The fall season here. The air feels cooler,  the leaves will soon fall off the trees. I am sad the summer break is over,  but I welcome the change of season.

Today I am sharing some of Our Top Modern Home Fall Decor Items Picks.

The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to refresh your decor and get creative. So right now is the perfect time to order some new decor items, so you are ready for the new season.

Our Top Home Fall Decor Items


  • Decorative throw pillows. 

Our Top Home Fall Decor Items 1

These are easy to switch around, and I love that they are trendy, universal and neutral. They are very suitable for home, patio, farmhouse, office, and really any environment.

To purchase: Modern Decorative Throw Pillows.


  • Minimalist Ceramic Vases

Our Top Home Fall Decor Items 1

I love these vases. The Nordic minimalism design adds a touch of elegance to brighten up your home or office space with this flower vase. You can pick any of the different designs available. So hard to pick just one thought. 

To purchase: Minimalist Ceramic Vases.


  • Abstract Flower Art Prints

Our Top Home Fall Decor Items 1

These beautiful minimal art prints can easily help you create a joyful environment at home; you can enhance the beauty of any room with these. Any place where you want these simple botanical art paintings to be natural would work. You can switch any current prints with these to help you welcome the new season.

To purchase: Abstract Flower Art Prints.


  • Good Morning Pumpkin Mug

Our Top Home Fall Decor Items 1

I collect mugs, and I love a new season-themed mug in my collection. This is the perfect mug for your morning tea or coffee. So cute!

To purchase: Good Morning Pumpkin Mug.

  • Hello Outdoor Door Mat

    Our Top Home Fall Decor Items 1

A door mat is a must! I love switching up my door mat, and this super cute HELLO mat is the perfect new mat to start the fall season. It will look so cute with my Halloween and Pumpkin decor later in the fall too.

To purchase: Hello Outdoor Door Mat.

What do you think of my picks? Do you switch around your decor each season?

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links.