Cords, cords, cords and even more cords.  We are all drowning in chargers and cords and cables for every device we own.  You never just have one cord—NO you have a cordgy.  You can never just pull out just one cord at once, they are so intertwined.


Nice by Design has the worlds cutest (go ahead quote me on that) cable organizers. Their CableKeeps for iPhone, iPad and iPod bring the basic Apple white cables to life as bright sweet ocean critters.

Gulp for iPads hcablesas been put to work in our household!  The cable wraps around the whale’s tale and holds tight to keep from unravelling in the drawer.  I unwind just as much as I need when I plug the iPad in for charging so it is not sprawled all over the counter.  When on the go the Gulp keeps the cable wrapped up in my purse so it isn’t tangled up all over the place.
cablesWe were also sent Goldie for iPhone in pink, which I am tucking away until I upgrade my phone in a few months time. Hubby has a iPhone 5 but he for some reason is not digging the pink so I am keeping all to myself!

Nice makes their products local to their head office in Snohomish Valley just north of Seattle.  They employee local people to make products they are passionate about, how nice is that? Nice by Designt started their company with a Kickstarter campaign and have been growing since then.  They have been adding products to their line up including cable keeps for the European market and have been picked up by more and more stores.