As a #SchickAmbassador blogger, I get to try out the latest products available from the Schick women’s family of razors. I recently received a box with samples of the new Schick® Intuition®, Schick Hydro Silk®, and  Schick Quattro YOU® razors and I am excited to share some details and my experiences with you, including their fun redesigned packaging.

Schick® Intuition®

Schick® Intuition® is one of my favourite razors. I especially love to take it with me when I travel because it is a 2 in 1 shave razor which means it shaves and moisturizes all in one simple step, without the need for shaving gel.

Schick® Intuition® has an ergonomic handle with a soft rubber grip for easy control, and it has four blades surrounded by a Skin Conditioning Solid that moisturizes your skin. My legs are always smooth and silky and smell great after shaving. Beach ready in no time!

The Schick® Intuition® line features three different Skin Conditioning Solids:

  •  Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment

Formulated with coconut milk and almond oil.

  • Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture

Formulated with shea butter.

  • Schick® Intuition® Sensitive Care

A gentle, hypoallergenic formula enriched with Vitamin E and 100% natural aloe for sensitive skin.

Schick Hydro Silk®

The new and improved Schick Hydro Silk® razor has a cute, eye-catching purple handle, and the razor head is surrounded by a new water-activated hypoallergenic Hydra-Boost serum that leaves your skin soft and hydrated for up to 2 hours after shaving. I love the way my skin feels after shaving. The five curve-sensing blades also help provide a close, smooth shave to get rid of any and all unwanted hair.

I also love having the Schick Hydro Silk® “Hang-in” Shower Refills in the shower where I can replace dull, used blades easily without having to step out of the shower.

If you also use a trimmer, then the Schick Hydro Silk® TrimStyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer is a must try. The built-in, waterproof trimmer can be used in or out of the shower for convenient bikini maintenance. I love that this razor combines their Hydro Silk razor with the waterproof bikini trimmer for all your leg and bikini area needs all in one product.

Schick Quattro YOU®

Do you have teens? The brand new Schick Quattro YOU® disposable razors have been specifically created for younger shavers. Their stylish fun look and super close long lasting shave will appeal to teens as they can skip a day or too and not have to worry.

The small cartridge is also perfect for hard to reach areas and the scented razor handles are fun!  The razors are available in Peace of Mind with Aloe for Sensitive Skin and Exotic Violet Blooms, a deliciously scented flowery fragrance.

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Schick. A product sample and/or compensation has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.