girl want to dress as a princess……i think she might want me to be one too lol

  31. My niece wants to go as dory

  32. She wants to be a ghost and I may be tried and true and easy a witch.

  33. I have not picked out costumes yet. I always dress up for the kids coming to the door. I am something different every year.

  34. We haven’t even thought about what we will be yet, but I’m guessing my youngest two will be characters from Super Mario

  35. She is wearing a winnie the pooh outfit I got at a consignment store and it is so cute!

  36. The incredible hulk

  37. My oldest daughter is going as a wolf , my son is going as a evil clown , my youngest daughter is a Harlequin , My hubby a spider suit killer and I am going as Harley Quinn . Should be a blast

  38. I don’t know what my little cousins are doing yet, but I think I might be a broken porcelain doll.

  39. My son wants to be a piece of food – an ongoing tradition for years now. My daughter simply specified “something cute.”

  40. My grand daughter is going as Loonette from Big Comfy Couch lol. I am not sure as to my other 2 lovelies yet. I will probably resort to my Big Comfy Pumpkin costume ????

  41. my little ones are super heroes. I will be a dracula.

  42. My son has not decided yet. I am going as a gypsy! 🙂 Thanks!

  43. My kids will be pirates and I will probably just wear a Halloween tee shirt and jeans.

  44. no costume for me and I know that one is going to be race car driver

  45. My granddaughter is going out as a fairy…

  46. My niece is going to be a character from Monster High, and I am going as a ghost.

  47. I don’t wear a costume per se, but I do dress up a bit gothy. My son is a bit older, but likes to dress upon a Doctor Who theme, since he looks like David Tennant.

  48. My boyfriend and I will be going as Garth & Kat from the Saturday Night Live skit with Kristin Wiig and Fred Armisen!

  49. My nephew is dressing up as Indiana Jones. I will dress up as a witch to give out treats.

  50. My grandaughter is dressing up as a princess and grandson is going to be the Hulk.

  51. I will prob just wear my Halloween t-shirt to answer the door for the kiddies

  52. Baby girl is all grown up now n I don’t think I’ll b dressing up .

  53. Zombie family, including the dog.

  54. I think they want to be scary monsters for the boys and princesses for the girls.
    Although this could change again.We are all going to look for costumes soon.

  55. My son wants to be a ghost, but we’ll see where the family costumes take us.

  56. My daughter wants to be a bride!
    I’m unsure if I’m dressing up yet 🙂

  57. I think my daughter is going to be a zombie

  58. My two boys are going to be spooky faced haunted creatures-I’m not dressing up.

  59. My daughter will be going as a bumblebee.

  60. My son is going to be Superman or Ironman this year and I am not sure yet for me.

  61. My son wants to be Spider-Man & I have no idea what I’ll be.

  62. My little one wants to be a dalmation puppy.

  63. super heroes

  64. they will be super heroes

  65. my kids are all grown now, but I will be greeting kids at the door as a witch

  66. My son loves sharks so that’s what my son is going to be and my daughter said she wants to be a crab! lol So grateful my mother in law is making both their costumes this year! 🙂

  67. I’m not dressing up but my kids are. My son is going to be a skeleton and my daughters are going to be princesses.

  68. She has a facination with royalty this year so likely a queen.

  69. my grandchildren would love this

  70. i do not know yet

  71. My 9 month old will be a Monkey and as for myself, im leaning towards a Diva Zombie, not sure!

  72. My daughter is going to be little red riding hood nd my son is going to be a slice of pizza. I don’t usually dress up

  73. we’re going as a dragon and princess duo

  74. I think they are going to be some sort of Star Wars characters, but they change their minds daily.

  75. I think I will be a banana.

  76. my granddaughter is going to be a banana split , its so cute ,

  77. My little ones are dogs, one is going as a devil, the other one a monkey.

  78. My kids love decorating for Halloween. Not sure what we are going as this year. Last year it was star wars for us

  79. I don’t have a costume; my little one will probably be dressed up as a pumpkin!

  80. I’ll put on my witch hat, layers of odd old clothes(seen last while gardening), one old shoe, one wellie boot, brightly coloured old pants, and face make up.

  81. Haven’t picked a costume yet…love Halloween

  82. my little ones arent little anymore,,,,,and me i dont know if ill dress up this year or not….

  83. We are thinking of being witches this year.

  84. A group costume for my family! We are all being “plague doctors!” 🙂

  85. My grandson will be a knight and I will be a witch handing out candy.

  86. I think my girls will be Anna & Elsa. I’m contemplating being a scarecrow!

  87. My son is going to be Paw Patrol’s Marshall and my daughter a kitty!

  88. My boys want to be video game characters and my daughter is thinking about being the little mermaid! Not sure if I will dress up this year.

