quickly grass seedBy Contributor: Brittany Hamilton

This spring we noticed there were some bare patches happening on our lawn. Having five pairs of little feet running through the high traffic areas and a puppy who loved to help pull up grass, I was beginning to wonder if patchy grass would become our norm for the next couple years. I did a little research on how to re-grow grass but everything I read said you needed to stay off the lawn for a few weeks while everything is growing. There was no way I was going to keep everyone off the lawn.

I was approached to try Quicky Grass. I had recently seen a commercial on it and thought it would be worth a shot. We found it very easy to use. The directions state to cultivate the soil to a depth of 3-4 inches. Rake the soil to remove any debris and rocks and make sure it’s damp. With a spreader spread the seeds. Lightly rake seeds into the soil to make sure they move down into the soil. Keep soil moist.

We started with a small area to use as a test. We’ve been having a wet spring and summer so I wanted to wait until we had a couple days without rain in the forecast so that we would have a bit more control over how much water was used. As soon as I thought we had three clear days, I started preparing our area. The seed was easy to use and apply. You could tell it was absorbing water when you wetted it right away. I made sure to wet the area twice a day (once before heading out to work and once when getting home) unless it was raining out.

Being that we were in a wet season we ended up getting lots of rain. We found that if you over watered the area (or if mother nature helped over water), the seeds would begin to move to the top of the soil. Because of the excess water it did take a bit longer then suggested to get a good growth. The bag stated it should take 5-8 days to sprout with less water. We found that it took about 10 days for sprouting. We did not keep anyone off of the area once it started to sprout. I tried my best to not purposely walk on it prior to sprouting but honestly we didn’t rope it off or anything so it did get walked on a bit. Once the grass started to sprout though it grew very fast and is strong. We are very impressed with the outcome of our test section and will be picking up more to finish up our whole lawn.

See our before/after photos below:


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