cozy wall art

By Contributor Allison Baltzersen

When it comes to home decor, I like symmetry and balance.  You know what didn’t come in our new downtown Vancouver, BC apartment? Symmetry and balance.  The rooms are cut into weird shapes and our furniture is squeezed in where it [barely] fits.  This leaves our television sitting off-center on an awkwardly long, bare wall leading down a hallway.  The poor wall was screaming for some art.


In order to do the size of the wall justice and not cost us a fortune, a wall decal seemed like the perfect solution.  I jumped at the chance to review a decal from  The tough decision was which decal to choose.  The Cozy Wall Art website offers a large selection of decals in a variety of categories like whimsical, modern, teen, kitchen, educational and baby.  It also offers a selection of wall patterns to create full accent walls, and cleverly designed quotes to create bold conversation pieces.  After much family deliberation, we finally settled on a mixed font alphabet in turquoise.

Ordering and shipping was easy.  The website is extremely easy to navigate and order through.  When the box arrived, we opened it to find our letters in a single roll, a cute bag of lollipops, a sample decal and what we discovered only AFTER we had finished putting our decals up – a stiff plastic card for smoothing the edges.  We instinctively used a credit card to smooth the edges, but it was thoughtful that a similar tool was included with purchase.


Applying the decals was surprisingly easy.  Because we wanted to stretch the letters across a wide space, I cut around each to place independently of each other. My husband was in charge of actually placing the decals on the wall.  After peeling the film off the back of the decals, they easily adhered to the wall.  Using the plastic card provided (or in our case, a Visa card), a quick swipe down the edges of each letter ensured a tight bond before carefully peeling off the top layer of film.  Repeating the process twenty six times, we had the full alphabet up in less than an hour.


All in all, we’re very satisfied with the finished product.  Our girls love to call out the letters they recognize on the wall, and we like that the awkward wall now feels a little less off-balance.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

Allison Baltzersen is a mother of two baby girls and blogs about her bumblings through green parenting over at Funny Shade of Green.