  89. I think my son is going as the Grim Reaper. I usually dress up as a witch.

  90. We haven’t decided yet what we are wearing for halloween …. better get on that!!!

  91. love hallmark halloween decorations they are so cute.

  92. Unfortunately I don’t have little ones in my house any longer. I may be a witch.

  93. My oldest doesn’t care anymore. My youngest wants to be Marty mcfly

  94. My son is thinking about going as a Storm Trooper.

  95. I am not sure what my grandson is wearing yet, but I do know I will be handing out the candy so his parents can take him out.

  96. We haven’t decided yet, but we better soon!

  97. Not sure about myself yet.. son is Marshall from PP and daughter is a kitty!

  98. She is going to be a witch.

  99. I am dressing in a witch costume and we have not figured out the children’s costumes as of yet.

  100. We’re doing the Adams family look this year

  101. I am going to be a princess and my nephews are going as super heros

  102. We haven’t decided on costumes yet this year although my 5 year old daughter wants to be Elsa this year

  103. My husband, two daughters, and myself are going to dress up as Star Wars characters, per my 5 year old’s request. My daughter wants to be Rey, and thinks it’d be hilarious if we made our 1 year old Chewbacca (that’s what sisters are for, lol) and I’m still unsure of what my husband and I will be.

  104. We haven’t decided on Halloween costumes yet this year. We usually go with out favourite tv and cartoon characters.

  105. Not sure what we’re going to be dressed up as. Maybe pirates

  106. Granddaughter is going to be a little lady. Her little brother will be a pumpkin.

  107. My little granddaughter is going as “Shine” from “Shimmer and Shine”. She wants to be a genie!

  108. she’s going to be a fairy! I am going to be a witch.

  109. my 2 youngest grandkids are going as Lego people >>Lego ninja turtle and Lego cat

  110. Honestly? I still have no idea!

  111. My son is going as Harry Potter and my daughter will be a princess riding a unicorn!

  112. A grape!

  113. They haven’t picked their costumes yet.

  114. My daughter is dressing up as a baby

  115. The kids are going as Cinderella and a stick of butter.

  116. Haven’t picked a costume yet…maybe a princess 😉

  117. Yep! they are going as my little witches…lol

  118. Alas! I have to stay at home and pass out treats to upwards of 60 ghosts and goblins I really do not know what my great grandchildren are wearing but they will be cute as a scary person can be.

  119. My granddaughters are going as Ghosts & I myself will be a Witch.

  120. I will be dressing as a gorilla this year.

  121. My little one is not so little,he is 17,,lol,I`m not sure if he is dressing up and doing anything or not. I will probably not be dressing up.

  122. my daughter is going to dress up as olaf. I bought it a year ago for 10.00 and wondered if she didn’t like frozen or not.

  123. My daughter will dress up as a cute little dog for Halloween. I won’t be dressing up. I’m no fun. Lol

  124. My daughter is the biggest Frozen fan so she’s being Anna, I’m being Elsa, and dad is being Olaf 🙂

  125. I would love to dress up for Halloween not sure yet may be Chucky & chuckys bride or the characters from a nightmare before christmas Jack & Sally

  126. My little ones are teens now, so they most likely won’t be dressing up…unless it’s to go to a friend’s party. My daughter would probably go as Harley Quinn and my son as some video game character or another. And I’ll be the lady at the door passing out candy!

  127. One son will be batman, the other doesn’t know yet. I don’t think I will dress up this year.

  128. grandkids are going to be bootiful

  129. I am not dressing up but my granddaughter is under 2 years old and will be a cupcake this year


  131. I am not sure what I will Be

  132. My nephew is being Zurg. I’m dressing up as a hippie! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  133. No costume this year

  134. My son is dressing as Batman – I am going as a scarecrow.

  135. I will be wearing my usual costume. I’m going to be an “uptight person with no imagination” and hand out candy

  136. Heat miser

  137. I’m not dressing up this year and the kids have not decided yet.

  138. Harley Quinn and supergirl

  139. It’s funny both boys want to be Dead Pool, but my youngest wants to be blue dead pool lol. I’m probably going as overtired mom again this year. thanks for the chance.

  140. My daughter will be Ariel and my son Darth Vader 🙂

  141. My 6 year old is going to be a vampire, my 10 year old is going to be a nerd, and my 13 year old is going to be a socialite.

  142. Little Orphan Annie

  143. I seem to be a cat every year. Lol! My son wants to be Raphael TMNT this year.

  144. My son is going as a Power Ranger.

  145. I am not dressing up for Halloween but my grandchildren will go as Disney characters: Minnie and Mickey.

  146. we are going as The Adam’s Family.

  147. He will probably go as a superhero of some kind. I won’t be dressing up.

  148. We are going out as The Adam’s Family.

  149. i think everyone in the family is a vampire this year

  150. My kids think they are too big, but they may escort a couple smaller children this year. Thank you

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